Best Eyeskey spotting scopes – 2019 Reviews & Comparison

Best Eyeskey spotting scopes – 2019 Reviews & Comparison

Last Updated: 17.07.19

Eyeskey spotting scopes - Buying guide & Reviews

When searching for the best Eyeskey spotting scope, take a moment and look at what this paragraph will tell you. The results of an extensive research based on customer reviews, expert opinions, and sales figures, point out that you should pay attention first things first to the Eyeskey High Definition, as the model capable of offering important benefits. First of all, the optics used is capable of eliminating chromatic aberrations, which leads to an image quality that is superior to many other models on the market. The lightweight construction ensures that the spotting scope is easy to carry around, so it will be easy for you to take it anywhere with you. Waterproof performance is ensured by the well-sealed construction, and you will not have a problem with the scope when there are fog conditions. If you cannot find the Eyeskey High Definition anywhere, the Eyeskey Waterproof comes as a great second alternative.

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It can be difficult to select an excellent spotting scope from the many available for sale, and one course of action would be to opt for a brand that has already gained recognition in the sports optics field. Eyeskey is one of the competitive names on the market and an excellent choice. The next recommendations will guide you through the most important features to consider when you want to buy such a product.

Lens size and image quality

The best spotting scope from Eyeskey you can buy should come with outstanding image quality. That is something that you should never compromise when you are selecting a spotting scope, and the models created by this company are no exception to the rule. When it comes to image quality, a few things matter most, as we will show right away.

Lens size, for instance, is an aspect that you should never overlook. Whether you want to use the said spotting scope for bird watching or hunting, you need to make sure that you have the right lens size. A model that has a larger lens size offers a wider field of view.

That means that you will be able to grasp what is happening on the entire landscape stretched in front of you and that with ease. There is another advantage to a large lens that you may not be aware of right now. The larger the lens, the better the capability of the optics will be to absorb light from the surrounding environment, to create a bright, easy to see image. Such details will impact on the image quality as a whole, and that is something that you should not neglect.

It always serves to have multi-coated optics. They reduce glare and another great thing about the multiple coatings is that they render a clearer image, as well. Even in low light conditions, a spotting scope that comes properly equipped will offer you the best opportunity to spot your game even at a fair distance from you.

Ease of adjustment

There can be situations when you need to adjust the focus on your spotting scope. Whether you want to bring the image closer, by zooming in, or you need to follow a moving target, if you are a hunter or a bird watcher, you will find handy a model with fast adjustments option.

Many models produced by this particular company are focused on providing you with excellent performance and ease of use. That is why some of them come with a dual focus system that allows you to make adjustments on the go.

Use whatever feels better when the need arises. You should be able to make fine adjustments when you need to focus the image, but you should also be able to be fast about it, too, when your target is on the move.

Protection against damage

No matter how great a spotting scope is, you will discover quickly that it needs to be sturdy and well put together, or otherwise, you will end up with a broken device that serves no one. Aspects like waterproof capabilities are essential for a spotting scope that you will take with you out in the field.

Some models are fog proof, as well, and they come equipped with a rubber armor on the exterior, to make sure that dust and debris will not find their way inside. A reliable spotting scope can serve you for many years without a glitch, and that is what you should be aiming for.

Our 2019 List: Find the right Eyeskey spotting scope for your needs

You may feel like a good Eyeskey spotting scope is not that easy to select since there are so many products that are excellent in every way. We narrowed down the search to help you decide on a model.

Eyeskey High Definition

The Eyeskey spotting scope reviews are in agreement that the Eyeskey High Definition is the model you should purchase if you want a top-notch quality product that will never let you down. Its objective lens is designed to reduce chromatic abnormalities, and to reproduce colors so vivid that you cannot easily find something similar somewhere else.

The casing is made from magnesium alloy, which makes the scope lightweight, yet durable, an important aspect that you should never overlook. The ease of adjustments is another important factor that tips the balance in the favor of this particular model.

You can rest assured that the optics is protected against all damage possible. The O-ring sealing does not allow moisture to get inside, and it also acts as a guard against dust and debris. The construction benefits from the Argon gas filling that prevents fog from becoming a problem.

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Eyeskey Waterproof

This option sold by Eyeskey can supply its users with a variable magnification, from 20x to 60x, and it includes a dynamic lens focusing system that can meet your needs when it comes to watching sports games or viewing the wildlife. Consequently, the unit is highly versatile.

Moreover, this item includes fully multi-coated lenses, and it features BaK4 prism coatings that can help you obtain bright and clear images at all times. The body of the scope is made of a magnesium alloy that is both strong and light in weight. Consequently, transporting this device should not be an issue. On top of that, the model is equipped with a sturdy and rugged armor that can withstand severe weather conditions.

