Best rated bottle sterilizer and warmer – Guide & reviews

Best rated bottle sterilizer and warmer – Guide & reviews

Last Updated: 22.08.18

Top Bottle Sterilizers and Warmers Reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2018

Finding the best bottle sterilizer and warmer might not be easy, given that these products have become very popular and most brands have diversified their catalogs, including many extra functions to these devices. In order to help you make up your mind, our team has analyzed an expansive list of products and, while taking customer reviews and feedback into account together with product specifications. After careful analysis, we have concluded that the Babysland 3-in-1 Portable is the one you should consider getting. It features a lightweight and extremely portable design, enabling you to take it in the luggage wherever you go. Efficiently sterilizing the bottles, it also evenly heats milk and food, preparing something for your baby in just a few minutes. Only the highest quality materials were used while manufacturing this item, so it is safe to use and healthy. However, it might be quickly sold out, so you should consider the Babebay 4-in-1 Upgraded Warmer as well.

It might be difficult to find the best bottle warmer and sterilizer for your needs, given the many models which are available for sale on the market. In order to help you make up your mind, we discussed some important factors that should be taken into consideration while searching for a product in the buying guide featured below.

Working principle

There are many models of bottle sterilizers and warmers available, but commonly these have similar working principles. Two major types are available on the market, and, depending on your needs, you might eventually find yourself having to choose between these two.

Both are efficient and clinically-proven to eliminate bacteria and germs, and they also provide good heating capabilities and relatively similar levels of energy consumption. The first type is the one which uses steam to sterilize the bottles and also to heat the food or the milk placed in them.

The steam is generated by heating water (usually purified, to eliminate all toxins that might be contained) until it evaporates. Coming at a very high temperature, the steam can easily destroy much of the harmful germs and bacteria that might happen to remain on the bottles after washing. It can also evenly heat the milk or formula in the bottle, without damaging it or causing overheating.

Another functioning principle relies on warm water to heat and sterilize the bottles. Providing the same efficiency in terms of germ removal and sanitization, it is more common but usually, items featuring it are at the same price as those working with steam.

The bottles are placed in the water and are evenly heated as a result, and, since steam also appears, they are sterilized too. Both variants are good, and even though there are also other ways you can heat and sanitize a baby bottle, these two are the most popular and affordable of all.

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Quality and capacity

A reliable bottle sterilizer and warmer should be a very high-quality item, made from the best materials available which cannot release toxins in the water or steam when heated at the high temperatures found in a sterilizer, while also maintaining the shape of the product in time.

Having a good, solid machine will spare you from spending money on repairing or replacing it in the near future; it is better to opt for a resistant and versatile item than to spend on many cheap and poorly designed devices. BPA and PVC-free plastics are recommended, as well as using purified water for some of them.

Most good sterilizers and warmers have a capacity of 1 or 2 bottles. Larger models are also available, but those tend to be a little bit pricier. Before buying one, consider whether you really need to warm two bottles at once or you can go with only one at a time.

The latter are usually more compact, easier to store and carry around, but preparing food for two children might be more time consuming and stressful.

Extra features and budget

A good sterilizer and warmer will also include a lot of extra functions and features, to make it easier for you to operate it. Most models available are 3 or 4 in 1 models, including supplementary capabilities such as heating for soft foods, sterilizing accessories or warming up milk.

This means that, instead of requiring 2 or 3 devices to perform these tasks, you will now save up money, storage space, and effort by using only one machine for everything.

Safety features should also be installed – to prevent damage to the skin caused by the hot steam, some security valves to eliminate it should also be available, or a locking mechanism that will not allow you to open the lid before it is done. Timers or LCD screens are welcome too as extra functions because they make overall operation easier and more enjoyable.

Some of these extra features are found in pretty much all products; however, the more sophisticated and versatile they are, the pricier they get. Special temperature levels, automatic start or shut down and others will add up to the final price, and the budget might have to be increased.

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Our 2018 list: Find the right bottle sterilizers and warmers for your needs

We understand that your child’s health is extremely important to you, and that is why having a baby bottle sterilizer and warmer is a great idea to keep them healthier. In order to help you decide what to buy, we have compiled a list featuring the best products available, and our team wrote reviews of bottle warmers and sterilizers for these products, taking into consideration product specifications and customer feedback.

