Best Dr. Brown’s baby bottle sterilizers – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Best Dr. Brown’s baby bottle sterilizers – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Last Updated: 20.07.18

Top Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Sterilizers Reviewed & Buying Guide

If you’re currently looking for the best Dr. Brown’s baby bottle sterilizer but you’re not sure where to find the characteristics that would perfectly match your expectations, you can choose between reading countless Dr. Brown’s baby bottle sterilizers reviews or you can just quickly browse through our comprehensive buying guide. Our findings show that the first item you should take into consideration is the Dr. Brown’s Microwave Steam, due to its many useful features. First of all, it sanitizes and disinfects the feeding bottles very effectively and it contains a removable tray to make the cleaning process easier. The device comes with a pair of tongs to help you take out the sterilized bottles. Also, the fact that it’s BPA-free will preserve your child’s safety and health. Should this product be unavailable, we suggest you check out the Dr. Brown’s Gift Set instead.

When looking for the best baby bottle sterilizer by Dr. Brown, you should always remember to keep your priorities straight and pick out the models that fit your requirements, but also to be able to adjust to the given alternatives. In order to make a satisfying choice, you should definitely check out our buying guide. While you’re in the market for a good sterilizer for baby bottles, you might want to check out other related articles on a reliable Chicco baby bottle sterilizer or a great UV baby bottle sterilizer.

Materials and build

Picking out a sterilizer starts with considering the type of material that you wish to work with. We suggest that you choose something that’s BPA free, in order to preserve your baby’s health and safety. Also, it might be a good idea to choose a model made of plastic materials, for various reasons.

First of all, plastic means it will be light enough to be easily stored and carried when traveling, so it would make for a great baby bottle sterilizer for traveling. This type of appliances usually can be taken apart and the components can be washed individually.

That can be of great help when you want to make the cleaning process easier. Certain electric-powered devices might be made of heavier materials, but while that can be a flaw, it also makes for more durable and reliable items.

When checking out this topic, make sure you also read some other articles we’ve written on similar issues, such as a reliable pediatric thermometer, that is of course if you’re interested in child health.


Certain products work with different time frames. What you need to do is choose the one that perfectly fits your timetable, your needs and your requirements. There’s definitely an advantage when considering a model that can deliver clean feeding bottles in under 5 minutes, but there are other factors to consider.

Above all, you need to make sure that the cleaning process is efficient and manages to kill as many of the harmful bacteria and germs that might affect your infant’s health as possible.

In doing so, you also might want to consider the interior capacity of a sterilizer. It would be great to find one that can fit as many regular size bottles as it could, given that in this delicate period of your life you need to save all the time that you can.

If you stumble upon a model that has a removable tray which can fit not only baby bottles but also other accessories such as breast pump components, pacifiers, nipples and more, you might want to consider adding it to your list of final choices.

Accessories and sets

Matters of the budget are a delicate issue, especially if you’re a first-time parent struggling to get your life in order. If you need some help achieving financial stability during these complicated times, you might want to consider keeping an eye out for gift sets.

There are many brands that offer packages complete with everything you need to adjust from regular breastfeeding to bottle feeding, and to make the transition easy for both sides. Accessories include many sizes of feeding bottles, pacifiers, brushes for cleaning difficult spots and many more.

Many of these offers come at rather affordable prices, lending a hand to all the parents that need to stock up on baby accessories on a low budget. If that is the case, definitely consider some of the sets we’ve reviewed in our collection.

Our 2018 list: Find the right Dr. Brown’s baby bottle sterilizer for your needs

It’s difficult to browse through all the products currently available for sale, given that the market is so overflowing with options and inaccurate advertising. In order to help you make an informed choice, we’ve put together a few reviews of our favorite items.

Dr. Brown’s Microwave Steam

This BPA free, plastic-made device has a smart design that helps preserve your child’s health and safety while also being easy to store and transport, due to its small weight. It’s safe to clean using a regular dishwasher, and it also features a removable tray inside to make the process easier.

The tray is custom molded and holds up to four Dr. Brown’s baby bottles simultaneously, making the sterilizing process more efficient. However, it can be used for both standard and wide neck bottles, making it ideal if you’re not dedicated solely to one brand.

It manages to kill off harmful bacteria and germs and returns the feeding bottles perfectly sterilized. The system works with tap water, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility and additional purchases. What’s more, the set also includes tongs to help you take out the bottles once they’re clean.

Buy from for ($19.29)

Dr. Brown’s Gift Set

This complete set contains all the items that every young parent should have, especially if they need a bit of help taking care of their newborn child. Aside from the actual sterilizer, it also offers a custom molded tray, tongs to help you take out the bottles, two 8 oz bottles, a bottle brush to clean difficult spots and a glow in the dark pacifier.

What’s more, aside from sterilizing the regular feeding bottles, this device also has room for accessories such as bottle components, pacifiers or training cups. This means it’s more efficient to clean all your baby stuff using this type of appliance instead of just washing them separately.

At maximum capacity, the custom molded tray that fits inside the item manages to hold four bottles, returning them perfectly sterilized in just a couple of minutes. The tray also makes cleaning the sterilizer a lot easier.

Buy from for ($34.99)

Dr. Brown’s Deluxe

This affordable and easy-to-use model is a great choice for any starter parent, especially if they need as much help as they can get, given this delicate time in their lives. The electronic controls are easy to understand and the auto shut-off function prevents the device from wasting energy.

A removable tray is designed to fit inside the sterilizer and it helps position the bottles so the steam is directed exactly at them, making the cleaning process extremely efficient. The tray also has room for other accessories such as bottle components, nipples or pacifiers.

You can now clean all your baby stuff at once using this product. The packaging also includes tongs to help you take the bottles out when they’re done, and a measuring cup. The good-looking design will perfectly blend in with your other electrical appliances. This model works on 110-120 Volts.

Buy from for ($55.62)

Dr. Brown’s Electric

This particular model only uses distilled water inside the unit. It’s important to remember this aspect, since if you don’t pay attention, over time the minerals in the regular water will build upon the heating element and thus they will damage the appliance. Detailed instructions are included to help you understand the process.

It takes this device approximately twelve minutes to return the baby bottles perfectly clean and sterilized. The insides fit up to six bottles simultaneously, making the cleaning process quite efficient. A removable basket placed inside holds the bottles in place so that the steam is directed right at them.

An accessory tray is also included with this sterilizer. It can fit anything from pacifiers to bottle components, breast pump parts or nipples from the bottles, and you’ll find it’s much more efficient to clean all your baby’s stuff this way. You need all the free time you can get in this delicate period of your life.

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Dr. Brown’s Feeding Set

This set contains a sterilizer made of polypropylene, which means it’s both easy to clean and light enough to be transported without being an extra burden to your suitcase.

Other accessories also offered include 8 oz bottles with level one nipples, 4 oz bottles with level one nipples, level two nipples, storage caps and cleaning brushes to reach difficult spots.

The bottle brush is designed to be used for cleaning all types of standard or wide neck baby bottles from Dr. Brown,  many models being already included in the packaging. A storage clip allows you to store this brush near the sink, making it easy to reach when needed.

You can clean up to four bottles simultaneously using this appliance, and it holds both regular and wide neck models, so it’s really adaptable. You should try it especially if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to stock up on baby accessories.

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