Best rated anti-fog goggles – Guide & reviews

Best rated anti-fog goggles – Guide & reviews

Last Updated: 17.11.18

Top Anti-Fog Goggles Reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2018

Time is of the essence, and we know that few people can find enough of it to spare and do their research about the best anti-fog goggles, which is where this short paragraph comes into play. We have gathered all the useful information to help consumers make the best buying decision. Based on the criteria of quality, protection, and affordability, the i-Swim Pro answers all these needs. If you want a crystal clear vision, free of any fog, this model is built with lasting anti-fog technology. The lenses are not only built to offer an outstanding viewing experience but also to last for as long as possible which is why they feature anti-shatter lenses that don’t interfere with the clarity of this unit. What’s more, the soft silicone gaskets will cushion your eyes gently so that you can enjoy a comfortable fit. If the i-Swim Pro is not available for sale, we recommend you consider the ZIONOR Lagopus.

With so many options available on the market, reading anti-fog goggles reviews for every product is a taxing and difficult task. Not everyone has the time or energy for this undertaking which is why we’ve researched the market for you, and we’ve identified the must-have features that will make finding good anti-fog goggles that much easier.


There are so many different models of goggles available on the market from nifty goggles for snorkeling to models used for winter sports or just for protection when working in a lab. The one feature that they all share and that you should always keep in mind is the comfort that your purchase offers.

You should consider the fact that you are going to wear your goggles for dozens of minutes, if not hours, depending on the activity that you use them for. As such, comfort should be your primary concern. Whether you go for cheap anti-fog goggles or more premium alternatives, comfort should never be lacking.

A close and comfortable fit is paramount. You should make sure that the goggles are never too large or too small and even more important, that they are compatible with your chosen helmet. What’s more, you should also pay close attention to the type of face foam that the manufacturer of your product uses.

Face foams nowadays can use high-tech materials built to wick moisture away from the skin and help keep yourself cool and comfortable. These technologies may also work in conjunction with the anti-fog coating to provide better performance.

How to find the model that fits best

If this is the first time purchasing anti-fog goggles, the one simple truth that you should know from the start is that the best way of going about this task is to test as many models as possible.

Yes, it may seem a bit daunting, especially if you are short on time but if you want to find the best fit, experimenting with different models is the thing that you should do. You will end up thanking yourself once you find that awesome pair of goggles that fit seamlessly.

Your goggles should sit snugly to the face, and they should not rock about because if they do, it means that they are too large. Similarly, if any of the interior moldings come into contact with the outer eye socket, it means that they are too small.

The good thing about the sea of options available on the market today is the fact that most manufacturers offer models that can suit different face sizes. From small, medium, or large, all the way to offering models specifically built for children’s faces or female-specific alternatives.

Other features worth considering

You should also take a second to consider the type of activity that you want to use your goggles for. Quality goggles for snowboarding are built differently than the ones meant for triathlon, or protection goggles that you want to use when mixing ingredients in your new mortar and pestle set.

There are also a few other nifty features worth thinking about. If you wear glasses, you can choose a product that features “Over the Glasses” frames. These models are designed to be positioned over prescription glasses. The chamber is slightly larger and offers extra space to house the glasses without causing pressure on the face.

When taking care of your new anti-fog goggles, you should avoid using powerful disinfectant cleaners as these can damage the lens or even remove the anti-fog coating entirely. For proper cleaning, you should either use water or a UV sanitizer wand.

Our 2018 list: Find the right anti-fog goggles for your needs

Even when doing your homework properly, there are times when no matter how hard you try, you can’t decide on what model to get. Because we want to simplify things for you, we have compiled a varied list with some of the highest-rated anti-fog goggles available today.

i-Swim Pro

If you are looking for a good pair of goggles for triathlon, the i-Swim Pro is the choice we recommend. All it takes to be convinced by the quality that this option offers is a quick look at the thousands of overwhelmingly positive reviews that customers have left.

This fog-free unit offers crystal clear vision combined with anti-shatter technology that will allow the lenses to handle use even under the most stressful conditions. The gaskets have a unique, cushioned design that will create a perfect seal around the eyes so that no water gets inside the goggles.

To make things even better, this purchase comes packed with extras. You get a free protective case to store and transport your pick, a free high quality nose clip, and ear plugs. Seeing as the i-Swim Pro comes at an affordable price, you will be hard-pressed to find another choice that offers the same level of value.

Buy from for ($19.87)

ZIONOR Lagopus

Want to get a pair of performance ski goggles that offer a wide array of customization? The ZIONOR Lagopus offers all that and more. The solid and durable lenses are enhanced with an anti-scratch coating for increased durability so that you can use the goggles on the slope for years to come.

The smart ventilation system will maintain your performance at peak level so that no matter how much time you spend speeding on the slope, you will never get overheated. Apart from the anti-fog protection, the lenses also feature 100% protection against the harmful UV radiation from the sun. You will enjoy better viewing with no noticeable glares.

As if to make things even better, this helmet is compatible with OTG technology. What this means is that you will be able to fit small to medium size glasses under the goggles. This model is designed to fit both youth and adults.

Buy from for ($21.99)

COOLOO Kids Swim

Get your kids the equipment they need to make their swimming sessions a success. The Kids Swim model is an affordable choice that offers two pairs of goggles for the price of one. If you’re looking to save money, this is the choice for you, especially as the low price does not mean you will get a low quality product.

With a construction that features odorless and hypoallergenic silicone, these goggles are the ideal gear for your kids as they are especially gentle on their sensitive skin. The impact resistant lenses are also a cool feature, considering that children are very likely to drop their gear more often than adults.

You also get a functional design that is easy to use. The strap that some units use can be a pain, and for an option that is designed for kids, this is the last thing that you want. This is why the new quick-fit buttons make adjusting the strap a straightforward and quick process.

Buy from for ($19.99)

Aegend Swim Goggles

Whether you swim in an outdoor or indoor pool, the Aegend alternative has you covered as the UV and anti-fog coating will enhance your swimming experience. They are easy to put on and take off but once on they will stay secured until you alone decide to take them off.

The straps use a unique design that will save you of the pain of pulling your hair while taking the strap off your head. The silicone frame and gasket provide the user with maximum comfort so that even when you have lengthy training sessions or competitions, you will never feel hindered by your goggles.

The light grey lens helps reduce light transmission into the naked eye so that you get the best visibility without harming your eye. As a plus, you also get a useful protection case that you can use to store and transport your goggles.

Buy from for ($12.99)


Keep your eyes protected when doing potentially dangerous tasks with the DEWALT alternative. These goggles are designed to handle a lot of stress so that you can do your work with full confidence knowing that your product has your back. The hard coated lens provides tough protection against scratches.

You will not have to worry that water vapors will fog the lenses since this unit uses the latest in anti-fog technology to provide tough protection against this unpleasant phenomena. The ventilation channels will further improve breathability and help prevent fogging as well.

If you are the kind of person that loses himself or herself when working, this nifty model will keep you from overheating. Fresh air will keep circulating in and out of the goggles so that you feel comfortable while wearing the DEWALT goggles. As a plus, the elastic and adjustable cloth head strap will give you a perfect and comfortable fit.

Buy from for ($10.53)
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