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Apart from regular toys, children require stimulating things and toys to ensure a proper mind development and develop cognitive thinking from an early age. Children microscopes have increased in popularity in the past few years so that more parents are buying them as birthday or Christmas gifts. However, with so many options available on the market, it is hard to keep track with all the necessary features such a product should contain. If you’re short on time or simply are not good at picking up the best kids microscope set, this short paragraph will guide you through some of the most appealing options on the market and help you pick the right product. According to our research, out of the best children’s microscope set reviews, the National Geographic Microscope is the perfect solution as it consists of more than 50 unique accessories, it is easy, and fun to use. If the National Geographic microscope is not available for purchase, your next option should be the Amscope M30-ABS-KT2-W as it provides similar characteristics with an affordable price.



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Finding a good microscope set for children can prove quite the difficult task, especially since there are multiple options available on the market, for all pockets and expectations. However, we can make this task easier and more pleasant for you if you are willing to follow our comprehensive buying guide showcased below. Here is what you should consider.



Since we are talking about a kid’s microscope, a flattering design is among the number one features you should consider. The design needs to be catchy, colorful, and, obviously, fit to a child’s height and weight.

A good microscope set for children will feature plenty of playful accessories that will develop his/her imagination and stimulate creativity. The more colorful the accessories – the better! We suggest choosing playful and colorful designs which are easy to handle and to assemble by parents.


Materials used

Needless to say, the best microscope for kids differs massively from a regular microscope in terms of materials used. These should mimic the qualities of a grown-up device but lower to fit children standards.

First of all, look for non-harmful materials without sharp edges or small pieces which could be swallowed by mistake. Most devices come with choking hazards recommendations, but it is best for you to quality-check the product before handing it to your child. Needless to say, you shouldn’t offer such toys to your children before the age of 3, although it would be best to wait until reaching the school age to properly understand how to use and benefit from a microscope.

Hard plastic and metal pieces are probably the best materials used for children microscopes. If your set contains glass samples or sensitive accessories, it would be better for you to handle them so that your kid won’t cut or hurt himself. Slides should be made out of fiberglass or plastic at the very least to ensure your kid’s safety while handling the item.



Also, keep in mind the size and weight of the microscope set you are about to purchase. Consider your child’s dimensions and the maximum weight he or she is allowed to carry. Therefore, we do suggest opting for microscope sets only when your kid is old enough to be responsible for the set pieces and is able to carry the product.

Since we are talking about kids sets, you should opt for one that includes a carrying bag or tool to store all the accessories. This way you will teach your child to be responsible, neat, and always store his tools properly.

Samples and slides

Most children’s microscope sets come with pre-built samples to watch and we do encourage you to opt for these rather than collecting the samples yourself. While it may seem cool to analyze your own samples of blood, dirt, dust, bugs, or leaves, you should wear appropriate gears while handling the samples, and so should your child. Make sure to always wear gloves when dealing with samples and teach your child the importance of safety.

Also, teach your child to always wash hands or apply hand sanitizer after using samples and slides. This way you will avoid infections, skin reactions, or even more complicated health conditions.


Magnification rate

Last but not least, you should also look for microscopes with big magnification rates. We are talking about children’s microscopes, but there is no point in investing in a product which is not functional. Moreover, children will be a dozen times more fascinated by toys that replicate grown-up devices rather than useless dummies.

Depending on the amount of money you are willing to pay for a child’s microscope, you can get items with good magnification rates, of around 100x. This will be more than enough for closely seeing samples and determine your children to enter the world of science and interesting facts.



Top children’s microscope sets reviews in 2019


If you’re looking for the best microscopes for children on the market, check out the following choices. They seem to have acquired a good deal of critical acclaim and they’re highly sought after by those who have bought them.



National Geographic Microscope


This National Geographic choice definitely counts as one of the top units available for sale these days, and that’s also because it comes with plenty of accessories. With over 50 different pieces, the microscope will easily become your child’s favorite toy. It perfectly blends technologies required for two instruments, determining you to perfectly view slides and 3D objects at the same time.

The optical glass ranges between 20x and 50x magnification rate, enough to see the closest details of your perfect objects. Moreover, it features two different lights to illuminate the object of your research from above or below, depending on your needs and requirements.

Some of the coolest accessories of this microscope include 10 prepared slides, 10 blank slides to pick up your own samples, tweezers, eye droppers, a mini geode, as well as a 23-slide storage container. You can even make your own experiments at home with the help of the hatchery station or the petri dish.



It provides over 50 enchanting accessories which will certainly keep your kid busy all day long.

The powerful magnification rate allows you to see the closest details of the examined objects up to 50 times bigger.

The product comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee provided by reputed brand National Geographic.

The microscope also does the job of another instrument, allowing you to see 3D objects and enhance your area of interest regarding the surrounding nature.



It is marketed for kids 9 years and above, meaning it cannot be used by toddlers or preschoolers.

Some of the customers complained about the rather poor LED lighting on the product as you must really keep the item into a well-lit environment or with natural lighting to see exactly what you want. Other than that, most customers praised the good quality of this microscope set for children.


