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Basal thermometers – Buying Guide & Comparison


For anyone out there looking for a good basal thermometer, there are a few things to take into consideration. Because we’re aware that not all our readers have the time to go through the full article before making their decision, we’ve decided to present to you the best options as reflected by our careful analysis. After going through the market offers, we’ve decided that iProvèn DT-R1221 is the best basal thermometer for your needs, as it is swift, delivering the result in less than 10 seconds, and it is a great consumer choice because of its accuracy, as well. In addition, the product is very user-friendly, and it can be easily handled both orally and rectally. Its flexible tip is designed to be softer and easy to hold in the mouth. However, when this product is not available, you can go for the iProvèn 113A2A. The product is a highly accurate tool, designed to track the ovulation pattern.


If you’re looking for basal thermometer reviews, you may be inclined to believe that all the options there are equally good, since most of the product descriptions emphasize the products’ best qualities. However, provided that you do know what you’re looking for, there are a few crucial characteristics that make a basal thermometer a good run for the money. The following features are important to consider if you’re aiming for a high-quality product.


Accuracy makes all the difference

Whether you’re looking for a basal thermometer for your family, to track your ovulation patterns or to monitor your pregnancy, what matters most is how accurate the device is. A reliable thermometer will read your exact temperature at all times, which is extremely important.

Depending on the reasons why you’re monitoring your basal temperature, ovulation predictions, for instance, require a fine degree of precision in order to report relevant data. When charting for ovulation, minor differences (from 0.2 to 0.5 degrees) can be extremely relevant in accurately predicting fertility periods.

Similarly, catching a cold in the last months of pregnancy can be dangerous for the child if left untreated, so you’d want to find out as soon as the first symptom appears.  

In order to have a relevant read of the fertility period, or just to stay informed on your basal temperature, it’s important to choose a thermometer that has a 1 per 10th of a degree Fahrenheit (0.05 degrees Celsius) accuracy. This way, you can monitor your ovulation period and be efficient in avoiding pregnancy, getting pregnant or maintaining a current pregnancy (especially during the first two months).  

Most of the temperature reads should be done in the morning, after having slept for at least 4 hours without interruptions. During the morning, our bodies reflect physiological data most accurately, as throughout the day environmental factors can modify our state. However, it is only with a highly accurate basal thermometer that you can know for sure that any differences in temperature are caused by external factors and not by misreadings.

Unlike urine tests and ferning microscopes, basal body temperature can be a great tool for confirming ovulation. If used correctly and with a highly accurate tool, it is one of the most inexpensive and reliable methods of understanding your physiology.


Functionality defines a good experience

Accuracy is not the only feature that matters when choosing a basal thermometer. Another valid criterion (one that may not be an obvious top of the list for many customers) is how easy the thermometer can be used. It has become increasingly important for products to be accessible and easy to operate, and basal thermometers are no exception.

From an intuitive and flexible product design to how easy it can be cleaned, a good product has to ensure a natural experience. As thermometers used to be considered intrusive and unpleasant, companies have started to focus on creating a better experience. If twenty years ago this couldn’t have been a solid criterion, it certainly is one of the most important features to look for today.  


Time efficiency is not negotiable

However accurate the available basal thermometers for sale are, it is also important not to spend half a day trying to get an accurate read. Because people are increasingly busy, the efficiency of a basal thermometer can also be measured in how fast it gets the job done, assuming that accuracy has been taken care of.  


Smart data tracking systems – a nice touch

Although this quality isn’t necessarily the kind of decisive feature of a basal thermometer, it certainly falls into the ‘nice to have’ category. Most of the smart thermometers offer users the possibility of tracking their data, monitoring the physiological body cycles and ensuring even better accuracy.



Top basal thermometers reviews in 2018


In order to make your choice easier, we’ve put together some of the best basal thermometers for sale. Aside from explaining the best qualities to look for in a basal thermometer, we’ve also featured some of the most popular and qualitative products you should look at.



iProvèn DT-R1221


This product is focused on providing accurate readings in the smallest time span possible. The model is easy to use both for children and adults. The thermometer is one of the safest choices, as it is the most acceptable accuracy and fast delivery ratio.

The product is designed to make temperature reading easy, and it comes with an extra feature, a fever indicator that allows users to monitor their temperature through a fever alarm. Additionally, the thermometer has a system that allows recording previous temperatures, so that users can track their evolution automatically. The beeping sound emitted by the device when it detects fever is delicate.

This nice touch allows the user to be instantly notified whenever there is a relevant temperature change, without – say – waking up their significant other in the middle of the night due to loud beeping. The thermometer’s design is specially created to offer users the possibility to handle the device both orally and rectally. The device is also waterproof, which allows users to focus on hygienic use.



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iProvèn 113A2A


This product is a highly technical and accurate solution that’s specially designed to serve people who are trying to monitor ovulation. Because of this, the device’s mechanism is focused on delivering accuracy rather than fast results.

The thermometer is designated for oral use. The air flowing into the mouth cools down the mouth tissues by approximately 0.2 to 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit, the device takes longer to record the data, making sure that the reading is highly accurate. The thermometer has a 1/100 reading, and its accuracy is what recommends it for monitoring ovulation.

The measurement time takes up to a minute, but the product was created having in mind an audience who will not settle for any kind of guessing work, even at the expense of fast readings, and not users with standard needs. This is why most of the users who would purchase this device wouldn’t mind the extra reading time.  



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Wink by Kindara


This thermometer comes with a special functionality that allows its users to sync the device with their Kindara app on iOS and Android.

The device is the only one that works based on a Bluetooth connection, which was designed to keep an automatic record and save users the ordeal of having to monitor their body temperature manually after every use.

The product is battery-based, and one charge lasts up to several weeks, which makes it suitable for trips.

The thermometer records the basal body temperature in approximately half a minute. The notifications are not sound-based, as beeping can be too disruptive, and the thermometer emits a soft vibration once the temperature is recorded.

Women can monitor their fertility patterns in the Kindara application, and visualize the recordings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.



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BLT Fertility Monitor


As the name suggests, the thermometer is designed for women who are attempting to monitor their ovulation patterns. This smart device records the temperatures (if used every day) and then predicts the following ovulation cycles.

Very much like the mercurial thermometer, this one takes its time to record the data, in order to provide highly accurate results. The device comes with an application that works both on iOS and Android (system 4.3 and above). Its precision is within 0.05 degrees Celsius or 0.09 degrees Fahrenheit.

Assuming that the thermometer is on for approximately 8 hours every day, its battery life is programmed to run up to three months, which makes it a good choice for long vacations. The device is very thin and light, thus offering a superior experience. For users who were not convinced by this product’s features, it can be returned within 60 days to receive a full refund.  



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Femometer Smart


The product is created to reflect the accuracy of ovulation days. The basal body temperature accuracy is within 1/100 degree. One of the competitive functionalities of this smart device is its daily calculation of the pregnancy rate, thus allowing women to assess their chances to conceive based on their ovulation patterns.

The device can store up to 300 BBT measurements, and its compact size allows it to fit even in very tiny handbags. One reading takes up to 90 seconds, but the duration shortens after the device has been used repeatedly. Designed for people with busy schedules, the thermometer allows its users to set an alarm that beeps every morning, reminding you to take your temperature.

The device is used orally, and it beeps three times once the temperature has been accurately recorded.  The thermometer’s data is within 0.09 degrees Fahrenheit accuracy.



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