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Best cell phone adapter mounts for scopes in 2020 – Comparison & reviews

Last Updated: 05.04.20


Top Cell Phone Adapter Mounts for Scopes This Year – Guide & Comparative Analysis


If you want to be able to snap remarkable shots of distant objects, landscapes or microscopic creatures, then you definitely need to learn more about the best cell phone adapter mount for scopes. The problem is finding one that offers reliable support and which is easy to use, without breaking your wallet. Since you probably don’t have the time to do research on your own, you should be glad to learn that we’ve done all that work so you can enjoy the results. We’ve compared lots of mounts and selected the ones offering the most useful features for the price. After a careful analysis, we’ve concluded that the Eyeskey Universal Portable is the model you should consider. It has a solid construction, it is easy to use, and it can attach to any smartphone and to eyepieces ranging from 0.94 to 1.57 inches. In case it’s unavailable, you could also take a look at the HUTACT Binoculars & Scope.



Comparison table


The Good
The Bad



In case you’re trying to find the best scope cell phone adapter mount for your smartphone but have no idea which one is the most stable or you have doubts about compatibility, then you’re in the right place. Read the following guide and get all the info you need to make an adequate choice and pick the adapter that suits your needs.


If you want to get one of the most durable adapters for sale, then you need to make sure that you go for one that’s made of tough materials. You can choose a unit that’s built with aluminum or another metal, hard thermoplastics, etc. That way, you enjoy a proper support as well as a long service life.

Most of these mounts usually consist of a mobile phone holder and an eyepiece holder. The former can either come with a suction cup or a clamp. The clamp models can be loosened or tightened via a large knob and screw. The great thing is that these are usually fitted with rubber or EVA pads which ensure that you won’t get your beloved iPhone scratched while using it.

The other piece usually has two parts that form a rhombus which gets larger or smaller with each turn of its large screw. Depending on the model, this part may take another shape, and it could be tiny or large so make sure you do some proper research before buying.


Versatility and compatibility

One of the advantages of getting a mobile phone adapter mount is that you can use it in many ways and with lots of devices. You can easily attach your smartphone to your compact monocular for hiking, study algae and cell tissue on a microscope or even connect to a large telescope and take a snapshot of the Moon or other celestial objects.

You get endless possibilities with such an adapter. What’s important is to remember that the part that attaches to the eyepiece has an upper limit so you need to check what that is to ensure it fits your optical instrument. The phone holder has a wider range so you’ll probably be able to use it with just about any modern phone.

Most models can usually fit on eyepieces ranging from 25mm to 45mm or 0.965 and 1.77. This makes them compatible with most scopes, binoculars, and microscopes. However, they will not work with large 2-inch telescope eyepieces, nor with some rifle scopes or some variants with fold-down eyecups. Make sure that you check specifications before you buy.


Portability and other considerations

The great thing about these mounts is that they’re normally very light so you’d best stick to a model that doesn’t go over 4 ounces or so. Getting a heavier mount might beat its purpose, especially when you’re supposed to use it with a mobile phone that’s also light.

Opting for a lightweight unit ensures enhanced portability so that you can put it into your backpack or even pocket and forget about it until you need it. You might also want to consider getting a product that has a ¼-20” socket so that you can use it with a regular tripod as well if you need to.

Another advice would be to make sure that all clamps come with rubber or plastic pads in order to avoid unwanted scratches. These pads are also great for improving grip.



5 Best Cell Phone Adapter Mounts for Scopes (Reviews) in 2020


Are you struggling to find the right adapter for your mobile phone but have no time to browse through dozens of reviews of cell phone adapter mounts for scopes? Then fear not, as we’ve selected some of the most popular consumer choices which we present below so you can compare the features they have to offer.



1. Eyeskey Universal Portable Cellphone Adapter Compatible with Scopes


The Eyeskey Universal Portable is a little device that can help you attach your smartphone to a spotting scope, a quality monocular for bird watching or all sorts of other devices. The base and clamp are made of sturdy metal which should provide adequate stability as well as a long service life.

The part that connects to the eyepiece can be easily adjusted so that it can fit various sizes, from 24mm to 40mm or 0.94″-1.57″, which would normally include countless models. The rubber suction cup is large enough to stick to just about any iPhone out there so you can rely on a strong hold.

