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If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best brass telescope, this should paragraph should help you get exactly the model you need. According to our research the Celestron 21034 Ambassador is the best because the optical tube is constructed from durable and attractive brass. Its sleek finish gives it an elegant appearance that looks great sitting out in any den or study, and it also comes with a sleek mahogany tripod with matching brass accents. To ensure you are comfortable when you are scanning the horizon or the ground the tripod can be easily adjust to the perfect height. The 25mm eyepiece is the perfect size to view your surroundings without causing any distortion, and since it comes with a coated lens images will appear crisp and clear. You will also appreciate how easy it is to assemble since all of the necessary tools are included with your purchase. If the Celestron 21304 Ambassador is not available, you second option should be the Celestron 22302 Ambassador.



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There is something special about a brass telescope. It has a sleek and elegant appearance that looks great displayed in almost any room, while also being fully functional. You can find brass telescopes in all sizes and at varying price points. If you are interested in purchasing one of these models but aren’t sure what to look for, the following tips will help you find the best brass telescope to fit your needs and budget.



According to the best brass telescope reviews one of the first aspects to consider is your budget. You can find these models at varying prices that will fit almost any budget. The size of the telescope will affect its price, along with any extra features that might be included. When it comes to the size of the telescope it is best to pick one that is comfortable for you to use, and fits in with your needs. Smaller handheld brass telescopes are often less expensive, but if you are looking for one to display and watch the heavens you will be better off paying a little more for a larger model.

The price of the telescope will also affect the materials used in construction, and this is especially important if you want it to perform as well as it might look. The type of material used for the lens and its strength will affect the price, along if it comes with any type of coating. If you want to see farther and clearer with the telescope, you will probably want to pay a little extra for one that is constructed from high quality materials.



Even those already familiar with telescopes can get confused when they are trying to decide on power. This refers to distance and clarity, and it can make the difference between only being able to see the moon or the rings around Saturn. One of the first aspects to consider is the size of the aperture. The larger it is the higher the magnification. While you can easily adjust the magnification simply by changing out the eyepiece, if the aperture is not large enough objects will appear blurry. In most cases brass telescopes come with 20x to 50x magnification which gives you plenty of power to see the distant horizon and even Jupiter’s moons.

Along with aperture size you also want to pay attention to the focal length. This will not only determine how easy it is to use, but also how clear objects appear under high magnification. In general an aperture with a longer focal length is simple to adjust, able to provide a wide view, and a great choice if your wear glasses. Another advantage of having a long focal length is that the construction is generally more durable since they are easier to make due to fewer small pieces.



Even handheld brass telescopes can be used and displayed if they are on the right mount, and this will also affect how well they function. There are two types of mounts, equatorial and altazimuth, and each comes with its own advantages. When you are trying to choose a mount, it is also important to consider your own preferences to ensure the telescope is easy and convenient to use. Equatorial mounts can move north-south and east-west so you can easily track moving objects, and some higher priced ones even come with small motors.

Altazimuth mounts are lightweight and generally easy to set up, but they can only move up and down for altitude and left to right. This also means that they are not designed to be motorized. Mounts can also be constructed from a variety of materials to suit almost any taste. You can even find some with brass accents that will match your telescope perfectly. It is also important to make sure that the mount is sturdy enough to support the weight of your brass telescope, and that it is stable.



Top brass telescope reviews in 2019


Brass telescopes not only look great, they are also functional and some are powerful enough to let you see features on the surface of Mars. While we can’t choose the right model for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best brass telescopes showcased below.


Celestron 21034 Ambassador


1celestron-21034This vintage style brass telescope is designed to be displayed. The shiny brass finish looks great sitting out in your office, den or living room. Adding to its appeal is the elegant mahogany wood tripod that even comes with matching brass accents.

The tripod provides a stable and secure base so you can concentrate on focusing on an object, and it also makes it easy and convenient to display when it is not being used. The tripod can even be adjusted so you can find a comfortable viewing height. The altazimuth mount is also constructed from brass so it blends in beautifully with the rest of the telescope. Novice telescope users will appreciate how simple the mount is to set up, and how easy it is to scan your surroundings. Even though this telescope is designed more for terrestrial viewing, it also makes a great starter model for casual astronomers.

