Top Compact Binoculars Under 100 Reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2019


In case you are short on time and unable to read all our reviews of compact binoculars under 100, this short paragraph will help you get the model you need. After analyzing some of the best compact binoculars under 100, we have concluded that the option worth considering is the Simmons 899431 Prosport Series. The 10×42 instrument provides more than enough performance for a wide range of activities, both indoors and outdoors. The generous 42mm objective lens diameter coupled with the multi-coated, high-quality optical glass makes it perform excellently in low-light conditions. As a plus, the unit is waterproof and is ready to handle the rigors of heavy outdoor use. If you are unable to find our first pick available for sale, the Celestron 71330 Nature DX is a model that offers similar performance and quality.



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Finding good compact binoculars under 100 may prove a challenge if you are not committed to researching the market. To make things easier, and because we know that very few people have the time to prospect the market on their own, we have compiled a buyer’s guide that will go through some of the key factors to consider when purchasing this type of product.



When buying a pair of small binoculars, no matter their price, you’ll soon notice that each model has a set of two numbers that follow their name, or that are present in the product description such as “10×42”. The first figure is the magnification, while the second is the size of the objective lens, measured in millimeters.

The magnification of a unit measures the number of times that an object will appear larger when viewed. Thus, when viewing a target through a 10×42 model, the unit will appear 10 times larger than it would typically look with the naked eye.

Binoculars nowadays come in a wide range of magnification powers but bigger is not always better, and you need to be well aware of your needs before purchasing a unit. Most of the instruments you will find on the market offer magnifications between 8x and 10x.

Going for options with a magnification larger than 10x can make it very difficult to keep the image steady as the shake in your hands will become far more evident with higher magnifications. Similarly, since you’re looking for instruments under 100, going for higher magnifications than that might prove well above your budget


Lens size

The lens size refers to the front element found in any pair of binoculars, and it is measured in millimeters. The diameter of the objective lens dictates how much light can enter the binoculars and reach your eye. Thus, having a large lens size will equal better performance in low-light conditions and generally more details and more vibrant colors.

With that said, there is one significant disadvantage of a larger lens size, the fact that the size of the body will have to change as well. If you’re searching for the best performance in low-light conditions and want to get models that feature a lens size bigger than 42mm, you’ll have to opt for mid-sized or even full-sized models.


Focus wheel

The location of the focus wheel might not seem of big importance to most, but if you are looking to be efficient, this is a significant factor to consider when choosing binoculars. If the wheel is too far away or too close, it can be difficult to use, and that can result in frustration while you’re out in the field.

The focus wheel should be found in the center of the body, right between the eyecups. The material used should also provide a good grip so that you can turn it by using your index finger.


The eyecups

Eyecups are an essential component of any decent compact hunting binoculars under 100 since they can make it comfortable to use the devices for long periods and they can also help prevent any stray light from entering the optical system and ruining the image. We recommend looking for models that come with adjustable eyecups that can provide a range of eye relief depth to accommodate many users.

For customers who wear glasses, you should make sure that the pair you have in mind comes with eyecups that can be folded, twisted, or locked down. Similarly, you should purchase models that come with an eye relief of at least 15mm in order to maintain a large field of view when watching with eyeglasses.



Our 2019 list: Find the right compact binoculars under 100 for your needs


Whether you’re looking to find lightweight binoculars for birding, hiking, hunting, or wildlife viewing, our list of diverse products will help you find the right model for your needs. Take a quick look at our reviews below if you have the time.



Simmons 899431 Prosport Series


With a magnification of 10x and an objective lens diameter of 42mm, this option is suited for hunting as well as sports.

The integrated BaK-4 roof prisms and the multi-coated optics will offer enhanced brightness and sharp contrast.

You’ll be able to locate your target easily thanks to the wide field of view of 303 feet at 1000 yards.

The eye relief of 16mm will make viewing more comfortable for eyeglass wearers while the waterproof construction will ensure that you will not have to worry about challenging weather conditions ruining your experience.

Similarly, the rubber armor will make it easier for you to grip the binoculars even in wet conditions.

If you’re looking to get more stable views, the device can be used together with a quality binocular tripod adapter. The unit also boasts a stylish black finish which makes it look much more expensive than it actually is, a design choice that owners appreciate.


Buy from for ($79.79)




Celestron 71330 Nature DX


Thanks to the inclusion of a waterproof and fully rubber armored housing, the Nature DX is explicitly designed for outdoor enthusiasts.

The instrument can handle the rigors that quality hunting binoculars need to face such as harsh weather and humid conditions successfully.

The high-quality phase coated BaK-4 prisms allow for increased contrast and resolution so that you will have little difficulties in spotting moving targets such as the game hiding through bushes and behind tree branches.

The close focus of 6.5 feet will enable you to view nearby subjects with close to no loss in detail and clarity.

The fully multi-coated optics help make out for the smaller lens size of 32mm by increasing the light transmission through the entire optical path so that you can enjoy brighter images.

What’s more, the sturdy twist-up eyecups are easy to adjust, and the 17.5mm of eye relief makes this option friendly for eyeglass wearers.


Buy from for ($87.69)




Celestron 71347 Outland X


From hunters and birders to sports fans and travelers, the Outland X is designed to provide great performance and features packed in a sturdy package that is ready to handle the harsh conditions one can expect to encounter in the big outdoors.

The optics are multi-coated to provide a higher resolution and contrast, while the BaK-4 glass enhances color fidelity.

If you find the 10x magnification too much for long periods of steady viewing, you should be glad to learn that it is possible to attach it to a tripod.

Similarly, the unit comes pre-attached with comfortable straps, making it ready to use the moment you purchase it and ensuring that you won’t have to worry about dropping your new instrument.

What’s more, the Celestron model features a very durable rubber cover and a waterproof and fog proof design that is capable of handling use in all types of weather and environments.


Buy from for ($62.99)




Carson Scout Series


The Carson model stands out in two ways. It is the most affordable option on our list, and also the most compact, weighing in at just 7 ounces.

Whether you’re looking to get a pair for yourself or give it to a loved one as a gift, this unit is perfect for users who wish to keep their tiny new instrument with them every time they travel to new locations.

While it is true that the unit does not provide the clearest view on the market, once you take into account the price tag and the size, the unit manages to offer outstanding specifications and performance.

Customers have reported great results when using this unit for sporting events, as the lightweight design enables you to use it for hours without getting tired.

The 8×22 configuration allows the unit to boast an impressive field of view of 393 feet at 1,000 yards, but you should keep in mind that the eye relief of just 10mm means that eyeglass wearers will have to look for other compact choices if they wish to get a comfortable viewing experience.


Buy from for ($28.97)




Carson RD-826


The RD series features a contemporary open bridge design which helps reduce the overall weight of the optics and provides an extended range of grips for multiple users for more comfortable and ergonomic handling.

This model features a magnification of 8x and a lens size of 25mm, allowing it to provide a field of view of 356 feet at 1,000 yards.

The eye relief of 16mm and the twist-down eyecups will also make it possible for eyeglass wearers to enjoy the performance of this compact option.

The lightweight body and the waterproof and fog proof design makes this model ideal for bird watching, sightseeing, hiking, travel, concerts, sporting events, and many other outdoor activities.

To make it easier for you to look after your new purchase, Carson offers some free accessories such as a zippered pouch to keep the binoculars safe, protected and secured.

You also get a neck strap, four lens covers, and a lens cloth.


Buy from for ($74.99)




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