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Best borescopes for iPhone – 2020 Reviews & Comparison

Last Updated: 01.04.20


Top borescopes for iPhone reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2020


If you’re very busy but still want to find out what is the best borescope for iPhone, we could tell you everything you need in just a few words. We did some research and according to our findings, the Depstech Wireless is the best because it has excellent compatibility with mobile devices as iPhone IOS systems and Android as well. It allows up to 3 or 4 devices to be simultaneously connected for a live video inspection. It also has Blue LED technology that enhances the image quality not only by revealing objects in the dark but also by reducing overexposure. The long cable makes a great instrument for reaching inaccessible narrow spots and renders the endoscope ideal for multiple uses. If you just can’t get the Depstech Wireless Endoscope, then you should think about the Harch Automotive Digital as a second option.



Comparison table


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Before starting your selection process, take note of some of the main elements and features you should consider when you take your decision. If you have the time, be sure to read the following buyer’s guide as it can tell you most of the factors you should focus on in your decision-making process. If you’d like to read more about optical instruments, maybe you’d like to find out how to avoid making mistakes whilst using your telescope. 


The first thing that will come up in your search for a borescope inspection camera for iPhone will be its compatibility.

Producers have recently developed a larger number of devices that will function normally when coupled with an IOS system. However, you should read carefully the list of compatibilities displayed for the borescope and make sure your system version is on the list.

If everything seems alright don’t forget that some of the new IOS updates have caused compatibility problems. If you come upon such a situation after your purchase, investigate the issue at both ends.

If you decide to buy your borescope camera for iPhone from a smaller brand, consider that they make fewer updates, especially for models that become less competitive.

On the other hand, big companies tend to keep track of their devices and improve compatibility.



Search in the description of the selected products to see what is the range of the Wifi signal. A long range is certainly better, giving your more freedom to move around. Also, various obstacles could make the signal to crash, so you must be sure you have a margin of error.

You can’t usually check the strength of the signal til you’re on the job, but it’s advisable to search some information in customer reviews. A weak signal could cause your live image stream to be interrupted and that deprive you of the basic visual clues you were looking for.



The borescopes that are now for sale have much better visual capabilities than we could have imagined years ago, but as scientific advancement has increased, so have our demands.

A high image resolution can spare you hours of work. A good, clear view can have an impact on your diagnosis and solve important issues in an instant.

Focal distance is important and you should be able to estimate how that will impact your work. If the places you need to inspect need a wider view and allow for more space, a bigger focal distance would be adequate.

For very narrow areas or small cracks and unevenness, you could benefit from a small focal distance.



The best borescope for cell phone reviews outline the importance of using a reliable product. Part of that quality is covered by the possibility to work for long hours without interruption. If the device you purchase has an external source of power, your work progress depends on it.

Choose a battery powered borescope that provides it with more hours of continuous work and fewer hours of charging.

Some of the devices have built-in batteries, while others were designed to rely on power banks.


Choosing a flexible, rigid or semi-rigid type of cable is usually a choice you make according to the type of obstacles you meet with or the kind of work you are required to do.

As not all of the classical borescopes have iPhone compatible versions, see if you are able to find the type of cable and preferred length in an ‘iPhone edition’.

In any case, you should balance the length and flexibility of the probe in such a manner that you can point and turn the camera without difficulty.

Other features that come into play when you choose your borescope are related to well-adjusted lighting as well as waterproof standards. In any case, a flexible camera for iPhone proves its worth under many circumstances. 



6 Best iPhone Borescopes (Reviews) in 2020


If these few lines above have had an impact on your criteria, you can just as well try to make your pick from best borescopes for iPhone that we showcased below. (berofe continuining, do you even know how to use a borescope?)



1.  Depstech Premium Wi-Fi Inspection Camera Waterproof Borescope


The Depstech Wireless Endoscope now offers the possibility to advance your work by using mobile devices. Making the new tool compatible with Android and IOS makes them easy to use and saves you money.

For a convenient use, the Wifi range of the endoscope has up to 10 meters. You can also make the live inspection video available for other 3 or 4 mobile device users, who can also connect and participate.

Besides the good use of connectivity, the product also holds other features that make it appealing. Such as a 7m long cable fitted with a waterproof 2 MP camera.

The close range video recording is available in AVI format, while JPG snapshot images can be saved in three different and adjustable resolutions.

The small diameter (8.5 mm) is an advantage, since many of the hard to reach places inspections deal with are narrow shafts, pipes or gaps.

The semi-rigid material of the cable also comes in handy since guiding the long cable up or down and holding shape for a good image capture is essential.