Babysland 3-in-1 Portable

While we were gathering data for our article, this product came up most often, as it is extremely popular with customers and appreciated for its features. It is easy to use and multifunctional, efficient and available at a very attractive price, making it have great value for the money.

The 3 in 1 multifunctional design allows you to warm milk and heat complementary food, apart from sterilizing and drying the baby bottles. It uses high-temperature steam to eradicate almost all germs and bacteria that might remain after the bottles have been washed.

The bottles and food are sterilized at temperatures of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the product safe and efficient.

Easy to use, the machine is operated with the large central knob, with which you can select the specified mode. The accurate temperature control function has 5 scales, for different food warming levels. It is suitable for two bottles, and the safe ceramic and plastics were used to make sure it is reliable and long-lasting.

Buy from for ($38.9)

Babebay 4-in-1 Upgraded Warmer

Another very popular and appreciated product, this sterilizer is known for versatility and the many features it includes, as well as for being easy to use and carry around. Available at a great price, it is one of the best-sellers in its category, making it a great choice for a family with babies.

With a capacity of two baby bottles, this device is useful for sterilizing them, for food heating, including milk and formula, and it can accommodate any design, regardless of width or height. It is easy to use, being operated with only one knob which allows you to precisely select the temperature, in the range of 37 to 90 degrees Celsius.

The fast warming function allows the product to heat milk in 4 minutes, and it features an LCD screen which presents real-time temperatures, allowing the user to precisely calculate the time required for feeding. The BPA-free material and automatic shutdown functions make it safe to use, while the high-temperature resistant materials will guarantee a prolonged lifetime.

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Babebay Sterilizer and Heater

One good option for families with babies is this product; capable of performing three different functions, it is reliable and energy efficient. It features increased safety of operation and allows the user to carefully select the temperatures desired, according to his or her needs.

Working as a milk warmer, baby food heater and steam sterilizer, this machine comes in as being particularly versatile and efficient. It features a double-bottle design, its large capacity allowing the user to heat two bottles together, and it fits most bottle shapes on the market.

It also sterilizes them, eliminating the germs that might have been left over after washing and drying. The water bath heating system heats up the food evenly and consistently and can ensure a constant temperature of milk for a day. It is made out of high-quality materials, which will make it last longer and it is accompanied by extra accessories for cleaning baby products easier.

Buy from for ($79.95)

Beaba Quick Heater

With a long-lasting tradition in creating excellent products for babies and children, Beaba offers a very fast and efficient bottle sterilizer and warmer. It uses steam to sterilize a bottle or individual parts, eliminating germs which might have been left over after washing and drying. Available at a good price, it is popular for its quality.

Designed to fit only one bottle, regardless of its size, the machine works as a milk warmer, food heater, and sterilizer, all in one design. What makes it special is the fast heating function – it can prepare a bottle in about two minutes, reducing stress and making it particularly efficient.

Trustworthy, the product only uses quality materials without BPA or lead, making it safe to use on a daily basis. It features a compact design that saves space and allows you to easily carry it around wherever you need it. With many years of experience, the company manufacturing this sterilizer has a reputation for quality and respecting the highest standards.

Buy from for ($59.95)

Lifeon Bimirth Portable

Multi-functionality is a desired feature when talking about sterilizers and warmers. A product capable of performing more functions at once is this portable, easy-to-carry bottle sterilizer designed for families with babies who travel a lot. Available at a great price, the machine is appreciated for its versatility and design.

To make things easier, this device has a timer led indicator, letting one know exactly when the heating process is over and the food can be removed.  It can be used to make fruit juice, to cook an egg or to sterilize the bottles. Versatility is the key characteristic of this product, which works for most feeding bottles regardless of their brand, as long as the diameter is less than 8.5 centimeters.

Featuring the auto-off function, it is safe to operate; heating 100 ml of milk in about 8 minutes, it is also decently fast. It can also maintain milk at a constant temperature over time, and operation is very easy, being done with only a few buttons.

Buy from for ($19.88)
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