This 80mm refractor telescope allows you to see objects clearly thanks to the fully coated lens. Distant objects are crisp and clear, even in the night sky.

The 25mm eyepiece ensures that plenty of light is allowed through, which is always an advantage when you are using the telescope for night viewing. Its longer length is also ideal if you wear glasses. To ensure the lens doesn’t get scratched it comes with a protective lens cover. There is also a soft cleaning cloth included to keep the lens free from dust and fingerprints.


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Celestron 22302 Ambassador


2-celestron-22302Have you ever just wanted to have a better view of your surroundings outside your window or clearly see planetary bodies and constellations? If so, this brass and wood telescope by Celestron might be the perfect choice for you.

While it is not intended for use by professional astronomers, this 50mm refractor telescope is powerful enough for you to clearly see distant objects on the ground or in the sky.

The coated lens ensures that objects appear crisp and clear, especially when it is combined with the 15-45x zoom eyepiece. The long eyepiece not only ensures objects aren’t blurry, it is also designed to be simple to use. All you need to do is twist the eyepiece to instantly go from high to low power.

You will love how this telescope looks sitting on your desk or table, and it comes with an attractive matching stand.

The brass and wood construction not only looks attractive it is also designed to last. The stand comes with an altazimuth mount that is easy to setup and since it is also constructed from brass it blends in beautifully with the rest of the telescope. It will scan left to right and up and down so you can easily track distant objects whether they are on land or in the sky.


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BARSKA Anchormaster


3barska-anchormasterWhether you are looking for your first telescope or simply want one that performs as well as it looks the Anchormaster might be the perfect choice for you.

Close attention was paid to every aspect of this telescope from its high quality optics to its elegant and sturdy tripod. Constructed from wood and brass it has a stylish appearance that looks great displayed in almost any room in your home.

The mahogany tripod provides a sturdy base for the telescope, and the legs can be easily extended so you can find a comfortable viewing height. It also comes with a brass stabilizing chain for added stability.

Not only does this brass telescope look stunning, it is also fully functional. The high quality lens is fully coated so images appear bright and clear, and you will love being able to see every detail thanks to the 25mm eyepiece.

Its longer length makes it easy to use, and more comfortable if you happen to wear glasses. What really sets this brass telescope apart is the altazimuth or cradle mount that allows it to smoothly move in all directions so you can easily track distant objects in the sky or on the ground.


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Nautical Brass


4-nautical-brass-telescope-with-standIf you are looking for an affordable telescope that performs as well as it looks this vintage style brass model might be the perfect choice for you. It is designed to sit on a desk, table or the floor so you can enjoy a stunning view of the city skyline or the stars at night or during the day.

It measures only 18 inches so the telescope is easy to control, especially since it comes with an altazimuth mount. The brass mount ensures that the telescope will smoothly track objects and scan the area, and you will also appreciate how easy it is to set up.

To ensure stability this telescope comes with an attractive wood tripod. The brass accents not only ensure that it matches the telescope beautifully, but they also work to provide additional stability.

You will appreciate how bright and clear objects appear thanks to the coated lens, and the eyepiece is easy to adjust so details are never blurry.

Simply turn the ring on the tube and watch distant objects come sharply into focus. To protect the lens from dust and scratches the telescope also comes with a brass cap.


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Brass Nautical Marin Royal Navy


5-brass-nautical-telescope-brass-spy-glass-hand-heldThere is very little not to like about this handheld brass telescope, including its affordable price. It vintage nautical design will make any “landlubber” feel like a real captain scanning the seas for pirates and treasure. Its authentic design also makes this brass telescope perfect for display or to give as a gift.

It is constructed from sturdy wood and brass that is designed to last for years. It also comes in a matching wood box with glass top so you can keep it safe and protected, while still showing it off.

What you will really appreciate about this telescope is the fact that it functions just as great as it looks. Since it weighs less than 2 pounds you don’t have to worry about arm fatigue when you are scanning the horizon for hours.

The telescope also only measures around 14 inches long so it is easy to carry and control when you are zooming in on an object. While this telescope doesn’t come with a mount or stand its small size ensures that you don’t need one, and this has the added advantage of keeping its price extremely affordable.

Perfect for kids and adults, this brass telescope might be the best choice for you.


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