Top Endoscopes for Android This Year – Guide & Comparative Analysis


If you don’t have plenty of time to do your own research and find out what the best endoscope for Android devices really is, this paragraph will help you. Following several weeks where we’ve looked at the user’s reviews, sales figures, and various reliability surveys, we’ve concluded that the Depstech WiFi is the model that appears to be truly worth every penny. It’s versatile and convenient and comes with a cable length of five meters, thus allowing you to look at spaces that are out of sight and out of reach. The 2-megapixel camera that this unit has been equipped with can ensure that the images you’ll be glancing at are high-quality. The Depstech alternative is a great fit for both Android and iOS devices, so you can comfortably use it with both. If this particular product is unavailable, be sure to consider the Depstech 41111700.



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As the technology of the devices we use has evolved a lot during recent years, so have borescopes. In case you didn’t know, most of those products marketed as endoscopes are, in fact, borescopes or just cameras that are attached to the end of a tube with a variable length depending on the model.

Since the market is next to overflowing with options, we thought we might give you a hand with finding a decent endoscope that you can actually use in your home or at work. Below, you’ll find the factors that need some mulling over before you decide to spend your precious pennies on such a device.

Camera quality

The first thing that you are likely to notice when trying to make up your mind between one model and the next is that they aren’t all the same. The camera resolution makes all the difference, sometimes, and it also impacts the price of the product.

Choosing a model with a resolution of under 2 megapixels is counterproductive, in a sense, especially if you’re interested in using it for industrial purposes where the quality of the picture actually matters. What if you’re a DIY-er or just a home user? In that case, you can avoid breaking your budget. Just get a cheaper alternative.



We’ve already established that you’re looking for a unit that works primarily with Android devices, but the matter isn’t all that simple. Here’s where you should look at your specific needs so that you understand what devices you really plan to use your next endoscope with.

Some consumers have an iPhone simply because it comes with a stable operating system, but they were unwilling to buy an iPad, so they got an Android tablet. In this particular case, you need to look for a model that works with as many types of smartphones and other devices as possible.

What’s more, if you ever plan to use the unit with a personal computer or a laptop, what you might be in need of is a USB endoscope. On the other hand, wireless alternatives are far more convenient as you won’t have to deal with any pesky cables other than that with which the endoscope has been equipped with. Keep in mind that using a wireless endoscope with a Windows computer is very hard, if not impossible.



While some of the models that have received the best Android endoscope reviews come with as many as six LED bulbs, many others have fewer. Think of the areas you’re most tempted to use your endoscope in and the crevices and corners that you might need to take a peek at. If there’s little to no light in those areas, you definitely need a product that comes with as many lights as possible.

LED is to be preferred because such bulbs tend to last longer than their counterparts. This way, you’ll be able to use your endoscope on occasion for at least several years. This scenario is plausible if you don’t plan to use it for hours on end every day.

Cable Specs

The length of the cord needs to be given some thought to before you make your final choices. Just how much distance do you need to cover before the camera at the tip of your endoscope can finally reach that area where you want it to be? Take the time to answer this question.

The design of the cable, as well as how firm it is, also has to be considered. It would be ideal for your endoscope to boast a cable of which the shape you can maneuver and customize as you deem fit. This way, you can use the device both vertically and horizontally.



Our 2018 List: Find the right endoscope for Android devices for your needs


To make it somewhat easier for you to select the right product, we’ve compiled a list of the most remarkable models available for sale nowadays. From what we have gathered, it appears that these choices have acquired the best endoscope reviews out there. If you have the time, be sure to look at their specs.



Depstech WiFi


As one of the most versatile choices you’re likely to stumble upon, this model needs to be given some thought to.

For one, it’s not particularly expensive, yet it does precisely what it has been designed to do. This means that with its help and its 2-megapixel camera, you’ll be able to find out what’s going on in those areas that you have no physical access to.

The model works a variety of operating systems, including iOS and Android, so you can rest assured that it will be compatible with all your devices. Because this is a wireless borescope, it might not be a great fit for computers.

The model boasts a 6 LED light illumination system, and the neat thing is that you can customize the brightness of the bulbs. The cable with which it has been equipped measures five meters, so there’s plenty to use in case the dark and hidden spot you want to examine is at a distance.



Unlike other models on the market, this wifi endoscope camera works with Android and iPhone iOS systems alike, being perfect for any smartphone user who wants to do some inspection work.

By using the unique Blue LED technology, meaning six adjustable LED lights on the tip of the camera, it manages to improve vision in dark environments and offer you a detailed view of the target you’re observing.

Featuring a waterproof camera and a 33-ft long cable that can reach any corner you wish to inspect, this endoscope camera is suitable for many types of environments.

It uses a premium camera chip, from a second generation at 30 fps, which will offer you the smoothest video quality and image clarity.



There have been some complaints from dissatisfied customers stating that the cable isn’t flexible enough to withstand many curves on the way, and thus some places might be out of reach.


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Depstech 41111700


This product resembles the other Depstech model in many ways, as it has almost the same specifications but comes with a shorter cable measuring just 3.5 meters.

Therefore, it addresses the requirements of those who are not inclined to utilize a model with a too long cord as operation might even become cumbersome because of this detail.