You can basically pair this gadget with any smart mobile device. It is compatible with Android smartphones (above 2.3) and iPhone IOS systems (above IOS 6.0).

Besides being able to connect with your preferred device, it can support up to 3 or 4 devices for a simultaneous view of a live inspection. That makes it ideal for training/educational purposes as well.

Thanks to the Blue LED technology, the 6 light LEDs can reduce image over-exposure and exhibit great color temperature when it’s used in a dark environment.

The long cable and IP67 waterproof feature make it an excellent instrument for narrow shafts, pipes and hard to reach spots that require attention. Saving time and money, you can investigate more with the same type of instrument.

This endoscope is a useful tool for a large range of uses, from household maintenance to piping, restoration, construction works or equipment check-up.



The producer warns purchasers that the video recording feature is only possible for IOS systems 8.0+.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




2. Borescope Inspection Camera Waterproof LED


This alternative from Harch makes a good choice for people who want to know that they can repair most anything under a variety of circumstances. It comes with a speedy WiFi (not a Bluetooth borescope) connection system, and it can be utilized with several types of iOS devices, as well as Android smartphones and tablets, and even PCs.

Given that the end where the camera is located is equipped with as many as six LED bulbs, you will have no trouble telling just what you’re looking at.

The battery of the borescope enables it to provide a runtime of up to one hundred and twenty minutes, which should be enough for most applications.

The 2-megapixel CMOS sensor camera that this unit comes with allows you to use two resolution options — a 1280x720HD one and a more basic 640×480 one. The working cable measures 11.5 feet, which is slightly more than several other options available for sale out there.



This product is compatible with iPhone models above 6, so you will be able to utilize it with anything from 6 to 7, 8, and X. It is also compatible with Android devices.

The battery that this unit comes with makes it possible for you to enjoy its services for as many as 120 minutes. This time span should be enough for most tasks.

The camera is easy to use and doesn’t raise any technical difficulties, so you’ll be able to make the most of it by employing it in different situations such as those where you need to look at pipelines, ventilation pipes, blockages, and a lot of other hard-to-reach places.

The 2-megapixel camera offers crisp and clear images, so you finally be able to visualize just what’s happening in the area of interest. There are two resolutions — 640×480 and an HD one, 1280×720.

The unit is accompanied by several accessories like a hook, an accessories holder, as well as a magnet. Even a micro- to USB cable is provided in the box.


Some of the complaints we’ve come across are related to the fact that the software for installing this device on a personal computer isn’t exactly user-friendly. So, you’ll have to be patient to carry the setup through.

The instructions seem to be translated poorly, at least based on the info we’ve found on this product.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




3. BlueFire Semi-Rigid Flexible Wireless IP67 Waterproof Borescope

The BlueFire Wireless Snake has some of the top features you can find in similar products being sold now.

This endoscope is what you are looking for if your main concern is with compatibility. If you own an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, this instrument is apt to work with any of them. We found no info on whether this product is an endoscope for iPhone 8. 

After your purchase, you can start working with it almost immediately. You can quickly go through the setup process by scanning the QR code and connecting your device via Wifi. opening the downloaded app will initiate the live video transmission with a strong image signal.

The BlueFire doesn’t need to be powered up during the inspection because it has its own built-in rechargeable lithium battery. As the producer sends it already charged, you can get started right away.

The image is brought to you by a 2 MP CMOS camera with video recording and still image capturing capacity.



It is widely compatible as it supports all iPhones (except 4/4s) iPads (IOS 8.0+) and Androids (phones and tablets).

A marking feature is the built-in lithium battery that makes it independent of outside sources while it is in use. Other technologies using wireless connection need an extra line or external power for a good performance.

The setup is brought to full simplicity. All you need to do is scan the QR code in the product’s manual and the WIFI VIEW app starts its download.

The CMOS camera on the probe has 2 MP and allows you to see clear close range high definition videos and still images with the three standard resolutions endoscopes use. With a charging time of only 2 to 3 hours and a working time of 1.5 to 2 hours, the battery powered device offers a good.



The IP66 makes it vulnerable to humid environments, so it’s better to keep it as far from moisture as you can.

The cable has poor rigidity and will not be fit for some applications.


Buy from for ($39.99)




4. Wireless Inspection Camera Depstech Premium IP67 Waterproof


The Depstech Wireless Endoscope is one of the most compatible gadgets on the market. It gives owners the possibility to work with both Android devices (above Android 4.4) and iPhones (above IOS 8.0), and that is both useful and smart.

