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Dog thermometers – Buying guide & Comparison


Have you gone through the best dog thermometer reviews and come out empty-handed? If that’s so, we believe we can help. After having put together a thorough research process, we have come up with some suggestions that might be of assistance to you and all those looking for the best pet thermometer, in general. Based on what we found, it seems that the model you should consider for your canine friend is the iProven Digital DT-R1221A. The neat thing about it is that it can be used in a variety of circumstances, so if you’re looking for a model for babies, adults, or pets, this one is the perfect choice to keep in mind. Besides, it’s fast so it can provide readings in as little as ten seconds. If the iProven Digital DT-R1221A is no longer in stock, be sure to give a chance to the next best option, the INTEY No Touch Infrared.



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Whether you are looking for the best thermometer for vets or just one you can use at home with your canine pet, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled some of the crucial info you need to take into account in a comprehensive buyer’s guide. Check it out below.

First thing’s first. Learn the basics

Not all of us are vets, and that’s why it might be daunting to measure the body temperature of your pet. The fact is that it all starts with some basics, mainly the normal values for dogs and cats. For example, newborn puppies have a normal temperature of 96F, but the same does not apply in the case of adults.

Dogs who are over the age of 1 have a normal temperature of 100 to 102F. You should be aware of these values and learn them by hard to avoid getting panicky if your dog has a temperature slightly above 100F.

Some of the situations when you should use the best veterinary thermometer or a rectal or infrared one on your canine buddy are those when you suspect hyper or hypothermia, impending birth, or an infection.


Avoid thermometers containing mercury

Everyone knows that mercury is dangerous for a plethora of reasons. If you wouldn’t want to use such a product for the members of your family, why would you want to when measuring the temperature of your doggy? Fortunately, most modern products do not contain mercury and are outfitted with digital displays that can let you know what’s happening in a matter of several seconds.


Consider the design

Let’s face it; using a rectal thermometer is unpleasant for humans, and so by the same token, it is the same for pets. You wouldn’t want to use a rectal thermometer without having added some lube, would you? Whether you go for petroleum jelly or KY jelly, the fact is that the whole process can be easier and run more smoothly if you utilize such a lubricant.

If you can’t be bothered with all of this, we suggest going for an infrared thermometer that works with measuring out the temperature of your pet from his or her ear. Keep in mind that models that can be used at a distance might be less accurate with your dog because of the fur.


Ease of use and every other convenient feature

If possible, the discomfort caused to your pet should be non-existent. That’s why we recommend digital thermometers as you will be far less stressed out when using them and you won’t have to worry about getting them broken. Those made out of glass can pose a real threat to your dog.

Consider the accuracy of the results. In case you weren’t aware of this detail, you might as well know that there are a plethora of products for human use that are currently used by vets. The reason for this practice is simple.

They are highly usable, and often, they are made from materials that raise no difficulties or pose no threat whatsoever. Since they’re so safe, just buy a baby thermometer and use it for your pet. Often times, it might cost about twenty dollars, or so, so you won’t even have to break the bank.


Temperature range

Obviously, if you’re going with the alternative destined for people, you need to see whether it works on pets. The device needs to measure out temperatures up to 106 degrees, so the dog’s normal temperature is higher than that of a human being. Keep this in mind and look for this specification when making your final decision.



Top dog thermometers reviews in 2018


While there are many units available for sale, we’ve made a list of those who seem to have impressed buyers for one feature or the other. Check them out below if you want to find out more about them and if you haven’t set your mind on ordering a specific model.



iProven Digital DT-R1221A


There are several reasons for you to consider this choice. It is a compact and easy-to-use alternative that promises to deliver your money’s worth and seems to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. Of course, you have the choice to utilize it as an oral or rectal thermometer for humans, but there are no rules you need to abide by.

The important detail to keep in mind in relation to the iProven Digital is that it comes with a flexible tip, so the dog will feel less uncomfortable when you use the thermometer. While the unit does come with a fever indication, you need to ensure that you keep an open mind as the values might strictly related to babies and adults.

Besides, one aspect that’s worth adding is that it takes just ten seconds for this device to provide a decent and accurate readout. Nobody likes to use a rectal thermometer for more than ten seconds, whether they are humans or animals.



The unit provides readings in a timely fashion, which is to say that you will be able to find out the temperature in as little as 10 seconds.

The digital thermometer that we are talking about contains no mercury and is safe to use both on humans and animals alike.

