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Best barometers in 2020 – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 05.04.20


Top barometers this year – Guide & Comparative Analysis


If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best barometer, this short paragraph should help you get exactly the model you need. According to our research the Ambient Weather WS -228TBH is the best because it is easy to track changes in pressure due to the convenient reference needle. You will also appreciate how easy this model is to calibrate, simply turn the screw and set it in place. Hanging it on a home or office wall is just as simple thanks to the attached hook on the back. With its brushed aluminum bezel and attractive blue dial it has a contemporary design that you will be proud to show off. If the Ambient Weather WS -228TBH is not available, your second option should be the Ambient Weather B1025C.



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A barometer is designed to measure changes in air pressure so you can more accurately predict the weather. Anglers and gardeners often use these instruments, along with hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts who want to know if there is a chance of rain in the next few hours. You can also find several types and styles of barometers, which can make it difficult to choose the right one. In this buying guide you will find helpful tips that will make it a little easier to find the best barometer to meet your needs.

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The best barometer reviews recommend first deciding on a budget. Having a set spending limit in mind will help you narrow down your possible options since there are several models to choose from. The price of the barometer is often reflected by its design and included functions so you can find basic models that will fit almost any budget.

When you are deciding on a set spending limit it is important to also consider quality. Just like an inexpensive watch some cheap barometers might not be entirely accurate. This could ruin your plans for the day. The last thing you want if you are trying to find the best barometric pressure for fishing is to purchase a model that can’t track changes accurately.



There are two main types of barometers, though some collectors state that there are actually three. Each has its own advantages, and often the best one for you comes down to budget and personal preference. The oldest type are stick or mercury barometers, and they are usually easy to read. As the mercury level rises and falls according to the air pressure a scale or dial with a moveable pointer tracks the changes. It is important to note that mercury is a highly toxic substance and these barometers might not be safe to use around small children.

Aneroid barometers are slightly newer and the name refers to its lack of fluid. Since there isn’t any mercury these barometers are considered safer to use. Instead of rising and falling levels of fluid, these models use a system of small springs. A small capsule is raised or lowered according to changes in air pressure, which is tracked by a needle. Since there isn’t any fluid to house and protect these barometers are often designed to be compact and easily portable.

You can also find pocket barometers which are great for hikers and fishermen. Since they are a type of aneroid they are often grouped together. The only real difference between a pocket and traditional barometer is generally the size, and a few extra functions on some of the higher priced models.




Regardless of the type you can find barometers that are designed to look great and match almost any decor. This variety in style and design is also what makes them collectible. The dials on mercury and aneroid barometers can be constructed from copper, silvered brass or even decorative paper.

The casing can also be constructed from a variety of materials which makes it relatively easy to find one that looks great in your home or office. Some of the most common materials include brass or other polished metals. You can also find casings constructed from oak or mahogany. When it comes to pocket barometers most are constructed from a lightweight and durable plastic to ensure that they are easily portable.

The design also refers to the shape and size of the barometer and most of today’s models are round. Collectors can still find stick shaped models, but they are not as common and all use mercury to measure air pressure. Round barometers are easier to mount on a wall, and some are even designed to be placed in a stand or dashboard.


Other considerations

Depending on your budget you can find barometers with a variety of features and functions, but regardless of your spending limit you want it to be easy to use. Dials that are clearly marked are easier to read, especially when the numbers contrast with the backing. You can even find models that are color coded which makes tracking air pressure changes a breeze, even for beginners. Small screws and knobs can make calibrating the device a simple task, and this is important if you want to accurately track changes in air pressure.

Pocket and handheld barometers that come with wrist and neck lanyards are always convenient, especially when you are hiking or fishing. Some even come with a protective case so it can safely travel with you. If your budget allows you might want to consider a barometer that comes with a hydrometer so you can track humidity levels, along with changes in air pressure.



5 Best Barometers (Reviews) in 2020


Whether you just like collecting them or need to keep track of air pressure changes, chances are there is a barometer that is perfect for you. While we can’t choose the right one for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why you can find the best barometer showcased below.



1. Ambient Weather WS-228TBH Contemporary Barometer


A.1 Best barometerIf you are looking for the best home barometer you might want to consider this model from Ambient Weather. Not only is it designed to be easy to read, it also looks great mounted on almost any office or home wall.

It comes with a round brushed aluminum bezel and a blue dial that reflects the light without making the barometer difficult to read. This gives it a bold and attractive appearance while ensuring that it is functional.

Not only can you track changes in air pressure, it will also measure temperature and humidity levels. Since it is designed for use in the USA the barometric pressure is tracked in imperial units so even beginners can accurately predicate any weather changes that might occur in the next few hours.  

