Top Antibacterial Floor Cleaners Reviewed & Buying Guide


Looking for the best antibacterial floor cleaner? If that’s the case, you’ve ended up in the perfect place. After we went through hundreds of antibacterial floor cleaner reviews, we came to the conclusion that the one you ought to be considering spending your cents on is the Mr. Clean M. Net Multi Purpose. Based on the information that we came across, it appears that this alternative is capable of removing up to 99% of the bacteria present on all of the surfaces in your home. You can use it for the bathtub, for your toilet exterior, as well as for your floors, so it is rather versatile. If this cleaner is no longer available, do check out the next best option, the StoneTech RTU D14608371.


Getting a good antibacterial floor cleaner these days can be quite a daunting task, and that’s no surprise given that the number of disinfectants for bathrooms as well as for other places in your home currently up for sale can leave you feeling a bit baffled. If you want to know how to select the perfect one, check out our comprehensive guide below.

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Given the antibacterial nature of the cleaner you are looking for, what you have to make sure of first is that it can be used on a broad array of surfaces. You should be able to clean hardwood, tile, granite as well as any other smooth surfaces people walk on in your home. Otherwise, you will have to invest in several products, each for a different kind of floor.



There are quite a bit of variations when it comes to the exact type of floor cleaner you can choose. Some people like using disinfectant sprays, for example, as they might find them easier to apply everywhere.

Other prospective buyers are focused on convenience and feasibility, so they might opt for an antibacterial solution that has to be mixed with water. Needless to say, one gallon of such a solution will last you way more than a bottle of antibacterial spray ever could.

There are also solutions that you simply apply on the floor and then give it a good mopping without needing to add any water. Keep in mind that these might be a little too harsh for households where pets and crawling babies still reside.



Almost no antibacterial cleaner will come unscented, and that’s because as consumers, we have become accustomed to using scented cleaners over the years. Most smell like citrus fruit, but there are others that will remind you of the ocean breeze, smell like your favorite flower, or anything else.

The fact is that, with an antibacterial cleaner, its effectiveness matters a lot more than its smell. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t choose one that practically puts you off because of its scent.


Time of action

Some options can do what they’re supposed to in as little as five seconds, so the vast majority of the germs present on the surface you’ve applied the cleaner to will be killed in a very timely fashion.

Needless to say, the time of action isn’t the same as the amount of time that the antibacterial properties will be preserved. Unfortunately, few cleaners have the ability to act as repellents against future bacterial deposits coming from dust and debris, but also from pets’ saliva, and anything else.  


Antibacterial properties and safety

We found it a challenge to discover several antibacterial floor cleaners, and that’s because not all of them are made for this purpose. Most are created to clean the surface and that’s it, without sanitizing it.

There are some that can kill up to 99% of the germs on the floor, but you’ll have to go out of your way to find them. These substances can be split up into two categories — natural or chemical. With natural alternatives, you have the advantage that they are completely safe for you and your family, but it’s very likely that their efficiency isn’t as good as you might think.

On the other hand, chemical options are extremely good at doing what they’re supposed to, but they aren’t necessarily safe to use around pets and kids. What that means is that you should clean the floors in a room and then lock it up until the cleaner has evaporated, and then air it out for a half hour or so before allowing children and animals to go inside.



Our 2018 list: Find the right antibacterial floor cleaner for your needs


Whether you decide to go for a cheap antibacterial floor cleaner or a more expensive option, the truth is that it can be daunting to select just the right one from the myriad of those that claim they’ll kill all of the germs and they might, in fact, not be capable of doing that. To help you out, we put together a selection of several you can check out. All of them work.



Mr. Clean M. Net Multi Purpose


Probably the neatest thing about this alternative is that it can be used to clean a broad range of surfaces in your home, including your toilet. Sure, it’s not specifically manufactured for this purpose, but it won’t disappoint you since it has the right antibacterial properties you have been looking for in such a product.

The Febreze Citrus & Light scent of this option will leave your whole house smelling nice, so you you will practically feel like you did a good job cleaning the dirt on your floors. The product is available in several other scent variations, too, in case you’re no fan of this one.

On top of everything, the Mr. Clean liquid will enable you to rest assured that up to 99% of the bacteria in dangerous places like diaper pails or pet areas is removed. Keep your home sparkling clean and smelling nice with this choice.


Buy from for ($15.95)





StoneTech RTU D14608371


The StoneTech option takes cleaning to a whole new level as it is capable of removing the dirt and bacteria on pretty much any surface you might have in your home. Whether you have granite or limestone floors or any made of marble or tile, you can safely use this product to make everything clean and sanitized.

The D14608371 is available in several other scents, including a cucumber one that you should give a try to if you’ve grown sick and tired of the good old citrus smell boasted by pretty much all floor cleaners on the market.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that this product is water-based, biodegradable, and fully capable of getting rid of the bacteria that might be lurking on your floors. Just spray some and wipe with a cloth or your mop. Last, but not least, this one has an extra feature, and it’s that it even prevents the buildup of mold and mildew on the areas where it’s been applied.


Buy from for ($29.99)





Xtreme Cleen Concentrate


If you want to get the best bang for the buck and you’re no fan of those antibacterial cleaners that are already water-based, you can safely opt for this alternative. It’s a concentrate that can allow you to make as many as sixty-two gallons of cleaning solution, and it’s quite effective, too.

Compared to some of the other liquids we have checked out, this one can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, so if it’s not efficient, we don’t know what it is. The same product can be used to remove heavy dirt, hard-to-remove stains, as well as grease from your floors.

Furthermore, the Xtreme Cleen can be utilized to perform regular quick cleanups, but it can also prevent the development of mold and mildew — again, a pro some other floor cleaners might fail to offer you. The solution can be mixed with carpet cleaners, used directly in washers, or can even be diluted in spray bottles. There’s no point in using it as it is.


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Rejuvenate RJ32ABFC


Getting a highly efficient floor cleaner with antibacterial properties can be hard, but if you look in all the right places, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect one. This 32-ounce alternative might be just what you have been looking for if you have been searching for one that can be used on any surface ranging from glazed ceramic tile to plastic surfaces.

The versatility of the Rejuvenate floor cleaner cannot be denied, as it also provides great results when being used as a bathtub or kitchen cabinet sanitizer. Both dirt and grime are removed conveniently and easily, and the product also has a nice orange scent that’ll give you the feeling you’ve actively cleaned your rooms.

Based on the claims of the manufacturing brand and some of the reviews acquired by the product over time, it seems that this one can remove up to 99.9% of the bacteria in as little as five seconds.

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