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Our website is dedicated to helping you find the best alternative in the shortest amount of time possible, especially if you haven’t had the opportunity of checking the market for binoculars before. You might find yourself in a difficult situation since it’s possible that you don’t know what characteristics to look for or even where to start. After reading many good binoculars reviews, our research has paid off, and we can make a few recommendations. The first product you should consider in your quest is the Nikon 7576 MONARCH, because of its particular features. The premium ED glass will offer you a sharper image, while its lightweight and easy grip make it ideal for travels. Also, you will be glad to know it is designed to withstand many weather conditions. If this choice is unavailable for some reason or other, we recommend you to check out the Wingspan Optics Spectator as an excellent second choice.



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Choosing a pair of cheap binoculars in a market overflowing with options can be tough, especially considering how many untrustworthy manufacturers display their items and advertise them as being entirely reliable.

Fortunately for you, we can make a few useful recommendations, especially if you haven’t had to shop for a pair of binocular yet and don’t really know where to start. It’s important to know which features to look for, but it’s not enough. Aside from having some general information about the model you decide to buy, you should go in depth about details that you know interest you.

How do you find out what interest you? That’s perhaps the easiest question. Just keep on reading our buying guide and make sure you follow our tips.

Material quality

If you set off to find an affordable pair of binoculars, it’s paramount that you give the required importance to the materials used in manufacturing them, since a lower price almost always means lower quality.

This translates into models that won’t last very long, as in the exterior will be affected by weather variations, or certain pieces like the focus adjusting knob may fall off due to poor assembling technique.

Try to avoid these unpleasant situations by sticking to brands you already know manufacture quality binoculars. Chances are, once a brand name is established on the market, they’ll avoid staining their image by offering low quality, but they also need to try to attract more customers by releasing more affordable designs, so it’s safe to buy from them.



As a general rule, check to see if the pair you intend to buy has a rubberized exterior and is capable of withstanding weather hazards. This should be more than enough resistance for regular amateur use. If possible, opt for models that are fog proof and waterproof.



The type of lens used determines the final price in a large proportion. It’s crucial to understand that a cheaper pair of binoculars won’t offer you the same quality as a professional one, and in order to not be disappointed by what you buy, you need to know how to strike a balance.

What we mean by this is that you should consider which aspect is more important to you, so that you know what to ask for in a product and what you can do without. It all comes down to the intended purpose. Whether you’re looking for a pair of binoculars to use outdoors for concerts or sports, or for more specific activities such as birdwatching or stargazing, you should know which of the lenses’ features influences the final outcome the most.

Magnifying power also heavily influences the price, so if you know you won’t be needing much of it, you can more accurately choose an appropriate pair of binoculars. A larger field of view is particularly needed when watching wildlife, since it may imply catching targets that are on the move.



Look for small details to make sure that the pair you decide to buy is perfectly fitted for you. For example, if you’re a person who wears glasses, you should check the eye relief to make sure it’s wide enough to allow you to use it. A focus knob that’s easier to handle will help you adjust faster and increase your chances of catching a certain target.

Most importantly, if you want to find the best binoculars for the money, you need to start by asking yourself what your purpose is. Once you get that straight, you only need to follow a set of simple rules and compare options before you can pick the one that’s best for you.

If you’re having trouble putting all our advice to good use, which is understandable, considering the wide range of models for sale, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to present a few reviews of choices that match your needs, in order to give you a start.



Top rated binoculars reviews in 2018


In case you can’t make up your mind, or you just need a little more help deciding what’s best for you, we’ll showcase a few designs below that we selected as great alternatives.



Nikon 7576 MONARCH


The Nikon name definitely stands for quality and durability, and this is particularly true of MONARCH binoculars.

All the models which fall into this category feature lens built of extra-low dispersion glass, in order to increase sharpness and render a vibrant image that closely resembles real life.

This type of item is ideal for family trips and outdoor activities, its weight, and shape being adjusted so that it is easy to carry and travel with. The exterior rubberized armor will offer you a firm grip, ensuring that it won’t unexpectedly slip out of your hand in a wet environment.

If you needed further convincing, the Monarch binoculars can endure some of the harshest weather conditions, being equipped to remain waterproof and fog proof regardless of their trials.

Many user-friendly features make this a desirable alternative, such as the central focus knob, using which you could easily adjust the focalization, or the rubber eye cups and lens caps added to protect both your eyes and the lenses.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($276.95)





Wingspan Optics Spectator


When you’re a fan of family getaways, outdoor trips and all sorts of related activities, you certainly need to gear up accordingly. This is one of the best alternatives you could be taking along since the Wingspan Optics Spectator is specifically designed to be light, easy to carry, and completely adaptable to any weather conditions.

The wide field of view is perfect for wildlife observation, offering you the opportunity to catch moving targets more easily, while the focalization adjustment knob allows you to quickly adapt your settings so that you can get the highest level of detail possible.

Protected by a lifetime warranty, this pair of binoculars features lenses that have up to 8x magnification power, meaning it can be used for anything from amateur to professional purposes. The rubberized armor will offer you a firmer grip so that you don’t have to worry about damaging the item while using it.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($67.92)





Bushnell 133410C Falcon


If the Bushnell brand name doesn’t mean anything to you, you should at least know that they offer some of the best, most affordable choices on the market. You’ll discover features you already know and love from other products, but at a much lower price.

This is the type of binoculars ideal for amateur use. Not offering additional features that you might not know how to use or to properly appreciate, they do a great job of selecting the most important characteristics the regular customer desires and putting it all together in an affordable alternative.

With a 7x magnification, an impressively wide field of view and fully coated lenses for sharper images, the Bushnell Falcon is definitely an option worth taking into consideration. Small, pocket sized, it’s easy to carry and take out at the right moment. What’s more, it features an instant focus system to allow you to focus faster on moving targets, so that you don’t miss a thing when you go bird watching.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($31.36)





Bushnell 133450 Falcon


Similar to the models we’ve reviewed above, this other alternative offered by Bushnell is one with slightly increased performance, but still affordable and easy to use.

The magnification power this time is up to 10x, so it may be fit to use this pair when watching far away targets, like when you go birdwatching or stargazing, or maybe even for hiking.

Its small dimensions make the Falcon easy to carry with you on a trip since it practically doesn’t add any weight to your backpack, all the while making its magnification power even more impressive when compared to its size.

The field of view goes up to 300 feet per one thousand yards, which is more than reasonable for many outdoor activities, while quality of the lenses used offers you HD quality, a sharp and bright image that renders your target as close to reality as possible and in a level of detail you’ll surely appreciate.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($37.78)





Celestron 71009 SkyMaster 


This may as well be one of Celestron most popular products, which certainly says something about its qualities.

Great for both terrestrial and astronomical viewing, due to its impressive 15x magnification power, this tripod adaptable model will become indispensable after you try it.

Featuring a comfortable eye relief, it’s safe to use for eyeglass wearers. The smooth appearance of the exterior actually ensures durability and resistance to unfavorable weather conditions, while the area where you place your hands is rugged in order to increase stability.

The multi-coated lenses will offer you a high-quality image, while the large focus dial in the center will help you more easily adjust focus in order to catch your target’s every move.

For an affordable price, this item offers more than just reasonable quality. It also comes with many additional accessories, designed to make transportation and storage a lot easier for you, and prevent any damage that may occur.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($64.99)




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