Best binoculars for bowhunting

Best binoculars for bowhunting

Last Updated: 20.06.19

Binoculars for Bowhunting - Buying guide & Comparison

If you are looking for the best binoculars for bowhunting money can get you but you lack the time to do the needed research on the topic, we are here to help you out. After doing the legwork on your behalf by reading the expert’s reviews as well as feedback commentaries from users, we have concluded that the Nikon 7548 MONARCH is the product that you should have on your mind. This particular model stands out thanks to its wide field of view that makes the unit practical and convenient no matter the situation. Moreover, this device has a good magnification ratio of 8x and a durable armor made out of rubber. If the Nikon 7548 MONARCH is out of stock, give the Wingspan Optics SkyView a good view as it is a reliable alternative that you are bound to equally enjoy.

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Let’s be honest, if you are a novice looking for the best bowhunting binoculars, you probably don’t know what features you should not settle without in a product of this type. Because we understand this a little too well, we are here to lend you a helping hand. Therefore, we have put together a list of aspects that you should have on your mind when in the market for a unit of this kind.


As expected, when it comes to hunting, purchasing a reliable pair of binoculars is just as important as settling for quality arrows. One of an essential feature that you should look for in a unit like this is sufficient magnification.

When it comes to magnification, most bowhunting binoculars reviews suggest that one should choose a model that has a magnification ratio between 8x and 10x. Technically speaking, the products that have these measurements are easy to handle and not likely to disappoint in any hunting scenario.

Still, the specialists argue against buying a pair of binoculars that have a high magnification ratio. The reason for this has to do with the fact that these models supply their users with an inaccurate image that is often distorted and not useful.

Also, those that want to end up with a model that has a powerful magnification ratio of more than 20x, should know that every movement/shake of their hand is prone to produce an unsteady image that might actually hinder one’s ability to hunt properly.

Lastly, keep in mind that the higher is a product’s magnification ratio, the smaller is its field of view. Also, remember that these units are visibly heavier than their counterparts.  However, if you feel like you need a device that can provide you with high magnification; it is best that you consider purchasing a spotting scope.

Objective size

Another aspect that you might want to consider before plunging into the myriad of models that are currently up for sale is the size of the product’s objective. To put it simply, a device that has an objective that measures 40 or 42 mm is usually ideal for hunting, especially if you select a unit with a magnification between 8x and 10x.

Additionally, it is a well-known fact that the units that come outfitted with larger objective lenses are more expensive. Still, these latter models (especially those that measure 50mm) are more appropriate for nighttime hunting, as they allow for more light to enter the optics.

What is more, it is wise to stay away from devices with an objective smaller than 30mm, because they are unsuitable in low lighting situations.

Type of prism

Last but not least, it is advisable that you only purchase a product after you check the type of prism that it uses. Currently, the market offers buyers two options: the Porro prism and the Roof prism.

On the one hand, the products that have been designed to use a Porro prism make use of a system that directs the light through two prisms that are positioned in such a way that the light is reflected four times. As a consequence, these devices are a bit larger and, some might argue, less portable than their slimmer counterparts.

On the other hand, the models constructed using roof prisms make use of two prisms that are mounted in line. Therefore, the light is reflected up to five times and the resulting devices are leaner. Yet, their biggest disadvantage is the fact that they are pricier.

Hence, if you are trying to find a model that is cost-effective it might be best to select a unit that includes a Porro prism, as they are just as potent as the other ones.

Top bowhunting binoculars reviews in 2019

Because we know that you might find it difficult to know what product to select, we have composed a list of top-notch units that are worthy of your attention.

Nikon 7548 MONARCH

If you are not afraid to make an investment in order to get a good product, you should check out the 7548 MONARCH model developed by Nikon. With overall positive reviews, this unit offers its users reliability and undisputable quality.

The most appreciated feature of the product is the fact that it has a wide field of view that makes it effortless to locate a particular object/subject, a key aspect that any huntsman should consider.

Moreover, the unit’s lenses have been covered in high-reflective multi-coatings that supply the images with high contrast and a true-to-life color reproduction. As a plus, because it was constructed using a low-dispersion glass, the image’s brightness and its color fidelity are maximized.

Lastly, we should point to the fact that the product is fog proof as well as waterproof, so that you can use it no matter the meteorological condition that you might find yourself having to face.

Buy from for ($424.18)

Wingspan Optics SkyView

Ideal for those that are scouring the net trying to find a unit that can guarantee clarity, the Wingspan Optics SkyView is the model that you should definitely try. The product has a wide field of view, optics that have been coated in phase correction layers as well as the option of close focusing an image.

When constructing the device, the manufacturer has used Ed glass, a type of glass that ensures that the binoculars are powerful. Additionally, this kind of glass reduces aberration. Consequently, you won’t have to worry about color fringing anymore.

The model has 42mm lenses and a magnification ratio of 8x, two technical details that argue in favor of its feasibility when used during a hunting expedition.

Similarly to the previous model that we have tackled, this unit is waterproof and fog proof as well as particularly lightweight.

Buy from for ($159.92)

ZEISS 524204 9907

As the new and improved 2019 version of the classical by now 10x42 Terra ED Binocular produced by Zeiss, this product should necessarily be on your short list. The model has a good price to value ratio and great feedback from the specialists.

The model is quite compact and easy to transport and it was made using a kind glass that has a low dispersion ratio. Additionally, all the product’s optics have been multi-coated in order to cater to every customer’s needs. In fact, this pair of binoculars is said to have no distortion that could affect its sizeable field of view.

With 10x in magnification, the device is quite powerful and suitable for hunting, especially because it also features 42mm objective lenses.

Last but not least, this model has an apparent angle of 60 degrees that is said to reduce the shaking of the image produced by the user’s trembling hand.

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Bushnell Legend L-Series

If you are a fan of camouflaged gear, chances are that you’ll love the Bushnell Legend L-Series. This 10 x 42 mm model is easy on the eye, portable and particularly liked by both professional and novice huntsmen.

The unit is appreciated for its 340 ft field of view and the fact that it is one of the most feature-packed models on the market.

As part of the well-known L Series developed by Bushnell, this product was developed using proficient ED Prime glass and it was fitted with a handy locking eyepiece diopter. In order to provide its user with brightness and a sharp image, the product’s lenses have been coated with a substance that makes them sensitive to light transmission (up to 92%) and to color reproducibility.

Additionally, the optics have also been covered with RainGuard HD, a patented coating that makes the device weather resistant (fog and waterproofed).

Buy from for ($160.16)

Celestron 71346

This top would be incomplete without us mentioning the Celestron 71346. This device is the go-to unit for those that are on a limited budget but still want to make a good purchase. The product comes outfitted with a 42mm roof prism and a magnification ratio of 8x.

The model has fully multi-coated optics as well as a dependable Bak-4 Prism. Because it was meant to be used outdoors, the model is both waterproof and fogproof. Even more so, these binoculars are covered in a protective armoring that you are prone to find useful.

If you are a glasses wearer, you might be interested to know that this device comes outfitted with twist-up eyecups that make it effortless to use and to adjust. When shipped, the unit includes a neck strap as well as a carrying case made from neoprene, a material known as moisture-resistant.

Buy from for ($59.99)
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