Best bino harnesses for hunting in 2019 – comparison & reviews

Best bino harnesses for hunting in 2019 – comparison & reviews

Last Updated: 18.08.19

Top Bino Harnesses for Hunting This Year - Guide & Comparative Analysis

Are you shopping for the best bino harness for hunting, but you don’t know where to start, and you’re also pressed for time? Fret not, we are here to help you, and all you have to do is to read this short paragraph. After conducting extensive research that involved customer reports, expert opinions, and sales figure comparison, our unanimous conclusion is that the Vortex Optics Harness Strap deserves the first place on our list. First of all, the harness is extremely comfortable, which is essential for hunters who need to move a lot or spend hours in the same position when stalking their prey. The overall design will keep the binoculars snugly to your chest so that they don’t jostle around. Since the harness is fully adjustable, that contributes to the comfort level, too. In case you cannot find this model anymore, we suggest to try the ALPS OutdoorZ RMEF Ridge Stalker as it is almost just as good.

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If you are are on a quest for the best hunting bino harness, you’ve come to the right place. In this buying guide, we will show you precisely what you should focus on to get the model that is most suitable for your needs. Depending on the specifics of your binoculars and hunting conditions, you will be able to choose the right harness.

Comfort is paramount

No matter which binocular harness you choose from the plethora of products offered on the market, if you intend to use it when hunting, you should know that nothing should be above comfort, regarding must-haves. When you hunt, you need to make as little noise as possible, which means that constantly rummaging through your backpack for your binoculars is not an option.

There are plenty of cheap hunting bino harnesses that can save you from this predicament. While all the harnesses designed with this purpose in mind will do a decent job distributing the weight of the binoculars on your shoulders, protecting your neck, there are some extra comfort features that you should know about.

For instance, it is a good idea to get a model that has a bit of padding on the straps. Whether you like it or not, these will rub against your t-shirt or whatever you’re wearing, and that may cause chafing, even though, at first, it may seem like the straps are comfortable.

Also, another element of design that can contribute a lot to increase your comfort is ventilated straps and back panel. Seeing that you might want to go hunting in hot weather, it is a good idea to opt for a model that offers proper ventilation, so that you don’t sweat excessively. As long as you bear in mind that comfort is essential, you will find the ideal harness for you.

Why a bag is a useful accessory for a hunting bino harness

If your hunting binoculars are the type of gear that you always reach for when you’re stalking your prey, or you’re simply examining your surroundings, you know very well how important is to have them at hand. A harness solves the convenience issue, but there can be so much more than you can benefit from if you’re picking the right type of harness.

One look at the various models available on the market will tell you that there are many different designs available. One, in particular, is a hunters’ favorite: the bag harness type. This one comes with a bag or a pouch in the front, where you can store away safely your binoculars, as well as other accessories. The bag will protect the binoculars against bad weather and other damage.

Even if you carry just a small binocular model, you might still want to make sure that its lenses are well protected. This type of design is just what you need. You will enjoy many uses for the extra storage space, and you will find it more useful than other designs offered by manufacturers at the moment.

Long-lasting performance

Since you are searching for a hunting bino harness, you must focus on durability, as well. The chances are that all your gear will have to resist to a lot of wear and tear, which is why the harness you’re using for keeping your binoculars close is no exception to the rule.

Pick a model that is made from durable materials. Especially the straps that are responsible for holding the weight of your hunting binoculars should be made of nylon or something just as durable. This way, you will also know that you are making a sound investment and you won’t regret your choice.

Our 2019 list: Find the right bino harness for hunting for your needs

With so many products for sale, it is quite clear why many people feel a bit overwhelmed when they need to make a choice. How can you be sure that you’re picking the right product? The following list of products is based on the most popular models already selected by users.

Vortex Optics Harness Strap

There are certain basic things that any good bino harness for hunting should be able to offer. The Vortex Optics Harness Strap is a pretty basic model, but it offers what you need from a harness that you are going to use for extended periods of time, in less than ideal weather conditions. Resistance to wear and tear is, as you already know, paramount, and that is what this model offers.

First of all, you will notice the ingenious design that accommodates not only binoculars but also rangefinders and cameras with great ease. As you can see, as a hunter, you will find many uses for this particular harness. Also, it will make sure that your binoculars are kept close and without jostling while you walk.

Because the harness is available in a universal size, and it is easy to adjust, it offers superior comfort. Made by a company that specializes in high-quality optics, it is an excellent choice to consider.

Buy from

ALPS OutdoorZ RMEF Ridge Stalker

Any hunter knows the importance of durable materials in all the gear they use when they go hunting down prey. A bino harness is no exception to this rule, and this is also the reason why the ALPS OutdoorZ RMEF Ridge Stalker is such a good deal. The material used for it is 1680D nylon ballistic fabric, which says a lot about how durable the harness is.

No matter what sort of harsh environments you will have to face, this harness will prove to be a solid choice. The pocket in front is placed close to the chest area and it is well padded so that you won’t experience any discomfort even when you wear it for hours.

The reviews of bino harnesses for hunting praise it for certain features, such as the adjustable closure system, and the U-shape pocket. You will be able to use this harness with binoculars of various sizes, and the great part is that you will always have easy access to them.

Buy from for ($43.69)

Vortex Optics Glasspak

When you’re shopping for binocular accessories, don’t forget to take a close look at this particular harness, as it is one of the most popular among hunters right now. The makers of this model know how important it is to keep your binoculars away from harm, and the bag that comes with the harness ensures proper storage for them, and other valuables.

Because it is quite large, the bag can accommodate binoculars of various sizes. Also, the good compartmentalization offers you the possibility to keep other gear close to you when you go hunting. The quick access thus provided is one of the biggest selling points of this model.

The tethers that attach to your binoculars ensure that you won’t drop them by accident. Also, you will find the pocket with the zipper in the back to be quite handy for holding your smartphone and other valuables.

Buy from for ($49)

ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme

If you are looking for long-lasting performance and a good deal for your money, the ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme is just what you should put down on your list. The pocket for holding the binoculars fits snugly, which means that your gear will not jostle around as you move. When you hunt, such distractions should not occur, and that is a great plus for this model.

Using high-quality ballistic fabric, this harness can take a lot of wear and tear and it will behave impeccably in harsh weather and environments. That means that your harness is as tough as the rest of your equipment, and that is a great plus.

You will find a lens cloth included with your purchase, which is a nice touch. Whenever your binoculars need a bit of TLC, you will have this cloth at hand to wipe their lenses. Also, you will appreciate the quick-release system that only necessitates one hand to operate.

Buy from for ($49.99)

Badlands Bino Basics

Most probably, the first thing you will notice about this harness is that it has a slim design, which means that you will be able to wear it, without feeling that you are encumbering yourself. You will be able to attach this harness to any backpack due to its overall design.

It must be mentioned that the shoulder straps are ventilated, so that you don’t experience the usual discomfort associated with wearing a harness for extended periods of time. But maybe one of the greatest things about this harness is the concealment technology used.

No matter if you want to use this harness for birding binoculars or for hunting, you will discover that lying in wait undetected can be a challenge. Due to the particular camo pattern used by this model, you will remain invisible to your prey, as long as the rest of your clothes are properly designed for camouflage, as well.

Buy from for ($29.99)
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