The tip is waterproof and can be cleaned with soap and water, and you can even utilize alcohol if you want to disinfect it properly.

The delicate sound made by the device once it has wrapped up the task of measuring out the temperature will not put out or scare the pet in any way.



There have been instances where consumers have reported that they suspected the thermometer of giving lower readings than the usual.

Some other customers have complained about the beeping sounds made by the item when it is turned on and when it has finished its job.


Buy from for ($15.8)





INTEY No Touch Infrared


Unlike some of the other alternatives that we have checked out during our research, this model is an infrared thermometer. What this means for you is that it can put you out of misery as you won’t have to utilize a rectal alternative. You can use it for measuring the temperature of babies, toddlers, and adults, or you can devote it to your pet.

The neat thing about this product is that it can be used on the surface of the skin. Of course, you will have to consider that it might be slightly less accurate when employing it on the skin of a doggy, and that’s because he or she has fur.

In short, this unit provides the non-painful way of finding out whether your dog is burning up or not. The buzzer can be turned on or off manually, so you needn’t scare off your dog if he or she is skittish.



This non-contact alternative means the world for pet owners who wouldn’t want to bother their dogs so as to measure out their rectal temperature.

The model is easy to utilize and has been equipped with a digital display that can let you know the information you want to get in a timely fashion.

Since the model shuts itself off in about seven seconds after having been used, you will be able to preserve the battery for as long as possible.

It’s also worth noting that the product can offer readouts in both Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees.

It’s backed by a warranty that lasts for twenty-four months, during which time you can get in touch with the customer services made available by the brand in case anything goes wrong with your device.



The readings might be less accurate given the fur that some dogs have. If you have a short-haired breed, you can use it with ease and without having to worry about misinterpreting the results.


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Generation Guard Clinical Digital


Much like some of the other alternatives that we have showcased on this page, the Generation Guard alternative is a rectal thermometer, so you will have to utilize some lube in order to ensure the comfort of your pet all throughout the entire process.

The truly neat thing about this choice is that it can offer readings in as little as fifteen seconds. Of course, this factor might be less impressive given that some higher end options can do the same in about ten, but the fact of the matter is that most thermometers do their job in about ten to thirty seconds.

Since farmers have praised this device time and again, it’s pretty safe to say that it is convenient and can be used on pets and animals of all sizes. You just have to make sure that the patient sits still. Also, it would be a good idea to clean the model properly after every use so as to avoid contamination of any kind.



Having received the appreciation of over one thousand customers, it goes without saying that this product offers more than enough value for the money.

The device can offer an accurate reading in as little as fifteen seconds.

There’s nothing stopping you from using this product on babies and adults. Of course, you’ll have to use one for humans and another for your pet just to make sure that everything is safe.

The automatic shut-off feature is a neat addition considering that the battery would be depleted ahead of its time otherwise.

You can change the scale from Celsius to Fahrenheit and the other way around if you aren’t comfortable with one or the other.



Unfortunately, the digital display is not backlit, so you won’t be able to read it in the dark or low-light conditions.


Buy from for ($8.68)





Enji Prime FDA Fast


Although it is one of the most budget-friendly choices that we have stumbled upon, this model is actually worth taking into account. It’s user-friendly and provides convenient means for you to measure the temperature of your pet. It can be used orally, rectally, and in the armpit, but these methods should be utilized primarily with humans.

Of course, finding out whether your dog is burning up can be done only if you have nothing against using a rectal thermometer such as this one. Make sure to provide a good deal of treats to your pet if you aren’t particularly sure of what’s going on and if he or she still has the appetite for them.

It takes just ten seconds to get an accurate reading, so at least you won’t be left feeling frustrated over the amount of time you need to keep the tip of this device where the sun doesn’t shine.



Readings are provided in a timely fashion as this device requires just 10 seconds to get its job done.

As is the case with the other rectal choices we have included in our selection, this one can be used on humans and animals, although we recommend using a different product for each.

The product contains no mercury whatsoever which has led us to the conclusion that it is safe to use.

The digital display is easy to read and doesn’t raise any technical difficulties even for people who are less inclined to using modern alternatives such as this one.



Despite the immense critical acclaim garnered by this product, there have been some people who have noted that they’re aggravated by the beeps emitted by the device whenever it is turned on and wraps up its task.

Some argue that it is less affordable than other choices that come with the same features.


Buy from for ($19.51)




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