Best analog body weight scales in 2018 – Comparison & Reviews

Best analog body weight scales in 2018 – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 19.10.18

Top Analog Body Weight Scales This Year - Guide & Comparative Analysis

Keeping an eye on your body weight is one of the main ways of making sure you are healthy and fit for your age. We know that it might be difficult finding the right product for your needs, and that is why we are offering to help you find the right item for you. By taking customer feedback, product specifications, and common people’s demands into account we have come to the conclusion that the best analog body weight scale is the Ozeri Electro-Mechanical. The product features a synchronized electro-mechanical dial, which is easy to read even while standing on the device regardless of light conditions or reading angle. It includes 4 high precision sensors that guarantee an accurate reading and an oversized platform, made from resistant impact-proof glass designed with safety in mind. However, this gadget is available at a very affordable price so it might quickly be sold out; in this situation, another good choice you might want to look at is the Health O Meter Mechanical.

It is important to know what characteristics you have to look after before starting searching for the scale that will best fit your needs. There are some features that add up to the price without significantly influencing the accuracy and ease of use, while other details are essential and differentiate a good item from a less desirable one. Read our buying guide to learn what you might want to look for.


Perhaps the most important feature you have to look after in a scale is accuracy. Carefully monitoring your body weight and ensuring your lifestyle is healthy cannot be done with a product that has a faulty construction and lacks precision. The quality of the analog mechanisms operating your device depends on how finely tuned they are and on what materials were used to manufacture them, greatly influencing the readings.

This is why the more on point scales are considerably pricier than the less accurate ones; these can be found in a doctor’s office or in a hospital, places where exactly measuring a patient’s weight is important.

Good analog body weight scales are usually somewhere in between the two categories mentioned above. They have a margin of about one or two pounds, with the cheaper ones going to perhaps 3 or 4 pounds in terms of average error.

Depending on how exigent you are, you can opt for a pricier but better-built model or for a cheaper one with less precision. If you intend to use it for your sports hall business, it is recommended to acquire a more accurate scale, because this implies that it is also better built and will last longer without requiring any fixing or further adjustments.

However, for day to day use in your household, you can opt for something less sophisticated but with a more compact design that will enable you to store it with ease.

Dial type

Regardless of how accurate and good your scale is, the dial will greatly influence your experience and the precision of the final results. Depending on how good your eyesight is (or that of those you are buying it for), you can opt for a smaller dial (this, in turn, will make your scale more compact and easy to store) or for a large dial, that is easy to read even when standing; this will increase the overall size and weight.

There are several ways of displaying the results; some designs have a simple, single unit dial with an indicating pin, others have dual units, and the more recent ones also include a small LCD screen which will display the measured weight in whatever units you want.

The latter will also require batteries to operate, but it will be extremely easy to use and offer precise readings which cannot be misinterpreted. The background color is also important: it is recommended to go for powerful contrasts such as black numbers and increments on a white background to obtain the best results.

Budget and other features

A good scale will also include extra features such as an anti-slip cover on the surface of the platform, making it safe for you to use it in a wet environment. It can be either fixed or removable and in both cases it is better to have one. Keep in mind that quality analog body weight scales should also have a long lifespan.

There are few things that might break down in an analog device; even so, the overall build should be as robust and strong as possible, protecting the internal parts against impacts. Some are also fitted with an adjustment mechanism that resets the pin to zero if it somehow starts showing other numbers when not in use.

Compact designs are favorable for household items, as this will make them easier to store. There is a wide price range in which one can find a perfect scale for their needs. There are products for sale for as low as $15, while professional designs can go to ten times that amount or even more. This, of course, depends on their accuracy, build, dial type and overall reliability.

If you need an item with increased capacity that will be used by many other people, consider spending a little bit more than you would on one intended only for you and your family. Even so, there is something for everyone and finding the perfect product for your needs is not as difficult as it might seem.

Our 2018 list: Find the right analog body weight scale for your needs

It is hard to decide which the best cheap body scale on the market is. We cannot choose an item for you, but to make your decisions easier, our team has put together a list of products and wrote reviews of analog body weight scales which take into consideration both product specifications and customer opinions. Look through our comprehensive list to see what best fits your needs.

