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Best analog bathroom scales – 2020 Reviews & Comparison

Last Updated: 22.02.20


Top 5 Analog Bathroom Scales Reviewed & Buying Guide


Constantly monitoring body weight is one of the main parts of the daily care required to remain healthy and fit. A small bathroom scale is the best way of doing this, but given the massive amount of different models, designs and prices available, it might prove tricky choosing a model that best fits your needs. To give you a hand, we have looked through many customer reviews, product specifications and feedback and our team came to the conclusion that the best analog bathroom scale is the Ozeri ZB19 Electro Mechanical Weight Scale. This popular item incorporates modern technology in an old-school, retro design. It has a dial with dual scales and also includes a small electronic screen, for easy and precise readings. Four pressure sensors guarantee its accuracy, while the large platform, made from impact-proof glass, is safe to use and accommodates a wide variety of users. However, given that it is available at a very low price, the item might quickly be sold out. In this case, the Health O Meter Home Scale is another good option.


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Before you start prospecting the market, it is important that you understand some of the factors that you need to take into consideration. These directly influence the quality of the product and, as a result, your degree of satisfaction with the choice made. Understand how some details influence the scales by reading the buying guide featured below.


An inaccurate scale is just another useless thing crowding your already limited space. If you cannot obtain precise results, it becomes impossible to keep your body weight on track and to monitor your health parameters with it. This is why it is important to go for a high-quality design that relies on a finely tuned mechanism to operate.

Even though these might not be so cheap, they also last longer in time and are less prone to failures. Most bathroom analog scales have an error of about one or two pounds. Usually, customers are satisfied with this result, but exigent people might want a device with an error of only half of that found in common, household items.

In time, the measuring precision might be reduced by material fatigue and dirt that penetrated the outer shell, clogging the internal parts of the mechanism. Opting for a stronger and more robust design will reduce the rate by which a scale becomes inaccurate. It is even better if it includes an adjustment knob for resetting the pin to zero once it becomes detuned.


Dial type

Precision is also influenced by the dial type used and how easily it can be read. Sometimes, misunderstandings might occur, if the numbers are too small or the pin wobbles around an indication. If you cannot properly read the scale, the accuracy of the results will suffer and the product might prove useless. That is why you have to opt for the best kind of indicator, according to your needs.

If your eyes are strong and you can clearly read smaller numbers from a distance, opting for a small dial is recommended. The scales built like this are usually very compact and can be easily hidden under a wardrobe or bed. However, if you or the person you are buying it for needs glasses to see clearly, purchasing a device with large, oversized dial and pin is recommended.

Even though it will influence the overall size of the body, not having to bend over to obtain precise readings will increase the accuracy of the results, making your gadget more enjoyable to use too.

Electronic dials are quite useful too in this scenario; even though they require batteries to operate, they offer clear, pinpoint results that are easy to read and impossible to misinterpret. Background colors are influencing your readings as well; go for contrasts such as black increments and numbers against a white background rather than less striking differences.


Other features to take into consideration and budget

Unlike common scales, those used in bathrooms or around swimming pools require two extra features. First, they must have some sort of anti-slip platform surface cover, to prevent accidents when used in these wet environments.

Second, in order to obtain the best results over a long period of time, you will need to make sure that the body is rust-proof; even a cheap analog bathroom scale will have some sort of coating to reduce, if not eliminate, the effects of constant exposure to water. A good analog bathroom scale should also be entirely waterproof. Humidity can corrode the internal mechanism, reducing accuracy or even causing it to break down over time.

Most designs currently available for sale have an anti-corrosion protection but not all are also waterproof. Another feature to look after is versatility; to achieve this, their platform should accommodate as many users as possible, regardless of their shoe size, and the capacity should be increased, too. Usually, scales can measure up to 400 pounds accurately.

Your budget also influences the results you will obtain. The price range allows you enough flexibility, and good products can be purchased for as low as $15. However, if you demand greater accuracy, longer lifetime, corrosion resistance and maybe even a warranty, consider spending a little bit more.

There are a lot of excellent products in the $50 price range, and ultra-precise ones go up to $100-$150. The latter are meant for clinical use rather than for common everyday purposes, but if your demands are high in terms of accuracy, you can also search for the more professional items.



