Best rated goggles for swimmers – Guide & reviews

Best rated goggles for swimmers – Guide & reviews

Last Updated: 23.09.18

Top Goggles for Swimmers Reviewed - Buying guide & Comparison for 2018

If you are interested in purchasing the best goggles for swimmers that money can get you, we can help you out. After reading numerous reviews on this topic, we have concluded that the Aegend Swim is the product that you should invest in. This model is very comfortable as it was made out of flexible silicone. Because of this, this device can provide you with maximum comfort. Furthermore, the product contains lenses that have been made from shatterproof polycarbonate, and that can protect your eyes from UV rays and issues caused by fog. Last but not least, this item comes equipped with a well-designed clasp that makes these goggles easy to put on and take off. If this item happens to be out of stock, feel free to check out the Aqua Sphere Kayenne as it is another model that you might also find suitable for your needs.

Selecting good goggles for swimmers is not an easy task, mainly because, nowadays, the market is filled with countless similar models. To help you out, we have prepared a list of highly acclaimed units that you might want to check out before you make any decision.

Type of lenses

According to swimming goggles reviews, one of the crucial aspects that you should have in mind before acquiring such a product is the type of lenses that it comes equipped with. Just like when buying a monocular for hiking, the lens quality is crucial as it determines the overall reliability of the unit.

One of the first options that you should have in mind are goggles with clear and light lenses. These units are suitable if you enjoy swimming in the morning when the light is not an issue. The most significant advantage of the product is the fact that it allows for plenty of light to go through the lenses. Hence, you’ll be able to see a lot of details, and you’ll have excellent visibility in the water.

Similarly, you could opt for metallic or mirrored lenses. The models that come supplied with lenses of this kind are more fitting for those that like to swim during noon or backstroke in an outdoor pool. However, if you intend to use these models in poorly lit pools, it might be a good idea to explore some alternatives.

Last but not least, you can purchase units that have dark-colored lenses. These models come in black or blue, and they are a good pick because they do not block the sun rays like the models that have metallic lenses do. Therefore, they can also be used on cloudy days and in indoor pools.

If you have difficulties finding the best swimming goggles for you, the specialists recommend that you buy multiple pairs that have different kinds of lenses. This way, you’ll be covered, no matter the swimming conditions that you might have to face.

Consider comfort

Just like when purchasing a brand new Nikon spotting scope, another feature that you should simply not overlook is the comfort. The best way to tell whether or not a model is suitable for you is by trying the product on.

However, because this is not possible when shopping online, the next best thing to do is to read and see what previous purchasers had to say about this aspect. So, go online and read the reviews left about the item that you like.

Fit and extra tips

What is more, no matter if you buy cheap swimming goggles or a more expensive device, it is crucial that you select a product that fits you. From this point of view, it is advisable that you get a model that, when worn, leaves no gaps in the place where the product actually touches your face.

Also, the strap that secures the goggles to your face is also essential. Therefore, it is best that you purchase an item that comes provided with a secure strap that is easy to adjust.

Furthermore, if you are a woman and you happen to have small eye sockets, you should know that goggles for children might be better suited for your needs. In fact, oftentimes, children goggles are similar in size to models that have been designed for adults. Also, women with large eye sockets should purchase devices for sale that have been developed to be worn by men.

Plus, if you are interested in this line of products, you might even find this article about night vision goggles interesting, especially if you like hunting. Similarly, if you love exploring your surroundings, you might also find this guide on how to pick a borescope for iPhone equally interesting.

Our 2018 list: Find the right goggles for swimmers for your needs

We know that deciding what type of goggles to purchase can be as difficult of a task as determining what kind of monoculars to select. Because of this, we have composed a list of highly appreciated swimming goggles that are worthy of your attention.

Aegend Swim

If you are determined to purchase a model that is highly versatile, the Aegend Swim might be just the product that you need. This pair of goggles is highly comfortable because it has a flexible silicone frame and gasket.

Furthermore, another big plus is the fact that, although the device can provide you with a quality seal, it does not leave a mark on your skin. Additionally, this item might also interest you as it comes fitted with shatterproof lenses that are made from polycarbonate.

Also, these lenses are highly liked because they have UV protection as well as an anti-fog coating that can undoubtedly enhance your overall swimming experience. On top of that, the well-designed clasp that this model also includes makes the unit easy to put on and take off.

Last but not least, you should know that this item is suitable for children that are aged five and above. Additionally, this model is not ideal for swimmers that have over 100 degrees myopia.

Buy from for ($12.99)

Aqua Sphere Kayenne

Another product that you might also like is the Aqua Sphere Kayenne. This model comes supplied with clear lenses that have been specially developed to provide the users with high visibility for when swimming indoors, as well as for outdoor swimming.

As a plus, these oversized glasses are a great fit if you are interested in an item that is highly durable and that is likely to stand the test of time. The product comes supplied with a one-piece hydrodynamic micro-frame that has been made of Softeril, a material that is hypoallergenic. Besides, the product also includes a quick-fit buckle that is easy to operate and effortless to adjust.

The lenses that this model comes outfitted with are resistant to scratches, and they have anti-fog properties. What is more, these lenses provide the user with a 180-degree field of view that you are likely to find very practical.

Buy from for ($25.18)

Speedo Hydrospex

If you are determined to get a pair of goggles that are reliable, the Speedo Hydrospex might suit your needs. This product was developed to include a comfortable and soft frame that supplies the user with all the protection that he/she might need while swimming.

Also, this model comes supplied with a split silicone strap that is easy to operate. Consequently, you won’t have to spend a lot of time dealing with the dreadful task of putting the goggles on and taking them off.

Furthermore, you should also know that the frame that this model features is made from a hypoallergenic material that is very flexible and easy to wear. Besides, as expected, the quality is good, and the lenses of the device are made of a shatter-resistant material. Therefore, you won’t have to worry that the model will break easily. Also, these lenses offer UV protection, and they can be used during foggy days.

Buy from for ($13.83)


Another item that is deemed to catch your attention is the COOLOO Swim. This product comes packed with many features that make this device easy to use. First things first, the model has a very stylish design, and it provides the user with excellent clarity and enhanced UVA and UVB protection. Furthermore, this product can also reduce the glare that you are likely to experience when swimming outside, in the sun.

The lenses used in making this unit are clear and, thus, you can use them when enjoying your daily swimming experience. Moreover, this model is small in size and rather compact in its design. As a result, you will be able to carry it with you easily whenever you go for a swim.

Also, the gasket is said to fit most faces, regardless of their shape. These goggles do not have a restricting feel around the eyes and, overall, the unit forms a solid seal so that you no longer have to worry about itchy or red eyes or about water seeping through.

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Swim Elite Swim

If you are searching for a reliable set that contains all you need when you go swimming outdoors, we recommend that you check out the Swim Elite Swim. In fact, this model includes both a pair of swimming goggles and a protective cap that can keep your hair dry.

These goggles stand out because they can supply you with 100% UV protection, and because they have an anti-fog coating. What is more, the lenses that this device has are mirror coated so that you can use them out in the sun. Also, the strap that you have to use in order to secure the model to your head is fully adjustable.

If you decide to buy this model, you will be able to swim effortlessly, while having a field of vision of 180 degrees. Lastly, it might be practical to remind you that this product has been extensively tested.

Buy from for ($39.95)
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