Buy from for ($69.99)





Amscope M30-ABS-KT2-W


If you want your own forensic portable laboratory, then you must certainly give this product a try. It features a wide array of interesting and innovating accessories to enhance your kid’s knowledge and stimulate his interest. This is not only a microscope but a powerful portable laboratory which can help you solve crimes and mysteries easily.

Educational applications have never been easier with the help of this powerful magnification tool. The microscope offers six different levels of magnification, from 120x to 1200x, depending on your own needs and requirements.

The ABS case will perfectly store the 52 accessories including your own shrimp hatchery, brine shrimp eggs, petri dish, tweezers, scalpel, spatula, needle, sea salt, blank slides, prepared slides, spare LED bulb, and 2 spare AA batteries to power the microscope. What we really liked about this product is that it feels just like a miniature real microscope, complete with glass lenses and not plastic.



This is definitely a complete forensic guide to help you solve crimes in the comfort of your own home.

Complete with 52 different accessories, this microscope set will definitely become your child’s favorite toy.

It offers both prepared and blank slides, depending on your wishes.

The ABS case will carry and protect your items in style, making you look like a real researcher.



Although it features middle-school mechanisms and technologies, this is more of a toddler microscope set rather than one designed for school kids. If your child is over the age of 8, we suggest opting for bigger sized items to make the most out of a microscope set.

Some other buyers claimed the product arrived faulty from the beginning or that there were some items missing from the set.


Buy from for ($39.99)





Kidcia Scientoy Microscope for Kids


Coming with an extremely affordable price, you should definitely give this children microscope a try. This educational microscope will make the perfect gift for your preteens and school kids, as it is ideal for the little scientists to experience and explore more about the surrounding environment and biology.

The set comes equipped with plenty of accessories so your kid won’t get bored all day long. Among the accessories include one can count 9 prepared microscope slides, collecting bottles, tweezers, scalpel, spatula, needle, and a plastic container. Moreover, this product is extremely lightweight, counting for only 550 grams. This makes it portable and easy to carry around and assembled by children as well.

The microscope has a high magnification rate, ranging from 80x to 450x, which is more than enough for school science products and little researchers. A built-in LED light will provide a brighter, clearer image.



It comes for a very affordable price, making it the perfect Christmas or birthday present for your little explorers.

It is suitable for international shipping, meaning clients all over the world can enjoy this amazing product.

It features a powerful magnification rate, from 80x to 450x so that you will get to see every small detail on the object of your choice.

The overall good quality of the product has been praised by most buyers.



The microscope is merely suitable for pre-teens and teenagers, thus you should want to re-orientate towards other items if your child is still young.

Some of the small pieces and accessories of this item are choking hazard, so you should pay extra attention when assembling and using the product, especially if you have small children or pets around your house.


Buy from for ($28.99)





Amscope-Kids M30-ABS-KT51


If you are looking for an educational and fun gift for your preschooler and early teenager, this microscope set is definitely a good investment. The set counts for many additional accessories which will turn your child’s room into a real experimental and scientific lab. We love that, unlike other children-manufactured microscopes, this one is made out of a strong metal exterior, and not plastic.

The powerful magnification rate ranges from 120X to 1200X, sufficient to provide you with the best insights regarding the object of your research and desire. Thus, this item is perfect for school projects and even preliminary scientific researches.

It comes with a built-in light to ensure perfect and direct illumination even in the most obscure rooms and environments.

Another great feature of this set is that it comes with plenty accessories, both made from plastic and metal, which will last you a long period of time and will help stimulate the imagination and the cognitive thinking of your child.



This cost-efficient product will make a great gift for kids who want to learn the basics of science and biology, but also for those who already deal with complicated school projects.

The large magnification rate of the microscope can reach up to 1200x, more than what other children microscopes display. In other words, you will get to see images more clearly and in depth.



Some of the clients who purchased the set claimed the accessories were easy to use and useful, but the overall quality of the microscope was low. Although it is stated this product features a metallic frame, it is more like a durable plastic.

Also, the focus on this item is terrible, meaning you will have a hard time trying to make the most out of the 1200x magnification rate.


Buy from for ($45.99)





Educational Insights GeoSafari


For small children who just entered school and are passionate about science or biology, buying this microscope will be like a dream come true. If you want to keep your child busy throughout the day while still appealing to educational activities, the microscope comes with no less than 48 accessories which need to be discovered.

We loved this product because it has a wide array of accessories, unlike many other similar microscopes on the market. The outer of this microscope is also colorful and catchy, just like all children require in order to stay focused and interested.

The power settings from 50x to 600x offer superior precision viewing and allows you to watch anything from crystals to cells, and more.

If you are not interested in the already prepared slides, you can prepare your own specimen and study it as you please!



The item comes with no less than 48 accessories, including 10x and 20x glass eyepieces, prepared slides and blank slides, lab supplies, activity guide, and instructions.

The catchy design makes it suitable for smaller children.

The instructions come in a variety of languages, not only in English, meaning the item is suitable for international shipping and handling.



The outer is made from a combination of metal and plastic, which is neither durable nor lightweight, meaning it will be kind of hard for your small kid to carry around this microscope.

Since it comes with numerous accessories, the carrying bag is rather heavy and not suitable for younger children.


Buy from




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