5 Best Analog Bathroom Scales (Reviews) in 2020


Since we cannot pick the perfect item for your needs, to help you make the decision, our team searched amongst the most popular products and wrote some reviews of analog bathroom scales. These take product specifications and customer opinions into consideration, and they might offer you some extra clues about what you really need.



1. Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial


Amongst the products that came up often while we were doing our research is this scale, produced by Ozeri. Incorporating high technology sensors, it is known and appreciated for its high precision. Since it is available at a low price, this design has great value for the money, being one of the most appreciated items currently available.

The design includes a large, 5.5 inch in diameter dial with an extra LED screen, for easy and more precise readings. This means that anyone, regardless of how good their eyesight is, can use this scale with a sufficient degree of accuracy. It is powered by three batteries, which are included in the package and can be replaced once emptied.

Even though it has a retro look, it incorporates modern materials and high precision sensors that guarantee the precision of this scale. The large platform makes it easy to use and safety is guaranteed by the impact-proof tempered glass used to build it. Storage is no problem as it can fit any small space, being thin and compact.


Buy from for ($26.3)





2. Health O Meter Floor Scale


An affordable option is this scale for generic household use. Precise, compact and quite reliable and versatile, the device can be used by anyone, and customers appreciate the solid and robust design. Without limiting it to personal use, it offers enough accuracy for use in a gym, health center or other similar business.

The scale requires no batteries to operate since it is analog, and the simple yet quality mechanism providing the readings makes it reliable and versatile. Featuring a solid build, it might have a long lifespan and make it worth the money. About 3 inches tall, it is easy to store under a taller bed or wardrobe.

A great feature of this scale is the dual dial, with both metric and imperial units. It is large, but people with failing eyesight might have some problems getting precise readings. However, with a little bit of help, this is no longer a problem. It can also be used by pretty much anyone since it includes both systems.


Buy from for ($56)





3. HB160KLEA  Professional Home Care Mechanical Floor Scale 


Even though this item might seem pricier, it is one of the most popular designs in its category and stands out with the high-quality build, increased accuracy, and compact design. Featuring a robust body and a capacity of 400 lbs, the item is pretty popular and definitely worth the money.

The large platform, fitted with an anti-slip surface protection makes it ideal for accommodating a wide variety of users, so it can be used in a gym or sports center. With a capacity of 400 lbs, it is versatile and capable of showing accurate indications even at higher loads.

Having a largely raised dial with dual scales, both imperial and metric means that anyone can use it even with not so good eyesight. It has 1 pound increments to help you obtain precise readings even when standing on it. Without being too large, it can be stored easily under a bed or wardrobe, as it is not extremely tall.


Buy from for ($89.08)





4. Health O Meter 160lbs. Mechanical Floor Scale


Thanks to the high-quality build, robust and compact body and great accuracy, this mechanical scale is one of the most popular products in its category. Accurate enough for common, everyday purposes, the device is entirely mechanical, meaning that it needs no batteries to operate. It has a long lifespan, guaranteeing it has great value for the money.

It is important to be able to obtain precise readings even with poor eyesight; this is why the dial is extra-large and also raised so that it can be read while standing without problems. However, it only contains imperial units so it cannot be read by metric system users. Customer feedback indicates that the readings are on point and the scale is easy to use and also reliable, with a long lifespan.

With an extra-large platform, the product can accommodate multiple users, having a maximum capacity of 400 lbs. Having a simple and entirely analog mechanism behind its operation, it is reliable enough and with a prolonged lifespan. Even though the raised dial makes it a bit too tall to fit a small space, there are other ways to easily store it, as it is not too big.


Buy from for ($79)





5. Salter Mechanical Bathroom Scale


A more affordable bathroom scale is this item, produced by Salter. Cheaper than some of its competitors, it offers enough accuracy for everyday purposes, being easy to use and requiring no maintenance whatsoever. Entirely mechanical, it needs no batteries to operate.

The large platform, measuring 18.25 by 13 inches is covered with a non-slip textured mat that prevents accidents when used in wet environments. The steel base is strong and durable, being made from steel and coated with special powders, which make it rust-proof. A 5-year warranty is also issued, guaranteeing for its reliability and permanent accuracy even after years of use.

Featuring a large, 7.5 inches dial, the scale offers ease of use and gives people the ability to obtain precise readings even when standing on the scale. The dual measuring systems, imperial and metric, make it excellent for hotels or other places where people used with either system will use it. With a great price, it definitely offers great value for the money.


Buy from for ($44.62)




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