To work with it, all is required is an easy setup of the wireless feature. Downloading the WIFI VIEW app on your device will be required to start using the endoscope, but no other adapters or cables are necessary.

The product is provided with a 2 megapixels HD camera of 8.4 mm in diameter, for video recording and snapshot JPGs. We found no information whether this is a borescope for iPhone 7. 

Since it’s an IP67 waterproof camera with adjustable LED lights, you can use it to capture images in a variety of environments. The low-light or dark spaces, as well as moist or wet environments, can be probed. Increased quality images can be provided if you use an observation distance of 3 to 8 cm.

This performance is made possible with the use of a semi-rigid cable, designed to reach distant and tight spots.

You can use this endoscope for car repair or maintenance, water pipe investigation, construction, inspection of hard-to-reach places and others.



This endoscope has great adaptability. For all technology adepts, being able to work with both Android smartphones and iPhones is a major option.

The probe is well suited for various environments. As the camera is waterproof and has 6 LED lights, wet or dark spaces can be inspected with ease.

You can capture significant details by using the HD capabilities of the camera. Both image format and video can be recorded, and adjustable resolution snapshots are also available.

The endoscope uses a bendable semi-rigid cable to give you access usually unreachable places.

To use the device you employ easy setup wireless technology. Downloading a compatible application on the preferred mobile device, you can connect to your borescope and start your work.



The cable used for inspection doesn’t have the rigidity required to make operations more efficient.

Software problems were mentioned by some of the customers, especially in relation to the IOS system.


Buy from for ($35.99)




5. SanSiDo Borescope Camera iPhone Wifi


The SanSiDo Endoscope is a product meant mostly to offer support for all Android phones and almost all of the iPhones, including 4s and up to IOS 10.0.1.

Although it doesn’t have support for any Windows devices and it’s not designed for PC, the wide range of Android and iPhones makes it quite useful.

The SanSiDo brand doesn’t offer a built-in Lithium battery like other producers because it firmly believes better and safer batteries should be used for the device.

The camera used by this endoscope is a 2 MP CMOS. The uncompressed transmission should be able to capture more lively colors and realistic images. They can be recorded in AVI video format or JPG snap images with 320×240, 640×480, 1280×720 resolutions.

The 9 mm camera is carried by a 1-meter cable and works nicely with 6 LED lights you can adjust from Off to full brightness.



The SanSiDo offers good support for mobile devices and actually tends to be a dedicated instrument. It is compatible with almost all versions of the Android and iPhone systems.

It favors safer Lithium batteries produced by professional well-known brands instead of a built-in lower quality battery.

It can supports up to 4 devices working at the same time, delivering a great opportunity for teamwork and interactive analysis.

The producer uses American chip technology for a better camera performance and an exclusive app, separate from the common, often defective WIFI VIEW. The app receives permanent updates and customer suggested improvements.

The 9 mm camera provides uncompressed image transmission and a realistic image recorded in AVI and JPG format.



It needs an external power supply during its performance.

While it works well with Android and iPhone, the Windows system is excluded and so is PC connection.


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6. LifeJournal Wifi Wireless Borescope Camera for Apple


Using a LifeJournal Wireless Endoscope you will discover what modern and innovative feels like, even when you’re searching for clogs under the sink.

This handy tool has one of the widest compatibilities from all the products on the market. Whenever you will want to work with it, there will be at least one device around that the endoscope can be attached to.

It works with Windows/iPhone/Android/Mac and has quality features all around.

The 2 MP camera has LED light and a focal distance of 4-6 cm. It records videos at 30fps and is capable taking snapshot photos of 720 pixels HD quality. The 70 degrees viewing angle is great for a larger coverage.

You can easily use the endoscope to perform car inspections, check vents and pipes as well as other applications. The LifeJournal Wireless Endoscope is a reliable device you should always have at your disposal.



LifeJournal Wireless Endoscope has 2 meters of cable to do the job. It’s less attractive if you intend to do industrial and aeronautics inspections, but it’s excellent for smaller projects.

The wide compatibility to be noticed since Androids, iPhones, IPads, MacBook (IOS) and PCs or laptops are all included in the list. You can practically work with whatever you’ve got.

The endoscope is easy to setup. By downloading the Wifi View on your device, you can connect the LifeJournal to it. It’s the hustle free type of technology we enjoy.

The equipment has a regular 2 MP waterproof CMOS camera, but it has 8 mm in diameter, and that is about the finest you can get.

Images are high-quality 1280×720 HD, and the device is capable of streaming and recording videos or taking JPG snapshots.



You could discover that not all of the accessories are high-quality, but that’s not a deal breaker.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




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