Since this endoscope comes with a built-in WiFi signal, you’ll be able to utilize it with your Android device even from a distance. You could even be the one handling the endoscope, and a colleague or friend could be the one seeing the images and tell you what he or she is seeing.

Something that needs to be added in regards to this model is that it has a 500mAh battery, so you’ll be able to use it for as many as sixty minutes at a time.

This should give you the opportunity to see the things you’re interested in examining as most endoscope users don’t require more than half an hour for this purpose.



This endoscope camera is easy to use and has simple instructions. After you turn on the WiFi box, it will generate a signal and you can connect your phone straight away. It works great for iOS users.

A built-in lantern with six adjustable LED blue lights on the tip of the camera generates the ideal environment for observing dark corners and see details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The model works great for iPhone and Android users alike, unlike other alternatives also found on the market.

The captured photos and videos will be automatically saved to an album in your phone’s memory, making them easy to access at any time.

It also features an 11.5-foott long cable that will allow you to reach any target.



Customers have stated that despite working perfectly fine in the beginning, the camera tends to overheat after some time has passed and this can result in distorted colors.


Buy from for ($35.99)





Giwox NTC50HD


Despite being one of the most affordable choices we were able to track down, the Giwox unit appears to be worth its weight in gold. It’s a convenient device that can offer you as much value as possible especially as it has been outfitted with a 5-meter cable and comes with a 2-megapixel CMOS sensor HD borescope camera.

Some of the devices that the NTC50HD is compatible with range from Windows computers to various Samsung smartphones.

Unlike some of the other choices we have analyzed, the Giwox does not work with iOS devices, so you need to be aware of this particular detail if you also own an Apple product.

The 6 LED lights that can be found on the camera tip will enable you to adjust the brightness depending on the viewing circumstances.

This alternative is not a wireless borescope, so you have to keep it plugged into your laptop or smartphone at all times.



This device is pretty easy to set up, even if you have no experience using such an item. There’s no need to use an extra adapter; all you need to do is connect to your computer via a USB cable.

With high resolution sustained by the CMOS sensor HD borescope, this model can capture crystal clear images or videos at 1024×768 or 1280×720 pixels.

The waterproof camera has an 8.5 mm diameter that allows you to inspect hidden targets, even underwater if necessary. You might find it useful for many household related issues.

By using adjustable brightness, this product manages to control the light that it casts on the dark corners that you need to observe, offering you the best angle and exposure, so that you see the details clearly.



Despite being easy to install and having useful characteristics, it seems that this item doesn’t have the best default settings. But once you get past this stage and personalize it, you’ll find that it works just fine.


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Depstech Wireless HD


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this unit is one of the bestsellers that have people raving about it. On the one hand, it comes with a cable that measures ten meters, so it’s right up there with the high-end choices that can let you look at anything without even making an effort.

Besides, the 2-megapixel camera resolution means that you will be able to look at crystal clear pictures.

Another benefit ensured by the software that this model is compatible with is that it works both with Android and iOS devices, unlike so many of its competitors.

As usual, using this endoscope is somewhat straightforward as ease of operation is a given since it’s a wireless alternative.

You’ll only have to download an app either from Google Play or the App Store to ensure that you use the borescope with the device you own. In addition to this, it’s worth noting that the device is waterproof.



This camera features a unique lighting system, with six LED lights built-in on the tip of the device, that will help you shed light on even the darkest corners and will offer you the image clarity you’re looking for.

Being easy to use even if you’re not experienced with this type of product, the endoscope can be utilized around the house for many purposes, mostly related to fixing pipes or inspecting unreachable spaces.

In order to get it to work, you merely have to turn on the WiFi box and it will automatically generate a signal that you need to connect your phone too.

What’s more, this particular model can support up to three or four electronic devices linked simultaneously, offering you different perspectives at the same time.



A few customers have complained that the issue with this item is the short depth of field. It looks like closer than 3 inches and farther than 5 inches, the image turns out of focus.


Buy from for ($38.99)





Mippos Cam


If you’re looking for a device that is budget-friendly, perhaps this one might do you good as it usually costs less than ten dollars.

Of course, its specs cannot be compared to those of the models we’ve already showcased as this is not a WiFi alternative. So, you will have to plug it in directly in your Android smartphone.

The 2-megapixel camera that the Mippos unit has been outfitted with is waterproof and resilient enough to ensure that you use it for a decent amount of time. Challenging environments aren’t an obstacle as this small endoscope can handle everything you can throw at it.

As is the case with the other products we’ve mentioned, the Mippos choice boasts as many as six LED lights, thus giving you the brightness you might need to observe those hidden areas where you might have dropped something.

Some of the people who have chosen this product say that it works with other apps, as well as with the one recommended by the manufacturer.



This item works just as well for Android systems and iOS alike, meaning its versatile and it can be used with a wide range of devices. All you need to do to get started is to download the app.

It features a 2.0-megapixel camera that will offer you high-resolution videos and photos in order for you to get a detailed view of certain areas you can’t have access to.

The camera is waterproof, meaning you’ll have no problem inspecting underwater pipes or dealing with other issues of the household.

If you need any more reasons to check out this item, you should know that there are endless possibilities when it comes to how it can be used. Aside from plumbing, automotive or construction purposes, you can also consider taking a look at corners you haven’t seen before.



A few customers have complained that the wire supporting this camera isn’t stiff enough and the image tends to lose focus when the target is too close.


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