Best binoculars to see planets – 2019 Reviews & Comparison

Best binoculars to see planets – 2019 Reviews & Comparison

Last Updated: 18.08.19

Top Binoculars to See Planets Reviewed & Buying Guide

If you intend to get the best binoculars to see planets, but you’re too busy to read everything our researchers prepared for you, here is, at a glance, what you need to know to get the right model for your needs. The Orion 09466 Mini Giant appears to be the favorite, with overwhelmingly positive reviews, and recommendations from experts. First of all, these binoculars deserve their name, as the 63mm objective lenses will help you see the stars without encumbering you in the way a telescope would. The fully multi-coated lenses also offer excellent light transmission, a must have for night viewing. A few accessories, like a case, a neck strap, and lens caps, are provided with your purchase. In case you cannot find this model anymore, we suggest the Orion 9543 Resolux as the next in line alternative.

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You may feel tempted to believe that you cannot go stargazing without a telescope, but the presence of astronomy binoculars on the market begs to differ. Do not wrongfully believe that these are just an alternative for people who cannot afford a telescope. Even experts prefer to have a pair of binoculars for stargazing at hand. Here are some things you need to know so you can purchase the right pair.

The type of magnification needed

The first most important feature of a pair of binoculars is the magnification. This number is usually listed on the first line of specs, and some brands sell binoculars from the same series in different magnifications, to cover the most of their customers’ preferences. For a pair of binoculars to use to look at the sky, you need to go for a higher number.

You might have heard on numerous occasions how a pair of binoculars with higher magnification will cause the image to become shaky. The slightest move in any direction will make it hard for the image to stabilize, and you will not have a very good experience.

It is true that such a thing happens at high magnifications, especially those needed for observing planets in the night sky. Remember that binoculars cannot have the same specs as telescopes, but that you will still need to have high magnification. The ideal number for astronomy enthusiasts who want to get binoculars would be anything between 15x and 30x.

Of course, if you want cheap binoculars to see planets, you should not worry that much about the exact number you should get. However, you should bear in mind that a model that doesn’t come with image stabilization will need a tripod, and that equals an extra expense.

Do such binoculars need large lenses?

The simplest answer to this question is ‘yes’. But let’s get a bit into detail about what lens size you need, and why this aspect is important. When you look at the night sky through the lenses of a pair of binoculars, what you need is to see a bright, clear picture. This is impossible if the lens size is not big enough to allow proper light transmission.

While other features can contribute to better light transmission, they cannot replace the need for large lenses. Another advantage that large lenses have is the large field of view they provide. You will be able to examine more of the night sky with the help of the binoculars, if they are big enough.

Getting down to numbers, you should know that settling for anything above 50mm for the objective diameter is a good option. However, if you are looking for better performance than run-of-the-mill models, you should not hesitate to go a bit higher. Over 60mm, you will get an excellent pair, while 70mm models are superior, too.

Other features you should look for

Binoculars that are meant for stargazing are, as a general rule, bulkier than other models. That means that you should have a binocular case so that you can easily carry them around. Some manufacturers offer such accessories, and it is a good idea to take a look at the products they offer.

Such night vision binoculars should be easy to mount on a tripod, another accessory that might or might not be included with your purchase. Another thing to look for is a waterproof feature. You cannot always tell when you are going to face inclement weather, so it is a good idea to look for models that are waterproof.

Our 2019 list: Find the right binoculars to see planets for your needs

With so many products for sale that seem to do the same thing, your choice may not be an easy one. We want to help you by offering you this short list of products that have already been tried and tested by consumers.

Orion 09466 Mini Giant

One of the first things that will convince you that these binoculars are worth the money is the large objective size. Equipped with 63mm lenses, these binoculars will have no trouble gathering plenty of light to give you the possibility to examine the night sky to your heart’s content. They are also ideal for daytime use.

The fully multi-coated optics offer superior light transmission so that the image you see through the lenses is bright and clear. Another feature that contributes to excellent optics performance is the glare-threaded barrels that will eliminate image artifacts, like ghosting. At the same time, they will help you enjoy a high contrast image.

These are good binoculars to see planets, and they come with some nice accessories that will make you like them even more. The manufacturer includes with your purchase a hard case, a neck strap, as well as lens caps to protect the optics.

Buy from for ($233.48)

Orion 9543 Resolux

The excellent news is that you will get to use these binoculars in damp environments, as they are waterproof, and are also nitrogen purged. That means that fog will not be a problem, either, and that the binoculars will be protected from rust and corrosion. As a pair of binoculars can be an investment, such details make buyers happy.

You will notice that many of the reviews of binoculars to see planets written by users include this model on the list of the most popular products. The image quality will convince you that these binoculars are an excellent choice. Even if the lens diameter is only 50mm, the excellent resolution provided will compensate for it.

Users appreciate how easy it is to hold these binoculars. They offer good grip, and the rubber armor the body is encased in makes the binoculars resistant to wear and tear. You will be pleased to learn that a tripod adapter, as well as a neck strap and lens caps, are included with your purchase.

Buy from for ($249.99)

Celestron 71198 Cometron

The first thing that should be said about these binoculars for nighttime viewing is that they offer a large field of view. Taking in the night sky and focusing on planets should be easy with this model by your side. In case you like chasing comets, with these binoculars you will be able to see more of the tails, as well.

Some nice binocular accessories are included, making this choice quite irresistible. You will get a neck strap that will let you move around with your binoculars and examine the night sky from different locations, without burdening your hands. Also, you will receive a carrying case.

The 50mm lenses offer superior light gathering, and the multiple coatings improve light transmission so that you can enjoy the viewing of the night sky in optimal conditions. You may also notice the large exit pupil. Everything is encased in a strong aluminum body that makes this model durable.

Buy from for ($34.95)

Celestron SkyMaster

The 12x magnification and the 60mm lens size are two reasons why you should consider these binoculars for watching planets in the night sky. Equipped with BaK-4 prisms, and having multi-coated lenses to improve image sharpness, this model should be on your list when you go shopping for a unit you intend to use for astronomy purposes.

Another thing you will love about this particular product is the diopter adjustment that will allow you fine focusing so that you can concentrate on various sky objects. The large exit pupil allows more light to get in, and, in turn, you will enjoy a bright image.

People wearing glasses will encounter no trouble with this pair. The long eye relief allows everyone, including people who wear glasses, to look through the binoculars without experiencing any discomfort. A tripod adapter is included with your purchase, and the manufacturer also offers a lifetime warranty.

Buy from for ($58.95)

Celestron SkyMaster Giant

The Celestron SkyMaster Giant is made with the purpose of examining the night sky in mind. The multi-coated lenses offer superior light transmission that will provide the user with a bright image that will not be deterred in any way by low light conditions that come with nighttime viewing.

You will appreciate the large aperture that is much needed when stargazing. With nothing but the light of the stars to produce illumination, you need a model that you can count on. It must be mentioned that the 70mm objective size is another reason why you should consider this model for stargazing.

Another great thing is that this model comes with a binocular tripod adapter so you can mount it on a tripod, for excellent image stabilization. Ideal for both stargazing and terrestrial observation, these binoculars offer outstanding performance, and they are an all-around good choice.

Buy from for ($64.99)
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