You will also appreciate how easy it is to calibrate thanks to the small screw that you simply set in place. The attached hook in the back makes it just as easy to hang.

It should be noted that this aneroid barometer is designed to be calibrated up to 3,000 feet and might not be the best choice if you live at higher elevations.



This 9-inch aluminum, contemporary barometer allows you to measure both the air humidity and temperature, which are very useful for fishing and mountaineering applications.

The metallic radiant blue device facilitates the easy reading of values and provides a terrific background for the three pointer needles.

This model has a USA version that shows the barometric pressure in imperial units or inch of Mercury (inHg) and also comes equipped with a reference needle that enables the tracking of changes to ensure your safety.

The unit features a set screw that enables an easy calibration and also has a hook on the back to enable the effortless hanging of the device in the home, office, boardroom, or contemporary living room.

This instrument provides sea-level calibration for up to 3,000 feet using a reference needle that monitors any changes in the barometric pressure.



The fact that the instrument’s pointer needle swings up and down with the pressure changes is a good factor that can be misconstrued as a form of inaccuracy by some users but the device is proven to be accurate within a degree of the actual pressure.


Buy from for ($31.39)





2. Ambient Weather B1025C Wall Mount Liquid Barometer


Whether it’s a necessity or just your passion that calls for a barometer, this model should not go unchecked before you make your decision, especially if you’re interested in a classic unit. Traditionally designed, this weather station from Ambient Weather measures barometric pressure accurately and makes a great addition to any library, office, fine study, or any room you want it for.

The liquid barometer is handcrafted and includes a glass container that is half filled with water. You can use food coloring to color the water. Thanks to the hanging wall bracket, you can easily add it to your desired spot. The item also includes a drip cup.

Additionally, you will get the syringe and plastic tube needed to insert the fluid. The item measures 13 inches in length and is easy to use. It comes with a user manual that offers detailed instructions.




The unit offers the accuracy classic barometers provide. It is handcrafted and makes a great addition to offices, libraries, and even places such as restaurants.

It measures only 13 inches in length and, thanks to the hanging wall bracket, it can be easily attached to the place of your interest.

The unit is easy to use and reading it is nothing complicated. When there is a difference between the air pressure at the time the body was sealed and the reading moment, the water level in the spout will either rise above or drop below the water level in the body according to that difference.

You will also get a user manual to learn how to use and read the barometer.

The item is traditionally designed and includes a drip cup.



Some buyers found the glass to be too thin and, thus, easy to break. Handle it with care.


Buy from for ($20.99)





3. Downeaster Blue Dial Standard Barometer


4.Downeaster Blue Dial Standard BarometerEven though this isn’t the best digital barometer it is extremely accurate and easy to read. It also comes with a sleek round brass casing that looks great mounted on almost any wall.

Its cylindrical design also makes it easy to mount onto a wood board or in a stand next to a hydrometer to create a functional and elegant display.

The dark background ensures that the markings are easy to read, and beginners will love having the weather predictions printed above the numbers.

A small screw makes it easy to set the calibration so you can accurately predict the weather. It should be noted that this aneroid barometer is only calibrated up to 3,000 feet, which might not be accurate if you live at higher elevations.

Whether you just want to know ahead of time if the weather will be changing or you are looking to add a distinctive barometer to your collection, this model by Downeaster might be the perfect choice for you.



The large 6-inch dial of this barometer offers a good view of the changes in the barometric pressure as it is large enough to be seen from a good distance.

The blue face certainly makes the device a great addition to your living room, patio, or lawn because it goes really well with the brass case that holds the critical sensor elements of the device.

Calibrated for up to 3,000 feet above sea level, this weather instrument features an elegant, hand-polished and lacquered brass case that will look great on any wall, on a mantle stand or a wooden plaque.

The device makes it easy to determine the weather as the indicator needle points to a rising barometric pressure for fair weather and a falling pressure for stormy weather, helping you know just what to expect.



The lightweight design of this barometer is not an indication of a flimsy construction as it features a brass case that provides a solid form of housing for the critical components.


Buy from for ($118.99)





4. Trac Outdoor T3002 Fishing Barometer


5.Trac Outdoor T3002You will never be surprised by a sudden change in the weather as long as you have the Trac Outdoor T3002 with you.

Often considered the best handheld barometer, it’s not hard to see why. This pocket size barometer is the perfect for hikers, campers and especially fishermen.

The easy to read dial not only tracks air pressure, it also clearly displays when it is a poor, good or great time to toss a line in the water.

