Best rated bottle sterilizer and dryer – Guide & reviews

Best rated bottle sterilizer and dryer – Guide & reviews

Last Updated: 22.06.18

Top Bottle Sterilizers and Dryers Reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2018

If you are searching for the best bottle sterilizer and dryer, you might have found out that it is quite difficult to make a choice. In order to give you a helping hand, our team has analyzed some of the most popular choices available, taking customer opinions, professional reviews, and technical details into account. After careful comparisons, we have concluded that the Balla Bébé Modular is the product you should consider. It uses high-temperature steam to disinfect the bottles, having a proven efficiency in exterminating germs and bacteria, and it also incorporates a dryer that quickly removes moisture from the bottles. Furthermore, it has a modal design and can also act as a storage compartment, capable of maintaining the bottles sterile for 24 hours, if the lid is closed. It is available at a great price, so it might be quickly sold out. In this case, you should consider the Papablic Electric Steam as an alternative option.

Finding a good bottle sterilizer and dryer can be quite difficult since there are many apparently similar options available for sale, and sometimes the price differences seem unjustified. To help you learn what some of the important features to look after in a sterilizer are, we have written a buying guide explaining how certain factors influence the outcome.

Types of sterilizers

There are two major categories of sterilizers which are also equipped with dryers. These devices not only eliminate all germs and bacteria which might remain in or on bottles once they have been washed in a dishwasher, but they also dry and heat them, to eliminate the need of wiping them or of leaving them out to dry in open air, where they would be exposed to bacteria.

The most popular variant is the electric-powered, steam-operated type of product. This is how a good baby bottle steam sterilizer usually works: water is heated by the resistor, driven by electric current. As it evaporates, the steam comes out at a high temperature, disinfecting the baby bottles fast and efficiently.

Afterwards, they are dried with hot air, a simple principle that ensures they are kept clean and uncontaminated, as long as the lid is kept on. Another increasingly appreciated way of sanitizing baby accessories and bottles is with UV radiation. These cleaners, albeit more expensive, can be used for jewelry, electronics, and other fine objects too so they are far more versatile.

By using two UV bulbs, they eliminate most of the bacteria and germs, without requiring any chemicals, water or heat to operate. Therefore, they are more efficient and also safer to use since the hot steam is no longer a risk factor. Drying is carried out with low-temperature heat and efficient ventilation, making sure that the objects inside are safe and not damaged by the drying process.


The best steam sterilizer for baby bottles should feature a compact, easy to store design. Modern machines usually require a very limited amount of time to clean and sanitize the bottles, so most of the time they will not be used. Storing them becomes a problem because even those with reduced capacity are not that small.

Having a sleek design will surely be an advantage, as it can be easily deposited on a small shelf or in a special place, once the cleaning process has been finished. Modular designs are also welcome; these have a basket or chamber that can be removed and stored separately when the machine is not being used.

Portability is also a factor that one might want to take into consideration, especially if the family likes traveling a lot. Instead of carrying a sealed bag with a lot of sterilized baby bottles, you can simply take a few items and the sterilizing machine to prepare them at the hotel or where you will be staying.

Electric machines are easy to operate and all they need is a power source and water, so they can be used anywhere given that a power source is available. Bulkier designs are less portable and neither are they lightweight, so in the long run, it might prove easier to carry all the bottles, rather than taking the big device with you. Go for compact, lightweight designs as it might prove better; these do not necessarily have a smaller capacity.

Safety features and extras

The best baby bottle sterilizer and dryer does not have to cost a fortune to offer you excellent results. Sometimes, the higher price only means that many extra features are included; some of these are useful and some not, all depending on your way of life and on how much you expect from your machine.

These extra aspects usually improve the buyer’s comfort, making for an easy operation and increased safety. Some devices have specially designed mechanisms that automatically lock the lid in place, once it has been turned on. This prevents the risk of being burnt by the hot steam released after an accidental removal of the lid.

Keep in mind that the steam is very hot and might cause burns. Such safety features are always welcome and should be taken into consideration. The only kind of maintenance required to efficiently operate a sterilizer is descaling it. No matter how clean the bottles inserted are, this operation will have to be performed every once in a while, depending on the instructions provided with the machine.

Some producers included an automatic descaling function, which can be activated with the touch of a button. Thus, maintenance is completely eliminated, increasing your comfort. Of course, this adds to the price, as does the memory button which remembers your favorite settings and operates the machine according to your preferences

In this case, all you have to do is to press the button and wait for it to be done. It is as easy as it gets, but the more extra features you want, the more you will have to pay. If you found this buying guide interesting, maybe you’d like to read about other related subjects, such as a highly effective microcentrifuge or a reliable autoclave sterilizer.