Ozeri ZB19 Electro Mechanical

The product that came up most often while we were gathering information for this list is this scale, designed and produced by Ozeri. It has great features, combining aesthetics with utility and high precision. Besides, it is also available at a very attractive price, making it a popular and desirable item.

In spite of the elegant, retro look of this scale, it incorporates modern technology and high precision sensors that guarantee increased measuring accuracy. The large platform makes it easy to use by anyone in need of it, and safety is guaranteed by the impact-proof tempered glass used to build it. It is also easy to store, being thin enough to fit under a bed.

Featuring a large, 5.5 inch in diameter dial with an integrated LED screen, for easy and more accurate readings, this scale can be used by anyone, regardless of how good their eyesight is. The digital screen is powered by three batteries, which are included in the package.

Buy from for ($23.99)

Health O Meter Mechanical Floor

This mechanical scale is one of the most appreciated and best-sold products in its category. Reliable, easy to use and accurate enough for everyday purposes, the analog device requires no batteries to operate. Even though it might seem pricey, it is a high-quality item guaranteed to last long enough to make it worth the money.

Featuring an extra-large platform, the product can accommodate multiple users, and with a maximum capacity of 400 lbs. it is versatile enough. Reliability is a result of the simple mechanism behind it and of the high-quality materials used while producing this item.

It can be stored anywhere big enough to accommodate it, but the raised dial makes it a bit too tall to fit a small space. The large dial can be read while standing without problems. It has only imperial units. Customers have claimed that the readings are accurate and the scale is easy to use and also reliable, having good value for the money.

Buy from for ($82)

Health O Meter Oversized

Combining the accuracy of a professional scale with the reduced price of a household one, this item is perfect for use at a sports center, gym or in your own home to monitor body weight. With a strong, robust design and an easily adjustable measuring mechanism, the product is reliable and also versatile.

The white platform contains two black pads made from an anti-slip material, used to guarantee a safe and easy operation. The color combination is reminiscent of the one found in a doctor’s office, suggesting the high quality and precision of this scale. It has an analog mechanism, requiring no batteries to operate.

If it becomes inaccurate, adjusting it back to zero by using the cog that equips it will solve the problem. Fitted with a large, oversized dial with imperial units, the scale is easy to read even when standing on the platform. This means you will not have to bend over to take a look at the readings. It can be used by anyone since the maximum capacity is 400 lbs.

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Conair Analog

One of the best products when it comes to helping with weight management is this scale. Manufactured by Conair, this device is appreciated for the sleek design and accuracy, and the attractive price makes it a bestseller.

The 13 by 17 inches platform, covered with a non-slip surface designed to enable use in wet environments such as swimming pools or bathrooms, is large and can accommodate most users, while the solid and robust build help increase its lifetime. Compact and less tall than similar products, it can be easily stored under a bed or wardrobe.

An extra-large dial, with imperial units only, is also provided. It can be read while standing on the platform with enough precision, thanks to the large numbers and black on white background increments. The colors are chosen to make it look good too; the silvery frame and black platform giving it a stylish look that will fit any bathroom.

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Salter Analog

This affordable scale, produced by Salter, is considerably cheaper than other similar products but it offers enough accuracy for everyday purposes, being easy to use and reliable. It is an analog item, meaning that there are no electronics involved in measuring your weight and it requires no batteries to operate.

Measuring 18.25 by 13 inches, the platform is large enough to accommodate any user; it is covered with a non-slip textured mat increasing the safety of use in wet environments. A durable and strong steel made, powder coated base makes it rust-proof, increasing the lifespan, and a 5-year warranty is also issued against manufacturer’s defects.

The large, 7.5 inches in diameter dial offers ease of use and gives people the ability to obtain precise readings when standing on the scale, even if they suffer from poor eyesight. Including both imperial and metric units increases its versatility, making it fit for use in hotels and other places visited by many people coming from different countries.

Buy from for ($40.96)
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