Best goggles for snowboarding – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Best goggles for snowboarding – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Last Updated: 24.09.18

Top Goggles for Snowboarding Reviewed & Buying Guide

Finding the best goggles for snowboarding requires you do thorough research, but unfortunately few people have the time to pursue this endeavor. To make things easier for you and because we want to help you find the ideal model for your needs, we have looked at snowboarding goggles reviews, consumer reports and surveys, and other specialized sources. We have concluded that the Bolle Carve Snow answers all the criteria of quality, comfort, and affordability. This is a new model from Bolle that offers a simple styling and features that are on par with what other more expensive units offer. It is designed with comfort and ease of use in mind which is why it offers a smooth fit. The double lens thermal barrier creates a barrier to keep the cold away from your skin. If you happen to be unable to find this product available, we recommend that you consider the Bolle Y6 OTG.

We understand that finding good snowboarding goggles is a difficult undertaking, with all the options available for sale and the numerous features they all offer. We believe that shopping should be an easy and pleasurable activity which is why we have gathered some useful information in our buying guide below to help you make a proper choice.

Construction and shape of the lenses

When it comes to snowboarding goggles, it’s not the shape of the model or the materials used that differ the most, but rather the lens. Indeed, this is the most important part of the product, and it comes as no surprise that it is also the one piece that needs the most care and consideration.

The lenses on snowboard goggles come in two different construction styles, a multitude of tints, two different shapes, and a variety of different coatings. Once you learn that manufacturers tend to make up their own names for their coatings and tints, you’ll understand why choosing the right lens can be a bit tricky.

Concerning the construction style, similar to how windows can be either single or dual, so can the lenses. Dual lenses are better since they offer better protection and insulation, but depending on your budget or needs, the single alternative can also be quite useful in its own right.

The shape of the lens is equally important, and this category is also divided into two: the spherical and the cylindrical lenses. Spherical lenses are curved in all directions which helps expand your field of vision and can also offer a better clarity than the cylindrical alternative.

Cylindrical lenses offer a limited field of view and can have difficulties filtering sunlight. Thus, you should avoid using the cylindrical alternative in places where there is a lot of sunlight as you may experience glare due to sunshine catching the lenses at odd angles.

The tints

The tints on the lenses are not there simply to make the goggles look more stylish, they play an important part and choosing the right one is the key to getting the perfect snowboarding experience. Tints help give you better visibility in certain conditions.

The clear tint you can find on some of the best snowboarding goggles is meant for skiing at night and, while it might not be as effective as high-quality night vision binoculars, it manages to make your surroundings much more visible in low-light conditions.

The amber and RC36 are typically brown and vital for partially sunny conditions. Gold, Orange, and Persimmon are suited for low to medium light conditions. The Rose or Pink tints are perfect for low, flat light conditions. Black chrome is designed for extremely bright environments while natural lenses offer the truest colors available and can help reduce eye strain.

Coatings and other features

There are many coatings available for snowboarding goggles, but certainly the most common and useful is the anti-fog coating. What’s awesome about anti-fog goggles is that they prevent the condensation of water on the lenses so that no matter the environment you find yourself in, you get a crystal clear view.

Another nifty feature that you should keep in mind is the presence of polarized lenses. This technology is also used in high-performance goggles for triathlon and for a good reason. It provides better glare reduction as well as UV protection to keep your eyes protected from extremely bright glare.

Our 2018 list: Find the right goggles for snowboarding for your needs

Doing your research can pay off in most cases, but there are moments when you simply can’t decide on what products you should focus on. To help make the whole purchasing process much easier, we have identified what we thought to be some of the most reliable snowboarding goggles below for you to choose from.

Bolle Carve Snow

The Bolle alternative offers the newest style of goggles and it uses the most recent and technically advanced features for a price that is more than fair. It comes in a stylish yet simple design that is meant to go well with any helmet.

The over the helmet fit is engineered with the current helmet designs in mind which means that there are small chances to find a helmet that this nifty model can’t fit properly. You get a pair of goggles that is comfortable yet secure so that once they are set into place, only you will be able to take them off.

The lenses used for these goggles are double which means that you will enjoy better protection and insulation. The flow-tech venting is designed to reduce fogging and also to optimize the flow of air. The venting ports will prevent clogging from ice and snow.

Buy from for ($24.43)

Bolle Y6 OTG

Are you an eyeglasses wearer and you are sick of models that require you ditch your glasses to wear your goggles, which can end up creating an unpleasant experience? The Y6 OTG is designed to slip on right over your glasses for a fit that is comfortable and will keep you seeing clearly while riding the slope at high speeds.

The medium size of this unit will slip securely and quickly over your helmet while the advanced venting technology will keep you and your glasses fog free. Wearing these goggles feels just like looking through premium hiking binoculars, as you’ll get a clear viewing experience and increased comfort.

The P80 Plus and Carbo Glass is designed to handle a wide variety of environments. It can handle even the most severe cold while the flow tech venting will keep fog and snow from obstructing your view. The double-layer face foam will make you forget you’re wearing goggles.

Buy from for ($28.89)

Oakley 02 XL

The Oakley 02 XL uses High Definition Optics lenses technology which offers impressive and useful benefits to the wearer. The clarity that this option offers is unmatched. If other conventional goggles can magnify images similar to a good magnifying glass for reading, the Oakley model offers more precision and less distorted vision across the entire field of view.

Another problem of conventional snowboarding goggles lenses is the refraction that they produce. This can cause objects to appear in places where they aren’t. The High Definition Optics offer a truer visual image which will improve your performance as your brain will no longer have to correct the image that you get from the lens.

Another nifty feature that this unit offers comes from the UV protection it provides. The Oakley lenses are built with quality in mind which is why they block 100% of all UVA, UVC, and UVB rays, as well as harmful blue light up to 400 nm.

Buy from for ($67.47)

Traverse Varia Ski

If affordability is on your mind, there are fewer options available that are as cheap as the Traversia model. The ergonomic and flexible frame built from thermoplastic polyurethane provides the user with the ideal amount of comfort and strength so that he or she can practice snowboarding and skiing safely.

The smoke lens features a grey base that helps eliminate much of the glare that happens when facing the powerful light of the sun. It also helps add further definition to the terrain, and this will help increase its versatility and usefulness in various conditions.

The 100% UV400 dual-layered spherical lens will keep your eyes protected from the sun’s radiation while also providing you with great peripheral vision. The dual lens is anti-fog and scratch resistant while the frame vents help create a thermal layer that will keep you warm and your vision free of obstructions and lens damage.

Buy from for ($18.99)

SPY Optic Getaway

The Getaway model offers everything you need to have fun and keep yourself protected when going snowboarding. This midsized model combines an anti-fog dual lens with anti-scratch protection for a reliable performance that will provide you with a clear view in all types of weather.

The ergonomic face foam with fleece will guarantee that you get a proper fit. Even if you have a larger or smaller face, the foam will conform to its shape perfectly. It is custom built from flexible polyurethane which helps this model handle use over many seasons.

What’s more, the face foam also features moisture-wicking Dri-Force fleece that will pull fog-causing sweat away all while keeping your skin warm and properly ventilated. The silicone-ribbed strap can be easily adjusted and it prevents the goggles from slipping off your helmet or headgear. The UV protection will shield your eyes from the powerful and harmful sunlight.

Buy from for ($25)
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