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Digital thermometers for babies – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re in a hurry and you don’t have the time for reading about the best baby digital thermometer, you will find everything you need in this paragraph. Based on the research conducted by our team on customer reviews, expert opinions, and sales figures, the iProven DMT-489 should comfortably sit on top of your list. The high accuracy, on par with thermometers used in hospitals, recommends this particular model. You only need one second to get an accurate reading, and the beeping sound will let you know the unit did its job. One useful feature is the store and recall function that lets you know about 20 readings back, so you can easily monitor your baby’s health. In case the iProven DMT-489 is no longer available, we suggest the ANKOVO Digital Medical Infrared, a model that comes as a second best, due to its convenience and ease of use.


Taking your baby’s body temperature can tell you a lot of things about their health. Especially when your child is running a fever, and you need to monitor them closely, a digital thermometer comes in handy. There are plenty of advantages to consider when comparing a digital model with a traditional one. By reading our buying guide, you will find it easy to get the best digital thermometer for babies currently available.



One of the things that conventional thermometers do not excel in is safety. They are made of glass, which can make them easy to break, and, when that happens, the mercury inside can spill and cause dramatic accidents. Mercury is highly toxic, and it should not be ingested. Such risks are not meant to put parent’s minds at ease, and that is why a digital thermometer is a better choice.

A digital thermometer usually comes with a plastic housing that makes any breakage impossible. However, safety matters do not stop here. The model you want to purchase should be approved by FDA for human use.


Ease of use

Another thing you should keep in mind is how easy the thermometer is to use. Modern models offer easy readings, displayed on LCD screens, and they come equipped with buttons for the functions you will use.

For instance, if a model is created to be used for taking the temperature through the ear and the forehead, that will be indicated on the housing of the thermometer. All you will have to do is to press the button for the function you need, and you will get a reading right away.


Accurate readings

Without a doubt, the one thing that counts more than others is to have accurate readings when you are using a digital thermometer. You will not be able to monitor your baby’s temperature if you don’t use a thermometer that is on par with hospital grade models regarding accuracy.

You should always read the specs offered by the manufacturer, to see if the model is clinically approved. That will give you an important piece of information on how accurate the readings you will get with it will be.


Extra features

If you’re still not convinced which model to buy after reviewing the information offered above, you should take a look at the additional features provided by the product you have your eyes set on. For instance, models that come with infrared technology are touchless, which means that they can read the baby’s temperature without having to disturb them.

Also, more advanced models offer extras, like the possibility to record and recall a certain number of readings, so you can easily monitor the evolution of your baby’s help. The models that come with a special alert for fever are also appreciated by parents because they can easily tell when it’s the right moment for calling the doctor.

Another useful extra can be a backlit display that will allow you to read the baby’s temperature without turning on the light in the room. If you are interested in preventing any disturbance to your little one’s sleep, that should be something to keep in mind.



Top baby digital thermometers reviews in 2018


There are plenty of digital thermometers available for sale, but only a handful of them are capable of providing you with all the necessary features and performance for your peace of mind, as a parent. We are listing below the most popular models, so you can quickly take your pick.



iProven DMT-489 


The iProven DMT-489 is a great option for taking body temperature, as it allows you to perform such tasks by using the device in the ear or on the forehead.

Especially for babies who must not be disturbed while they sleep, this is an excellent solution. Within just 1 second, the thermometer will let you know it took the baby’s temperature, through a beeping sound.

If you want a good thermometer for babies, this model should be on your list. With its ease of use, it guarantees that you will have no trouble reading your child’s temperature right. The model even comes with a fever alarm, and you can monitor the baby’s temperature evolution, by recalling the last 20 values read.

You can rest assured that the accuracy of this thermometer is unmatched. It is clinically calibrated, and each time, you will get a precise reading so you can quickly evaluate your baby’s health.



Buy from for ($34.99)





ANKOVO Digital Medical Infrared 


Another model often mentioned by the babies’ digital thermometer reviews available online is the ANKOVO Digital Medical Infrared.

You can use this model to take your child’s temperature through the ear or by touching their forehead. One thing to keep in mind is that the first method should be used only for children older than three months.

One thing parents hate about thermometers is that they can be dangerous, since the glass the housing is made of can break, and there is a risk of the baby swallowing mercury by accident. This model is designed to ensure perfect safety, and there’s no danger of getting in contact with dangerous compounds.

You can easily track the changes in your baby’s body temperature, by recalling the previous readings. When your baby is sick, this feature comes in handy. Parents also appreciate the ease of use of this model. Using the buttons available, in just one second, you get the reading.



Buy from for ($99.99)





Metene Medical


The Metene Medical is designed to help you take body temperature without fail and without any hassle. You can use the Forehead mode or the Ear mode, which are both easy ways of determining body temperature without causing any discomfort to your baby.

One thing you will appreciate about this model is its clinical accuracy. Especially when you need to monitor your child’s health, it is essential that you can determine their body’s temperature as precisely as possible. The infrared technology used ensures that the readings delivered by this unit are accurate and reliable.

The model offers you the possibility to store in its memory the last 20 readings and recall them for careful monitoring.

The thermometer is fast acting, and it only takes a moment of your time to give you back the reading. You will know when the reading is finished, by the loud beeping sound emitted by the device.



Buy from for ($79.99)





Dr. Madre Non-Contact Infrared H&PC-43898


If you still recall the times of your childhood, when your mom had to be swift about distracting your attention only to take your body’s temperature, as a parent, you might want a more powerful ally by your side.

The Dr. Madre Non-Contact Infrared H&PC-43898 makes this task easy as a breeze, and there will be no struggles and crying babies involved.

The infrared technology installed on this model allows you to take accurate readings of your baby’s body temperature fast and easy.

The touch-free feature lets you scan the temperature, and you will get a precise reading in turn. Without any need to disturb your sleeping baby, the thermometer will do its job, and you can rest assured that the readings will be accurate.

The recall history of this model can include up to 12 readings, which means that you will easily monitor any changes in your baby’s temperature. Such information can be invaluable when your baby is sick.



Buy from for ($71.99)





Metene Digital Infrared Non-Contact 


Now you no longer have to rely on conventional thermometers that can be a struggle to use and may not be as accurate as you like them to be.

The Metene Digital Infrared Non-Contact offers ease of use and reliability above all things. Plus, because it uses infrared technology, it does not have to be in contact with your baby’s skin to read the body temperature.

This model delivers hospital grade precise readings, which means that you will never be left in the dark when your baby’s health is concerned. Another thing parents appreciate about this model is that it can be used for taking body temperature, and for measuring the temperature of a baby bottle.

The quiet mode is a nice add-on, since you may not want to wake up your baby when taking their temperature. You can read the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, depending on your preferences. All you will have to do is to switch the measurement unit with the touch of a button.



Buy from for ($68.99)





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