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Are you in the market for the best affordable monocular and you don’t have the time to spend on random internet browsing? Then allow this short paragraph to come to your aid in finding the product suitable to your needs. Our research based on budget monocular reviews shows that the Wingspan Optics Outdoorsman 8X42 is the best budget monocular available for sale. It comes with plenty of proof to support its case: drop proof, slip-proof, debris-proof, waterproof and fog proof, making it a sturdy, dependable product. You shouldn’t be concerned that it wouldn’t enable you to enjoy bird-watching because it is extremely lightweight which increases portability, making you always ready to sight a rare bird. And while we’re on that subject, you will be pleased to know that distance won’t be a problem because this product allows a wide view and zoom in, so even from 1000 yards out you’ll feel close to your passion. If the Wingspan Optics Outdoorsman 8X42 is out of stock, then look for the Steiner Miniscope 8×22 as it is a good inexpensive monocular as well.



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So you are looking for a monocular that is capable of helping you enjoy your hobby. As you probably know by now, the choices are plenty. And with each product comes a plethora of details that may be confusing, at least to the untrained eye. Luckily, our eyes have endured many grueling hours of browsing, and they have allowed us to compile this comprehensive buying guide to help you decide. So pay attention below as we show you what the primary factors to consider when looking for the best monocular on a budget are.


A monocular with faulty lenses is a big no-no. You should look for quality material so even when you’re using the monocular at maximum magnification you should be able to have a clear, bright view. As you probably know the monocular works through the magic of light transmission offered by a prism. A better prism glass guarantees a clearer view.

You may find that some monoculars use Porro prisms while others use the standard roof prism. The difference between them is that the Porro prism optics are affected when drops and bumps happen, causing the image to become blurry, so you can either be very careful when buying a monocular with this type of optics or you may find that the roof prism system is more suitable for you.

Another thing to take into consideration is the focus ring that comes with the product. It should be able to apply to your hobbies so you won’t be bothered from enjoying your free time.

For example, if you are a bird watcher the focus ring should be able to move swiftly so that it will enable quick adjustments while tracking your feathery subjects of interest. On the other hand, if you are the type of person who tends to view objects that are more stationary then the focus ring should not be so easy to move, in fact, the more rigid, the better so that it won’t allow accidental movements.


Choosing right

The best advice you can possibly get right now is to choose the monocular that is the most suitable to your hobby. You need to read carefully the reviews that other users made after using the product and adjust accordingly.

The monocular can be used by a hunter, a hiker, a bird watcher and so on, but the needs vary along with the purpose. Every monocular comes with different characteristics, and you can find every piece of information you want after you choose one that you like so you’ll be able to use it properly.

There are people who, while going on trips, might like to take a closer look at some things and if you are a part of them, you should look for an affordable monocular for casual use. If you are a hunter or a bird watcher you might have to look for pricier products that otherwise offer an increased performance. A hiker might want to choose a sturdier, durable monocular that can withstand harsh conditions.



We all know that true beauty is found inside, but when it comes to the monocular the outside is just as important. The casing can be more durable if it has a rubber coating, or it can be easier to use if it has a comfortable grip.

Its sturdiness is crucial if you really need it to last. Other things that might persuade you in your browsing process are the features of the monocular, for example, if it is waterproof, shockproof and fog proof, for example, might just make it the one. One last thing, be careful with items made of plastic since they might not be as sturdy as you’d like them to be.



Top budget monoculars reviews in 2019


To make a choice easier for you, we have showcased below some of the best budget monoculars. After we carefully read the available information we managed to come up with this selection of recommended products. So give them a look to help you decide.



Wingspan Optics Outdoorsman 8X42


This monocular is suitable for both the beginner hobbyist and the avid bird watcher, and a big plus is that it comes at an affordable price. Its wide view will allow you to admire or study every bird in detail as if it were sitting at a hand’s reach even when you find yourself at 1000 yards of distance.

Don’t worry about having sore eyes after using this model because its adjustable eyecup provides a comfortable feel while also allowing you to keep your glasses on while looking for birds, ensuring an optimal view regardless of your vision impairment.

Coming with revolutionary optics technology that ensures a bright and clear view, the 8X42 features an easy access strap slot for a convenient grab in quick time.

It won’t slow you down as it is incredibly lightweight, making it extremely portable, keeping you always prepared for a rare bird sighting. The finishing touch that makes this monocular a great choice is its durability, being able to resist against dropping and slipping while also being water, fog and debris proof.



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Steiner Miniscope 8X22


Are you an adventurer? A person of action? A real-life adventure hero? Then all you’re missing is this tiny piece of optic machinery. Its small size is guaranteed to enable you to carry it anywhere you might need it, being small enough to fit almost anywhere.

Or maybe you’ve got the last tickets to a concert or a play, and unfortunately, they are too far in the back? Fear not, because it will allow you to obtain an 8-power close-up view so you will get the picture too, not just the sound.

You won’t lose your focus easily because this product boasts a Sports-Auto-Focus system and it allows you to maintain your eyes on the prize with minimal refocusing, as long as that prize is at a distance of at least 20 meters.

Last but not least, its design makes it a handsome addition, being a somewhat futuristic minimalistic eye catcher.



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Carson BlackWave WM-025


Coming with a very sturdy and rugged design, the WM-025 from Carson is a monocular suited for the type of traveler that wants to take a closer look at the wonders provided by nature.

You don’t have to take extra care of it because it is capable of pulling through the harshest climates, making it ideal to take out on your outdoor adventures. Also, it won’t slow you down at all because, at only 4.4 oz, it is extremely lightweight and portable.

The WM-025 is capable of meeting your viewing needs in a multi-functional way thanks to a close focus feature of just 4 feet, at it captures 273 feet of a wide field from 1000 yards of distance.

It also comes with accessories, including a pouch, neck strap, and a lens cloth to clean eventual smudges. The construction has been performed with quality materials, including a BK-7 prism type and its glass lenses are nitrogen filled to prevent fogging.



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Vortex Optics S836


When you go to a concert or out in the woods you might want to keep a quality optical instrument close at hand, and you can do just that with the S836 from Vortex Optics.

This solo monocular is compact and lightweight, making it carriable for those that seek to bring nature closer when they find themselves outdoors. You can keep it for quick external access by attaching it to flat edged surfaces through the integral utility clip.

This fine, easy to handle unit is capable of delivering crisp, clear images thanks to it fully multi-coated glass surfaces. Of course, it is also dependable because it is waterproof, fog proof and shockproof.

So, either if you plan to purchase it in order to help you with your hunting or you just want to store it in your backpack just in case you want to see something closer on your treks, this monocular will be a nice addition to your gear list.



Buy from for ($99)





Celestron 71210-CGL


If you plan on going on trips in damp environments, you might be pleased to find out that this monocular is protected, being waterproof and fog-proof, so rest assured, you will be able to use it anywhere.

It provides maximum resolution and high contrast views through multi-coated lenses. Also, don’t be concerned about having to treat it carefully because, thanks to its rubber covered exterior, this monocular will be able to withstand a few drops and bumps.

Thanks to its weight of only 6 ounces and its length of 6 inches, you won’t be burdened with extra bulk or weight by adding it to your hunting kit.

The 71210-CGL is very rugged and durable, its designers keeping an eye towards protecting the lenses, so even if you drop it front-first onto rocks or gravel, it’s unlikely to find the lenses scratched. Its reviewers find it great to use for viewing landscapes or other stationary subjects.



Buy from for ($35)





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