Best rated child goggles – Guide & reviews

Best rated child goggles – Guide & reviews

Last Updated: 17.11.18

Top Child Goggles Reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2018

People seldom have the time available to do proper research, and that can harm their chances of finding the best goggles for children. You can now turn to this short paragraph that contains all the useful information you need to make a good buying decision. Based on the criteria of quality and dependability, after reading the most popular kids goggles reviews, we’ve concluded that the model you need to consider is the Speedo Kids' Skoogles. It features a G.O. FIT system that ensures the model can be comfortable to a wide range of faces. The gasket is positioned in such a way as to not give the wearer a constricting feel since it rests within the eye orbital. What’s more, if you’re in the market for quality anti-fog goggles, this unit can satisfy this particular requirement. If by any unfortunate event you are unable to find this product available for sale, we recommend you consider the UShake Kid Swim.

We know just how difficult it is to find the best kids’ goggles as the sheer amount of options available can leave the customer feeling overwhelmed. Just reading the child goggles reviews is not enough, proper research is mandatory. To make things easier, we have outlined the key points in our buyer’s guide below.

Goggles size

If you think about child goggles for a second, chances are you are going to think of small and delicate models. While that can be true, it isn’t always the case and you as a buyer should be mindful of the size factor when purchasing a unit, especially if it is meant as a gift, and the child can’t test it beforehand.

Just as adults, children don’t fall into a single size group. Some may grow quicker while others might do the opposite. It is crucial to consider this before you make a purchase. If you want to buy a product with your child present, things are a lot easier. You can try more models and see which one he or she feels most comfortable with.

Things get a bit tricky when you have to buy goggles as a gift because you’ll have to go by instinct and that can be a hit or miss kind of deal. This is where going for reputable brands can pay off.

Even in the case of affordable options, it is possible to find child goggles that feature unique technology with the purpose of making the goggles fit a wider range of faces. This is a nifty feature to have if you want to save time and make a worthwhile purchase.

You also need to consider that goggles that are bulkier can feel uncomfortable to the wearer, especially when the wearer is a kid. You don’t want to make them wear models that are too heavy as that can drastically impact their performance.


The size of the lens is equally important as it can dictate how the swimmer will see. A larger lens will allow the swimmer to have a better peripheral vision, see more and allow for a more natural vision.

Small lenses, on the other hand, are built with competition in mind. It allows the swimmer to focus on the race by limiting the field of vision. Some people may not feel comfortable with this option, which is why we recommend you always consult with your kid before making a purchase.

Another thing to consider is whether your child wears glasses or not. If he or she does, you will have to turn your attention to prescription goggles. In this case, things get a little more complicated as you will have to choose an option that matches his or her current prescription closely.

Other features worth considering

Good goggles for kids should require as little assembly as possible. Some goggles come 100% assembled while others require quite a bit of fiddling that isn’t possible without help from a parent or coach. The last thing you want is the goggles being as complicated to assemble as a high-tech digital microscope.

Similar to how the newest kids binoculars are styled in such a way as to make them more appealing to the young explorers, so should the best child goggles. Fun and colorful designs are recommended if you want your child to enjoy swimming and wearing the new purchase.

Our 2018 list: Find the right child goggles for your needs

Prospecting the market is an important step but there are instances where you simply can’t decide on what model to get. To simplify your decision-making process we have identified some of the top-rated models so that you can narrow down and get the product that meets your requirements.

Speedo Kids' Skoogles

The colorful design of the Skoogles is all about bringing fun to first-time swimmers since there’s no better way to make your child enjoy a sport than by allowing him or her to have fun. These are introductory recreational goggles built to offer superior comfort and to keep the wearer safe.

It utilizes the proprietary G.O. FIT system that offers a comfortable middle eye fit for a wide range of faces. Indeed, you will no longer have to worry that the unit you’ve just bought will not be right for your kid. The gasket is also built to rest within the eye orbital and that will eliminate the constricting feel other models can give.

Speedo recognizes the fact that young swimmers are a lot more sensitive to what they wear than adults which is why you will not find latex in its options. The goggles are designed to fit most children between the ages of 3 and 8.

Buy from for ($10)

UShake Kid Swim

This pair of goggles is fit for children 4 to 12 years old. UShake has put a lot of emphasis on the comfort its product can offer which is why this model features a soft and flexible silicone frame that will allow the wearer to swim for hours on end.

The gasket is built from durable silicone as well, but the difference between it and the frame is that it features a hypoallergenic coating. This means that if you worry for the delicate skin of your kid, the gasket of this model will rest snugly and securely in the eye socket without affecting the skin.

Similarly to how the latest birding binoculars feature protective lenses to shield the eye from harmful radiation, so does the UShake Kid Swim. The UV protection and the anti-fog technology will ensure that you will have a top-notch viewing experience. As a plus, you get 3 interchangeable nose pieces for custom fit.

Buy from for ($15.99)

Aquazone Adjustable

The Aquazone alternative features plastic eyecups with a seal built from soft silicone that conforms around each eye in a gentle manner. Each pair comes with large, medium, and small nose bridges as well as an adjustable strap that will make this model able to fit any face.

Switching the nose bridges and adjusting the strap is something that is done easily so that everyone can get the size they need with a simple twist and snap process. This model in particular is designed for kids ages five and up. It comes with watertight and shatter resistant UV400 mirrored lenses.

The quality lenses will enable a clear vision throughout the swimming session. By utilizing silicone seals, water will not be able to infiltrate the lenses. As a bonus, you also get a pair of earplugs to avoid the pain and discomfort of having water in your ears.

Buy from for ($9.99)

COOLOO Kids Swim

With almost a dozen unique and fun colors and designs to choose from, the Kids Swim model is built to offer your young friend the best time when performing any water-based activity. This unit is made from odorless and hypoallergenic silicone for increased protection against allergies.

The lenses are impact-resistant which is an awesome feature to have. Kids tend to care less about their belongings which is why a pair of goggles that can handle falls is something you’ll be glad to have. What’s more, both lenses offer anti-fog and UV protection to provide an optimal clear vision.

The unique quick-fit buttons make the strap easy to adjust even by the youngest swimmers. The fine elastic head strap can fit your child’s head comfortably and the wider design will distribute pressure more evenly for a cozy and secure wearing experience. You also get various size nose bridges free of charge.

Buy from for ($19.99)

UShake Anti-fog Lens

The Ushake model is built to offer outstanding performance and comfort, which is why it uses only the highest-quality materials. The gasket is built from silicone which ensures a good fit, while the hypoallergenic silicone and the latex-free construction will prevent itches and rashes from occurring.

The lenses offer good performance due to the UV protection layer that will keep the harmful sunlight from harming the eyes. The anti-fog technology will prevent the fogging of the lenses so that you can enjoy a crystal clear view. What’s more, the lenses are also shatter resistant meaning that they can handle being dropped.

The side release fit clips allow for an easy head strap adjustment. They are built to be handled even by the youngest wearers and so are the three interchangeable nose pieces. You also get to choose from four fun and exciting designs. This unit is recommended to 3-12 years old kids.

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