Top Binoculars for Private Investigators This Year – Guide & Comparative Analysis


If time is short and you can’t afford to search for the best binoculars for private investigators, this short paragraph should be enough to help you get the model that you need. According to our findings as well as countless reviews of binoculars for private investigators, the Carson VP Series 12x50mm is a great choice, especially thanks to its great performance when observing long-distance subjects. Contrast, resolution, and color fidelity are enhanced thanks to the use of phase-corrected prisms. The unit can be attached quite quickly to a tripod in just a matter of seconds for long surveillance sessions. As a plus, the device can handle even the harshest environments thanks to the waterproof and fog proof body that will give you perfect images, no matter the outside conditions. In the event that you are unable to find our first pick available for sale, we recommend that you consider the Nikon 7578 MONARCH 5 as a worthy alternative.



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Good binoculars for private investigators can make you more productive, but finding the right pair can be at times confusing, due to the huge number of options available on the market nowadays. If you lack the time to research, finding the perfect model can be a real adventure.

We believe that your decision-making process does need to be overly complicated, which is why we have compiled the following buyer’s guide below just for you. Take a quick look if you wish to learn what the key factors to consider are when looking to purchase this type of product.


Porro vs. roof prism

Before you decide on which type of prism to get, you should take the time to consider how you will use your new pair of binoculars. Are you determined to use them only for surveillance, or do you want a versatile pair that can suit whatever situation arises?

The Porro prism binoculars are the ones you generally think about when you try to visualize binoculars. This type is very affordable when compared to the roof counterpart, and it is also the type most law enforcement personnel use. Since they lack any moving parts, they are sturdy and can handle impacts better than the roof alternatives.

Roof prism binoculars are more expensive than the Porro models, but they come in more compact designs and are usually waterproof. The main advantage is that the roof prism can dial in the zoom to see distant objects more clearly. On the other hand, one disadvantage they pose is that some don’t come with auto-focus.

Since as a private investigator you will be watching people move constantly, the benefits of a Porro prism pair are evident since the auto-focus won’t have you worry about adjusting the focus constantly to get the most precise image.


Size matters

Binoculars are available in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, from the compact collapsible and foldable models that can fit in your pocket easily, to mid-size and full-size instruments that require a neck strap or even a carrying case.

Compact binoculars are a great choice if you don’t want to worry about being weighed down by your instrument while you are moving. The downside is that due to their smaller size, some corners have to be cut and compact units won’t gather or transmit as much light as mid- or full-size instruments. Don’t get a compact unit if you’re looking for night detective binoculars.

Mid- and full-sized surveillance binoculars are the most popular and sought-after models, and you will find quite a lot of them in our list of top-rated models. Since they have a large body, they can accommodate bigger lenses which translates into a larger magnification power and better performance in low-light conditions.

Full- or mid-sized models are suitable for almost any activity that a binocular can be used for, such as birding, hunting, stargazing, spectating, and more. Do keep in mind that while full-sized models are ideal for long-distance viewing, they might require a tripod for the best viewing experience.


Ready for any environment

Since you can never know what you will encounter while doing your job, when purchasing binoculars you should pick a unit that can mold to meet the requirements of all situations. This means getting a product that is waterproof and fog proof since rain and condensation will be your main enemies when using the binoculars in outdoor conditions.

Similarly, you should make sure that the unit is comfortable to use for extended periods. If you wear glasses, you should get a unit that features extra-long eye relief. Additionally, make sure that the unit you have in mind can provide a non-slip grip so that you don’t drop your new instrument while trying to get a quick look at your target.



Our 2019 list: Find the right binoculars for private investigators for your needs


To help you decide, we have selected some of the top-rated products currently available on the market, and we presented them below. We have taken the time to look at what other customers had to say, to give you a diverse list of products capable of meeting the needs of everyone.



Carson VP Series 12x50mm


The VP Series is the ideal purchase for private investigators who wish to get a better view of their subjects even when they are hundreds of feet away.

