Best rated antibacterial soap before surgery – Guide & reviews

Best rated antibacterial soap before surgery – Guide & reviews

Last Updated: 21.10.18

Top Antibacterial Soaps Before Surgery Reviewed - Buying guide & Comparison for 2018

Buying the best antibacterial soap before surgery is a time-consuming process. To be of help to you, we took it upon ourselves to do the legwork by reading specialized reviews and feedback comments. Consequently, we have determined that the Hibiclens Anti-microbial Cleanser is the model that you should consider investing in. This surgical scrub comes in a one-gallon container that includes an easy-to-use pump. Moreover, its formula is said to bond to the skin of the user in order to sustain its antimicrobial effect for up to six hours. Also, this option has a non-flammable composition and, according to the manufacturer, is less-irritating than other similar antiseptic products currently available. Lastly, the efficiency of this product is not compromised when it comes into contact with organic matter. If this item is unavailable, feel free to take a good look at the Sporicidin Antimicrobial Lotion as you might also find it suitable.

Shopping for the best surgical soap is a task that comes with its difficulties. To be of help, we have decided to put together a list of features and aspects that should be examined by anybody that intends to buy a product of this type.

Efficacy and use

The main difference between the best medical-grade soap and regular soap is that the former choice contains certain chemicals that reduce or prevent bacterial infections. The model that you decide to purchase should have a non-flammable formula that is not compromised when it comes into contact with organic matter.

Similarly to a quality antibacterial hand sanitizer, the soap should not irritate. This is particularly important because some antiseptics are known to have this type of effect. A good way to make sure that this is not the case with the product that you intend to buy is to look at what previous users had to say about it in the feedback comments.

Additionally, some of the available models are said to have an extended effect. In other words, these soaps adhere to the skin of the user and they have a sustained antimicrobial effect for up to five or more hours.

What is more, before you make a purchase, you should check to see what the manufacturer has to say about the intended use of the product. From this point of view, search for items that are marketed as surgical hand scrubs that can be used in preoperative skin preparation.

Easy-to-use design

Another aspect that should not be ignored is the ease of use. Because most products of this kind come in sizeable containers, it might be practical to get a good antibacterial soap before surgery that comes provided with a hand pump.

This way, applying the product will be effortless, and one won’t have to touch the actual container while using it. As a result, cross contamination won’t be an issue. Picking a product of this kind should not be difficult as most models that you can find for sale do come supplied with pumps.

Moreover, the item that you buy should be efficient when it comes to killing disease-causing microorganisms. Products that have broad-spectrum effectiveness against odor-causing bacteria should be preferred.

If you are sensitive to chlorhexidine or iodine scrubs, be sure to get a model that is free of these substances, and that is easy on your hands. This is expressly vital if you have to use the antibacterial soap regularly.

Extra features

According to surgical soap reviews, it is crucial that you stay away from products that include triclosan. This chemical is found in many disinfectant cleaners, and it is said to prevent bacterial contamination. However, given its popularity and constant use, recent data shows that triclosan might contribute to actually making bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, it might be best that you even avoid buying a sanitizer for hands that includes this ingredient.

If you are getting an antibacterial product for the first time, the specialists recommend that, at first, you opt for the smallest size available. You should only purchase a sizable bottle after you are satisfied with how the product works. For safety purposes, you should always read the ingredient list and the purpose for which the item has been formulated.

As a plus, if you are searching for a home disinfectant, but you do not know what brand to choose, read this comprehensive article that we have prepared for you. Moreover, if you need a disinfectant spray for flu, this buying guide can help you select one that fits your needs.

Our 2018 list: Find the right antibacterial soap before surgery for your needs

Because shopping for a product of this kind is difficult, given that the market is filled with many similar models, we have composed a list of items that have received great reviews from users and the specialists.

Hibiclens Anti-microbial Cleanser

If you are interested in acquiring a product that has been vetted by previous users, the Hibiclens Anti-microbial Cleanser might suit you. This option was created to be used as a surgical hand scrub and for skin wound and skin cleaning.

The main advantage of this particular product is that its efficacy increases with use. This is possible because the formula of the soap can actually stick to the skin of the user. As a result, its antimicrobial activity lasts for up to 6 hours.

Moreover, this choice has a non-flammable formula, and it is said to be less likely to irritate one’s skin than other antiseptics that you can find available. The efficiency of this option is also not going to be compromised when it comes into contact with organic matter such as blood. According to previous buyers, this product is worth the investment. However, before getting this item, it is advisable that you consult your doctor.

Buy from for ($49.16)

Sporicidin Antimicrobial Lotion

Another choice that you should have in mind is the one sold by Sporicidin. This soap has antiseptic, deodorizing and cleansing effects and it is said to be gentle to the skin of the user. On top of that, the manufacturer claims that it has been categorized by the FDA as a surgical scrub and a healthcare personnel handwash.

This option is also quite efficient as it can kill a wide array of microorganisms that are known to cause diseases. This soap can clean and also relieve discomfort from cuts, minor burns, abrasions to the skin or wounds. Also, it can prevent cross-contamination.

Because it has an alcohol-free formula, the product is gentle to one’s skin. The seller recommends that the model is used in hospitals, hotels, schools, restaurants, labs, clinics and at home. Given that it has a pH of 7.5, this option is considered mildly alkaline.

Buy from for ($49.95)

Ecolab EQ61048722EA

The EQ61048722EA by Ecolab is another healthcare personnel handwash that you should check out. This alternative is well liked by those that have tried it because it has a clean smell and because, differently from other similar counterparts, it is easy to rinse off.

Moreover, after using it, one won’t feel his/her hands dry. Still, if you have unusually dry skin, you should also invest in a high-quality moisturizer. To be effortless to use, this choice comes supplied with a pump that previous users were pleased with. This alternative is said to be especially useful during flu season when one needs extra protection.

However, it should be noted that, according to one buyer, this soap does contain triclosan, an ingredient that was deemed by the FDA as generally not being recognized as safe. Overall, this model has received positive reviews so far. If you intend to use it at home, it might be best that you talk to your doctor first.

Buy from for ($31.19)

Vet Solutions Surgical Scrub

If you are sensitive to chlorhexidine and/or iodine scrubs, the Vet Solutions Surgical Scrub is a product that you should consider buying as it is a safe alternative that might suit you. This soap can provide a quick bactericidal activity against a wide range of microorganisms that might cause various diseases.

As a plus, as the seller claims, this model is easy on one’s hands, and it helps maintain one’s skin integrity even after frequent scrubbing. This feature is very practical given that other similar counterparts are known to cause one’s skin to dry up.

At the time we carried out our research, this item had received favorable reviews from those that had tried it. Still, because this item had not received negative feedback, it is difficult to say whether or not this specific model has significant drawbacks that you should be aware of before you make a purchase.

Buy from for ($64.26)

Ecolab/Huntington 6000033EA

Another choice that you should consider is the 6000033EA. This antibacterial soap is currently regarded as a highly efficient purchase that has a discrete scent, and that is very easy to rinse off.

Furthermore, this product comes shipped in a container that includes a pump. Consequently, it is easy to deploy a sufficient amount of soap without having actually to touch the body of the bottle. Because it was made to soothe the skin of the person using it, this product is moisturizing, and it won’t cause dryness.

Moreover, the smell of the soap is not very strong and, thus, its odor will most likely not bother you. Still, it should be pointed out that, according to the label of this soap, it does contain triclosan, a substance that the FDA has spoken against.

Overall, this choice has a budget-friendly price, and it is recommended by those that have used it so far.

Buy from for ($11.07)
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