The small dial and red pointer are encased in durable and lightweight ABS plastic. This ensures that the sensitive components are protected without adding a lot of uncomfortable weight. It also comes with a matching lanyard so you can easily wear it around your neck or wrist.

Since this barometer is designed to be used on the go it is extremely easy to calibrate. Simple turn and set the small screw to have reliable and accurate barometric pressure readings. With this model by Trac Outdoors you never have to worry about being surprised by a sudden storm. You will also appreciate its affordable price that will fit almost any budget.




This model enables you to calibrate it easily for the local barometric pressure so you can enjoy your outdoor activities when the weather indications show fair or fine weather for fishing, hiking, camping, etc.

The color-coded dial lets you view the typical conditions for good, great, and poor fishing so you know exactly what to expect and be able to prepare easily while staying safe.

The device offers a sure grip on its ABS housing, which provides a steady handling and maneuverability in your hands.

The braided lanyard provides a nice way to hang the device on the wall or around your neck or just hold it in your hand.

The adjustable pressure change indicator enables you to calibrate the device or set it to the proper parameters according to your personal preference or the demands of the weather tracking task.



This is primarily marketed as a fishing barometer and can’t be depended on for serious mountaineering activities but it makes a good sea-level device for ocean fishing. The short range of pressure entails a calibration for every different elevation.


Buy from for ($16.99)





5. Downeaster Freshwater Series Fishing Barometer


3.Downeaster Freshwater SeriesWhether you are looking for the best barometer for fishing or just want to add a unique one to your collection, you might want to consider this model by Downeaster.

It’s classic design is reminiscent of antique models that were once standard on ships. The shiny metal casing is designed to look great mounted on a wall or displayed on a wood board, and the fun backing ensures that you always know when it is a good time to fish.

The clear markings not only make it easy for you to track changes in air pressure, it also lists when it is the best weather for fishing.

With this barometer your chances of having a successful trip are significantly increased. The brass dial is hand crafted in the United States so you can rest assured that you are getting a good value for your money.

It is also easy to calibrate, and is designed to be accurate at elevations up to 3,000 feet above sea level.



This freshwater series fishing barometer is an ideal addition to any modern living room as it won’t clash with the rest of the decor despite being handsome on its own.

The device can be mounted easily on your wall or a wooden board or even a mantel stand to make a fantastic conversation piece while offering a genuine functionality.

The 6-inch brass dial looks cool and the entire instrument is hand-crafted and made in the USA, which guarantees a top-notch quality and a dependable performance.

The device is calibrated for up to 3,000 feet above sea level so it can be a truly useful device for mountain hiking, camping, climbing, or fishing, helping you stay safe and make sensible decisions on your outdoor adventure.

Made with a highly polished brass body, this barometer helps you keep track of any barometric pressure changes for fishing so you know exactly what the conditions are in the weather that incite a good fish strike and which ones don’t, helping you become aware of great ‘trends’.



One user recommends not depending solely on the ‘poor fishing’ indicator of the barometer, which can often mean the reverse, so checking with the local weather channel is always a good idea.


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Unavailable products



Hokco Precision Aneroid


2.Precision Aneroid Barometer 3.25It’s easy to see why this is often considered the best analog barometer, especially if this is your first time using one.

Since it is an aneroid barometer you don’t have to worry about potential mercury hazards, which also makes it a good choice if there are small children around. Its round casing and flat dial give this barometer a sleek and stylish appearance that is highlighted by the silver bevel and dark grey background.

To ensure that it is easy to read the scale is printed in white and the silver pointer clearly marks current air pressure levels.

You will love how easy it is to calibrate, and it is accurate up to 3,800 feet above sea level. This makes it a great choice for those that live at higher elevations.

You can easily track dips and rises in air pressure so you know if there will be any significant changes in the weather. This is always an advantage when you live in or near the mountains where storms can quickly blow in.



This aneroid barometer provides a means of measuring the air pressure through the bold-looking round dial and the handsome chrome bezel, which make it a piece of art by itself.

This is an easy-to-read barometer manufactured in Germany, which ensures a top-quality construction and a dependably consistent performance.

Ideal for weather forecasting, this device tracks any changes in the air pressure so you are not caught unaware of any weather eventualities when venturing into the outdoors.

The metal bezel and calibration screw provide a good means of handling and control of the device so you can obtain an optimal functionality from this 3.25-inch weather monitoring instrument.

This can be used as a wall barometer thanks to the nice-looking weather forecast symbols and adjustable pointer for use at a maximum altitude of 3,800 feet above sea level for operations.



One user was surprised by the fact that the device is neither conveniently mounted nor comes with a carrying case.




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