Best ATV goggles – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Best ATV goggles – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Last Updated: 23.09.18

Top ATV Goggles Reviewed & Buying Guide

We understand just how difficult it can be to find the best ATV goggles, with the numerous alternatives available on the market. If you have little time on your hands, but still want to make a good purchase, the following short paragraph will come in handy. After looking at the best ATV goggles reviews, consumer reports and surveys, we’ve concluded that the model you should consider is the OutdoorMaster OTG. The universal helmet compatibility of this unit ensures that the long elastic strap will work with all types of helmets. The soft TPU frame provides UV400 protection for years of reliable use. What’s more, if you want to handle any weather condition and you’re looking for a quality pair of anti-fog goggles, this model comes with an anti-fog coated inner lens. If you find that our first pick is not available for sale, we recommend you consider the Oakley XS O-Frame.

Comparing the many options of ATV goggles is not always achievable, especially when you consider that more and more options are released every day. To simplify the entire buying process, and to help you get the best goggles for ATV riding, we have identified the key points of consideration and outlined them below.

Lenses and fit

ATV goggles are generally made using strong plastic, and if you want your pair to last you a long time, we highly recommend you go with a pair that has polycarbonate plastic lenses. This type of plastic is almost impossible to break using conventional methods and it is also incredibly lightweight.

Since it is so good at absorbing high-energy impacts from flying objects, this is a material you should look for in quality racing goggles. What’s more, polycarbonate plastic lenses are also thinner and they come together with great UV protection. If you ride a lot during the summer when the sun’s radiation is at the highest, such a lens could help you more than you’d think.

In terms of fit, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the right pair since most goggles come equipped with adjustable straps that can be made bigger or smaller depending on the size of your head. Still, you can never be too careful which is why you need to make sure that the straps can go as big or as small as you need them to.

If you find a model that can’t go small enough, you will find that a loose fit can be very annoying, and all that it will achieve is to make you feel distracted and uncomfortable while riding.

If the fit is too tight, it can also be uncomfortable and even dangerous for your health. A strap that is too tight on your cranium can make it impossible for blood to flow correctly. What’s more, if you notice that the frames are too close to your eyes and your view is obstructed, the cause is most likely due to a tight fit.

You want your goggles to be snug, but even if they seem to fit perfectly, you should always keep an eye out for pressure points that could end up irritating your face while riding.

The color and tint of the lens

The first thing you’ll notice while prospecting the market for a pair of good ATV goggles, is that the lenses have tons of different colors and tints. While at first glance they might seem to play a cosmetic role, the truth is far from that. Take a look below to learn more about the most popular lens colors and tints.

The clear lens is the most common type and it is great for low-light conditions, such as when you are driving at night or on a gloomy day. These do not come with UV protection. The gray units are perfect for reducing glare from direct sunlight. The darker they are, the better they are for bright light conditions.

If you don’t want to buy lots of different goggles for different conditions, the photochromic lenses are a great alternative. They adjust their level of darkness depending on the amount of sunlight, which means that they can be worn at any time no matter the outside conditions.

Other features to consider

If you are wearing glasses, and don’t have the budget for a quality pair of prescription goggles, there is a nifty feature that you can use. Certain models come with an OTG (Over-The-Glass) design that allows the wearer to place the goggles over glasses.

While most models come with durable lenses, not all can handle scratches. If you are worried about the lenses getting scratched, you can get a pair that comes with a scratch-resistant coating. Just make sure never to use any strong disinfectant cleaners to clean the glass, since these substances can remove the protective coating.

If you fear about bacteria accumulating on your new pair of ATV goggles, you can instead clean them with water and then remove any leftover germs with the help of a quality UV sanitizer wand.

Our 2018 list: Find the right ATV goggles for your needs

If you still have difficulties in identifying the cheap ATV goggles that still offer great quality and features, perhaps you should take a quick look at our list of top-rated models. These are the products that stood out due to their build quality, reliability, and affordability.

OutdoorMaster OTG

The OutdoorMaster model stands out from the rest of the products on our list due to the OTG design that makes it possible to fit the goggles over glasses. This feature ensures that even if you have vision problems, with this unit you will still be able to drive your ATV safely and comfortably

The adjustable nature of this variant means that they can be used by both adults and youth. If you have a kid and you were looking to get some quality child goggles for him or her, you can now instead use this versatile and affordable option. It comes with UV protection and the soft TPU frame will provide years of reliable use.

The dual-layers lens comes with anti-fog technology so that you can get excellent optical clarity in all weather conditions. The extra-long elastic strap will ensure great compatibility with all helmets.

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Oakley XS O-Frame

If you are tired of goggles that feature conventional lenses that can magnify images, the Oakley model features the use of HDO precision lenses that give less distorted vision across the entire field of view. This will enable you to get a better view of the road ahead of you, keeping you safe.

You also won’t have to worry about the refraction of regular lenses that give an imprecise location of nearby objects. With the XS O-Frame, you get a truer visual image so that your brain won’t need to work overtime. It is also optimized to fit smaller faces in a comfortable manner due to the triple-layer face foam fleece that will wick away sweat.

What’s more, the lenses are scratch, impact-resistant, and anti-fog - all the features you will need to ensure that you and your ATV will be able to handle all the varied environments you plan to traverse.

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Coleman ATV/UTV

Get yourself better protection from debris while still enjoying a good look at the terrain ahead with the help of the Coleman ATV/UTV. This model features the use of durable lenses that can give you a crystal clear view combined with an adjustable strap to keep the goggles in place even during rocky rides.

The wide and generous 180° field of view means that you get the same experience with the goggles on as you do without them. You can now feel much more confident when riding your awesome ATV. The vented and slip-resistant pads gives the wearer a great experience, ensuring that the goggles are just as comfortable as they are tough.

The clear lenses are made from polycarbonate and the flexible polyurethane frame employs a RealTree APG camo pattern that looks good and it is also practical. The adjustable woven strap is guaranteed to fit most helmets so that you don’t have to worry about this aspect.

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YC Racing ATV

If you are looking for a functional and highly versatile purchase, you can’t go wrong by choosing the YC Racing model. These goggles excel in both functionality and quality due to the use of premium materials, and expert craftsmanship. They can be used for ATV, UTV, dirt bike, off-road racing, and more.

They feature impact-resistant polarized polycarbonate lenses, that will keep your eyes well-protected against wind, dust, snow, rain, and UV radiation. The clear sight will also give you the freedom to use this variant for any outdoor sports activities as well. The strong build quality makes these goggles purposefully designed for versatile applications.

Both the frame and the lens are lightweight and bendable, a feature that allows the product to handle impacts with great ease. Of course, you can also use the bendable nature of the unit to store it into the included pouch and keep it with you wherever you go.

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Freehawk Adjustable UV

The Freehawk variant is the perfect choice for people that are searching for a cool-looking and affordable pair of ATV goggles that can still offer the protection and performance they require. The colorful lens play both an aesthetic and practical role.

The lens will decorate your outdoor activities and protect your eyes from the harmful radiations of the sun. The white frame is designed with the comfort of the wearer in mind which is why the ventilated design provides drag reduction while also preventing the rider from overheating.

The adjustable non-slip and highly elastic strap can be easily adapted to fit heads of any size. It is also compatible with a wide variety of auxiliary equipment. The goggles are suitable for all kinds of helmets, but they can also be used with a sighting telescope or a night vision system. You also get a free microfiber cloth to keep the lens clean.

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