The device also features twist-up eyecups that are fully adjustable, and that can be used by those that have to wear glasses. A phone adapter mount and a nylon mesh carrying case are also included in the price.

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Eyeskey Optical Monocular

Another waterproof alternative that you might like is the Eyeskey Optical Monocular. This versatile spotting scope can offer 20x to 60x variable magnification, and it features a dynamic lens focusing system that you are prone to appreciate.

This choice can be used for a wide array of activities, including watching sports events and exploring the wildlife. Also, because it is quite portable, you can take the model with you whenever you go hunting or bird watching.

The item includes fully multi-coated lenses and BaK4 prism coatings that guarantee that you will be provided with bright and clear images whenever you decide to use this scope. Plus, this option includes O-ring sealed optics that prevent moisture, dust, and debris from entering it. Hence, its performance won’t be, in any way, compromised.

For extra convenience, this device also features twist-up eyecups so that the glass wearers can comfortably utilize it as well.

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Eyeskey 15-45x60

This choice comes provided with an adjustable magnification and an objective size of 60mm. Because of it, enough light can enter the scope, and its users will be supplied with bright, crystal clear images.

Furthermore, this item has a magnesium framework and it comes covered in a shock-absorbing rubber armor. Also, this spotting scope is water resistant and, thus, it can be used in all kinds of weather conditions.

The unit also includes fully multi-coated prisms that increase the contrast and the resolutions of the images that you can see while using it. According to the seller, the product is small in size and is easy to carry around. A special carrying bag and a universal cell phone holder clip are also supplied by the manufacturer.

As a plus, because it was designed to feature a retractable sunshade, this device can reduce glare, and it is protected against accidental scrapes and scratches.

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Eyeskey EK850

This unit is capable of optimizing light transmission and helps you bring objects closer so you can enjoy crystal clear image. While it may be true that the Eyeskey EK850 is not the largest model available and it is not the most capable among those made by this company, it still offers good value.

The 25mm lens is multi-coated, which means that the scope is capable of gathering light from the surrounding environment to provide you with top-notch image performance. A large knob for focusing is easy to access and it helps you catch the perfect angle of a moving target.

The eye cup is adjustable, and helps you watch everything you want through the lens without the need to wear glasses. You will love the compact design that makes this model very portable. The rubber exterior ensures that the model is waterproof. Durable and reliable, it is a good option for most buyers.

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Unavailable products

Eyeskey EK8573

The Eyeskey EK8573 is not a pretentious model and that shows in its specs, too. However, if you search for a spotting scope that does the job well, and it offers good value for the money, you will not go wrong with this one. The zoom power can be adjusted between 10x and 30x and the scope will bring closer the images you want to see.

One of the reasons why many people prefer this model over others is that it manages to offer good performance without making your eyes tired. You will enjoy the extra performance offered by the waterproof construction and you will also appreciate having fog proof capabilities.

The focusing knob is an excellent extra you can enjoy to adjust the focus when you follow moving objects through the eyepiece. The rubber armored exterior ensures proper protection for the fine lens and mechanisms inside, and it is also anti-slip.

Eyeskey EK8388

The 80mm lens of this model ensures proper field of view and helps you see more than you would expect from a product that still manages to keep its design lightweight and portable. A combination of excellent materials and technologies makes this model a must-have.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find this spotting scope an excellent option. Whether you are interested in observing wildlife or engage in other activities, you will make use of the Eyeskey EK8388 without experiencing any disappointments. The variable magnification power gives you the option to make the necessary adjustments when you want to bring the image closer to your eyes and observe more details.

The waterproof capabilities of this model recommend it, as well. The body is made from magnesium alloy, which keeps the total weight of the scope to a minimum, and the exterior is covered in rubber for extra protection. A tripod is included for maximum convenience.

Eyeskey EK8380

Some buyers are interested in getting extra value for the money spent, above all else, and that qualifies the Eyeskey EK8380 as one of the products that are really worth buying. The model comes equipped with a complex lens system that organized 7 different pieces in 5 groups. The optics is multi-coated, which means that you can enjoy excellent image quality.

The low weight of the scope is another selling point for this particular model. The 60mm lens provides access to a large field of view, something that cannot be said for most products on the market. Usually, you would expect a bulkier device for a lens diameter this large, but this is not the case with the Eyeskey EK8380.

The magnification power can be adjusted and it goes as high as 60x. The model is waterproof and fog proof and it is delivered with a handheld tripod for maximum convenience.

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