If you’re a young adult eager to learn about parenthood, then perhaps you’d be interested in topics such as accurate pediatric thermometers, safe otoscopes for parents or small and easy-to-use pipettes.

Our 2018 list: Find the right bottle sterilizer and dryer for your needs

To make up your mind, you might also want to check up some baby bottle sterilizer and dryer reviews. We have checked out some of the top products, and, taking consumer opinions and technical specifications into account, we reviewed them while remaining objective, to offer you a clear image on what they offer.

Balla Bébé Modular

While we were doing our research, this is the product that came up most of the time as having a great value for the money. It uses a convenient steam method, and it features an adjustable and modular design that makes it very versatile and efficient, all of this while keeping the price pretty attractive.

Steam sterilization uses high-temperature steam to disinfect the bottles, with the producer claiming to have a 99.9% rate of killing germs, microbes, and bacteria. This machine uses purified water to generate the steam, so it is sure to offer reliable results, without any chemicals that contaminated tap water might have.

The modular design means that the device works as a sterilizer, dryer and storage unit, all within the same item. With the selection knob, one can choose to sterilize only, sterilize and dry, or dry only depending on the demands. The bottles can be stored for up to 24 hours; attention must be paid when operating the product because hot steam comes out when the lid is removed.

Buy from for ($66.99)

Papablic Electric Steam

Another great option for sterilizing baby bottles is this device, which has a modular design and performs three different functions. Efficient and easy to use, it is popular also due to the great price and its known power when it comes to disinfecting bottles, protecting babies from germs and bacteria.

The device offers powerful steam-powered sanitization; the deep-penetrating vapors are heated at a much higher temperature than the water used by dishwashers and have a high efficiency in removing germs, bacteria, and microbes that might harm the child’s health. It can clean up to 10 bottles and accessories at a time, having a high capacity.

With this device, you purchase a 3 in 1 modular design, allowing sterilization, drying, and storing. It also has a negative ion deodorization feature, ensuring that everything placed in it has a fresh and clean smell. It is controlled and operated with an easy-to-use the knob, but cautions must be taken because the steam is extremely hot and might harm the skin, or deform the objects it encounters.

Buy from for ($79.98)

Wabi Baby UV Machine

A rather high-end device, this machine uses ultraviolet rays to sterilize, dry, and clean all sorts of objects such as baby bottles, sunglasses, jewelry, and even electronics. It is extremely versatile and, since it does not use heat sources, sensitive and extremely fragile items can also be sterilized in it. Therefore, in spite of being expensive, it has great value for the money.

Extremely easy to operate thanks to the touch panel it is fitted with, the UV sterilizer can be used to dry, sterilize, and even store your belongings. With dual Osram UV bulbs, it has been tested and proven to safely eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria, and all without using any heat that might damage sensitive gadgets.

It also features a dual ventilation system which, combined with the PTC Low Heat drying system, safely and quickly dries the object placed in it. The longest operation will only take about 70 minutes, so overall operation is fast and efficient. It can also be used as a storage unit, having a wide opening for easy access.

Buy from for ($279.78)

Wabi Baby Electric Plus

This electric steam sterilizer is a great option, featuring a high-quality design and build intended to make it easy to operate, efficient and safe. It has good value for the money, and people appreciate it for the many extra features it also includes.

The chamber-styled interior of the machine is easy to load and unload. Holding up to 8 bottles regardless of their brand or baby dinnerware, it also duplicates as a storage unit for the freshly sterilized bottles. Guided straight into the bottles, the high-temperature steam is efficient in sterilizing and also drying the bottles; the air rotator increases speed and ensures that the steam penetrates all corners.

Microbiologically tested, the machine meets the standards imposed by authorities. It can be used as a dryer only too, having a relatively modular design. Furthermore, extra features are included: it has a memory setting to make it extremely easy to use, and the one button descaling function solves the major maintenance problem with all sterilizers.

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Wabi Baby 3-in-1 Plus

Even though this baby bottle sterilizer might seem a bit pricey, it has a lot of features which turn it into a versatile tool, and its efficiency has been proven over time by many tests and day to day use. Therefore, it has great value and is surely worth taking into consideration.

Using overheated steam to disinfect and sterilize the items placed inside, it has been tested to make sure it meets the imposed standards and that it is safe to use and efficient. The chamber-styled interior ensures ease of use, and with a memory setting, it can be operated by simply pressing a button. It is great not only for baby bottles but also for baby cutlery and other accessories that have to be cleaned.

The steam has a specially designed circuit that ensures all corners and places are reached, guaranteeing increased efficiency and excellent sanitization. Furthermore, the de-scaling function it is equipped with allows you to remove the major maintenance problem encountered by other sterilizer users.

Buy from for ($157.52)
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