This unit only weighs 2.65 ounces which makes it incredibly lightweight. You can easily carry it in your pocket and make sure you can snap an amazing shot of some rare birds or of a distant storm by attaching the phone to your optical device in no time.

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2. Hutact Universal Smart Phone Mount Adapter Silicone Suction Cup


Designed to help nature-lovers and explorers capture and record the wildlife and landscapes observed, this universal smartphone mount adapter should not be ignored before you make your final decision. It was designed with ease of use and durability in mind. 

It thus comes with quality materials that will withstand extended use and that will make sure your device doesn’t get scratched during the process. Thanks to the silicone suction cup, you can mount on and release the smartphone in just a few seconds. The unit is easy to install and also lightweight to ensure comfortable use, storage, and transportation.

What’s more, the item comes with an adjustable rubber strip that fits the eyepiece diameter of most optical products, which makes it compatible with binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes, and monoculars. The product has been appreciated for its user-friendly design and for attaching to various devices easily. 

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3. Svbony Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount for Spotting Scope


The SVBONY COMINU050204 is an adapter mount that can help you connect your mobile phone to spotting scopes, binoculars or even your premium refracting telescope. The system consists of a phone holder and a clamp that can be attached to various eyepieces.

This unit is compatible with eyepieces ranging from 25 to 48mm but it will not fit 2-inch variants. The body is made of aluminum alloy which is strong yet very light so it doesn’t wear you down even when hiking in the mountains. The phone clamp is made of PA plastic and it ensures that you won’t get your smartphone scratched.

The eyepiece clamp also features 4 rubber tips which prevent damage while also improving grip. You can tighten or loosen the grip of both of these by using two large knobs which are easy to operate. With this product, taking quality pictures of distant objects is now a reality.

Buy from for ($9.99)




4. Aomekie Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount Compatible with Spotting Scope


If you’re searching for a cell phone adapter for a spotting scope for wildlife observations or for other optical devices such as microscopes, then the Usupport 4331908722 is a smart buy. This item comes with a rugged build and an ingenious mechanism that makes it reliable as well as simple to use.

This unit comes with a phone holder clamp to grip your smartphone; there’s a large knob and screw to tighten it. This holder features high-density EVA pads which ensure that you won’t scratch it during observations or photo sessions. There’s also a connector which can be attached to eyepieces ranging from 28mm to 47mm. This part has rubber pads as well.

With this adapter, you can explore nature in great detail and capture pictures you wouldn’t have been able to without the magnification of a scope. It is also compatible with most smartphones and iPhones so you can rest assured that it will work well with just about any model.

Buy from for ($8.89)




5. Eyeskey Universal Phone Spotting Scope Adapter Mount


The Eyeskey CM-4 is an effective mobile phone adapter that comes with a minimalist design. It features a tough aluminum base as well as hard plastics which ensure a long service life as well as reliable support. The holder attaches to the phone via a clamp and a tightening screw mechanism that will firmly hold it in place.

Thanks to the high-density EVA pads, you won’t get your smartphone scratched or dented no matter how many times you use this adapter. The larger clamp fits eyepieces that are between 25 and 40 mm in diameter. There’s no reason to fear about damage here either, since the rubber pads will ensure a safe yet tight fit.

This device works well with most models of iPhones and other mobile devices. Make sure you don’t try to use it with larger telescopes that have 2-inch eyepieces since the clamp is too narrow for those.

Buy from for ($12.99)




Unavailable products


Gosky Quick Adapter GOPA001


With the Gosky Quick Adapter GOPA001, you can snap pictures or take videos of your favorite wildlife or sports with your smartphone with ease. This is a universal adapter mount that can help you connect your cell phone to a variety of devices, from high-quality safari binoculars to spotting scopes, microscopes, etc.

This unit is simple to use, as you can attach your phone with the clamp that features soft plastic and rubber so that it won’t scratch it. Thanks to an ingenious design, this model also makes it easy to align the phone camera to the eyepiece so that you can set everything up right away.

The device can attach to eyepieces that have an outer diameter between 0.965 and 1.77 inches, or 25mm to 45mm. This should cover most modern optical devices. The phone holder is also an updated version so it can fit most brands of iPhones on the market.




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