The instrument offers a 12x magnification power and an objective lens diameter of 50mm. The minimum focus distance is of 13.2 feet, and the field of view is of 241 feet at 1,000 yards.

To help ensure that you will get images that are sharp, the unit uses phase-corrected prisms which will work to enhance the contrast, resolution, and color fidelity.

Thus, even when observing long-distance objects, with this purchase, you will still get to discern fine details that will make it that much easier to identify your subject even in a crowd of people.

The twist-down eyecups come with extra-long eye relief which makes the pair perfect for users who wear eyeglasses. As a plus, the unit is tripod mountable and features a waterproof and fog proof body.


Buy from for ($160.27)




Nikon 7578 MONARCH 5


You can’t go wrong with a Nikon, and the MONARCH 5 features the brand’s legendary Extra-low Dispersion glass lenses which can correct chromatic aberration and compensate for color fringing.

Similarly, the improved resolution offered by the quality glass will provide brighter and more natural looking images.

All the lenses and prism surfaces have a dielectric high-reflective multilayer coating which helps provide similar brightness to what your naked eye can perceive.

This pair of binoculars can reproduce clear high-contrast images that display accurate color reproduction, a feature that is very important for investigators who can use even the smallest extra detail in the picture.

Comfort is another principal advantage of this model since the turn-and-slide rubber eyecups allow the users to customize their fit and adjust the eye-relief. This way, the instrument will provide a full field of view and maximum comfort for extended periods of use.


Buy from for ($281.22)




Bushnell Legend Ultra HD


Thanks to the use of high-quality ED Prime glass, the instrument can deliver fantastic color resolution and contrast.

You also won’t have to worry about chromatic aberration and color fringing ever becoming a problem again as the quality glass eliminates these problems entirely. The ED Prime glass will also help this unit achieve exceptional performance in low-light conditions.

In addition to that, the unit boasts Ultra wide band coating, which is a state-of-the-art anti-reflection coating process that is customized for every lens element in the optical path.

This allows the maximum amount of light to enter the front glass all the way to the eyepiece, which results in optimum brightness and true colors across the light spectrum.

To make things even better, with this model you get the benefit of the RainGuard HD technology, namely a permanent, water-repellent coating that prevents moisture from rain, sleet, snow, or condensation from beading up and scattering light.

Thus, even in harsh conditions, you will get to enjoy a clear and bright view.


Buy from for ($126.41)




Olympus Trooper 10×50


The large lenses used for this model produce sharp, razor-dimensional images of brilliant quality. The Olympus Trooper offers a Porro prism design that is simpler, lighter, and more efficient, helping the instrument produce images that are exceptionally vivid, almost 3D-like, with excellent depth of field.

The 5mm exit pupil makes this unit an excellent choice for both low-light conditions such as dawn, dusk, night sky, or dense tree cover but also for daylight viewing.

The anti-reflective lens coating will allow for higher image brightness so that even when you’re doing surveillance in low-light conditions, details and colors will not get lost.

With this unit, you also get a linear field of view of 342 feet at 1,000 yards, and that will provide users with a panoramic view even when observing long-distance objects.

The new, rugged and high-quality finish will ensure the durability of this unit while the sure-grip rubber coating will make handling the instrument that much easier.


Buy from for ($64.99)




Bushnell Powerview Wide Angle


The Powerview Wide Angle is a general-purpose Porro prism binocular that features multi-coated optics and a unique InstaFocus lever.

Instead of relying on a conventional focus wheel, which can be tough to grip while wearing gloves, this model uses the InstaFocus system which allows quick and easy focusing by pressing the lever situated between the lens barrels.

The Powerview series is Bushnell’s largest line of affordable binoculars suitable for a wide range of activities, including surveillance or tactical use.

Seeing as it boasts a Porro prism design, this model can display lifelike depth of field. Similarly, the 12x magnification will allow you to observe distant subjects with little loss of detail.

If you find that the image is too hard to keep stable, the unit features a built-in ¼”-20 threaded mount where you attach a tripod adapter. The textured rubber armor provides a slip-resistant grip and can absorb light impacts.


Buy from for ($54.67)




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