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If you want to keep an eye on your family health and need to purchase the best ear thermometer for adults, you’ve come to the right place. Read this short paragraph and check out what our team of researchers has found. Apparently, the product that meets all the quality standards is the Kinsa Digital Smart Ear KET-001. This unit uses a Bluetooth technology in order to enable you to keep track of your family history of illnesses. In addition to being compatible with most smartphones, this thermometer provides accurate temperature readings in only 1 second. Thanks to the top-notch battery, you get up to 1000 results and the special app shows important information every time you need it. If the Kinsa Digital Smart Ear KET-001 is out of stock, make sure to check the Clever Choice Clinical Ear and Forehead.


Many people find it troublesome trying to purchase a good ear thermometer for adults. Most products on the market showcase all sorts of features that make the decision even harder. So we’ve gathered information and came up with this useful buying guide that might teach you a thing or two about ear thermometers.


Consider the reviews

Ear thermometers are widely used because they provide accurate readings of the body temperature that is found in the internal ear. These tools utilize laser technology that traps the heat and gives the readings on the unit’s display.

The reason why these tools have gained so much popularity is that they are reliable and easy to use. Especially if you have little children, this type of thermometers is ideal for them since they are fast and completely non-invasive.

It’s not easy to choose a product that you can’t try before. With so many brands for sale that sell thermometers for ear, you need to consider their reliability. If you don’t have any details about the brand, check the product descriptions and their features.

Besides the aspects regarding the company and the features, you can always take a look at some ear thermometer reviews. The online medium is filled with sites and forums where people express their opinions regarding the products they’ve purchased.

People that have already used some thermometers can give you hints about their features and ease of use.

Also, you can get a general idea when you compare the one you’re interested in with other similar products. Many of these options are quite affordable and provide the exact settings you’re looking for in an ear thermometer.


Quality standards

You should pay attention to the standards of quality because you are getting a device that needs to be medically accurate. You can’t have an ear thermometer that doesn’t meet the standards or one that is not compatible with hospital devices. It is advisable to look for items that are certified and approved by the authorities in the field.

Another aspect you should be aware of is the water resistance of the tool. Especially if you need to buy the best ear thermometer for babies, the unit must be made of a sturdy material that prevents any water and humidity from causing damages. If you accidentally expose the thermometer to moisture, you can ruin the tool, so it’s better to opt for a thermometer that is water resistant.

A trustworthy product comes with some sort of warranty. Most manufacturers provide different types in order to gain more customers. If you find a thermometer that has excellent features but lacks a proper warranty you should avoid it, that is unless you tend to change them from to time or you are in need of modern settings.

Ear thermometers use infrared technology to collect and to measure the heat inside the ear. Before purchasing a product of this type, you must keep in mind that you need a tool that functions well. So choose the one that possesses an updated technology that provides heat measurements correctly.

Since ear thermometers are used to measure the heat located inside the ear, you need to use special covers in order to prevent the possibility of spreading germs and bacteria. You should get a model that provides extra cases. The cover of the unit should be changed every time you intend to do a new temperature reading.



Because thermometers intended for the ear use the infrared technology, they should be made of a sturdy and resistant material. The unit should provide a strong and ergonomic grip, as well. It is quite important to read the booklet of the product and see the nature of the material.



Top adults ear thermometer reviews in 2019


Based on the reviews received from previous customers and the feedback gained from experts in the field, we’ve made a list of products we believe you should take into consideration.



Kinsa Digital Smart Ear KET-001


With this smart digital thermometer, you have access to your entire medical file at the tips of your fingertip. If you feel feverish and need a reliable tool to check your temperature, you’ll know for sure in just 1 second.

One aspect worth mentioning is that this device use Bluetooth technology in order to synchronize with almost any type of smartphone, regarding their operating system. After you install the special app on your mobile phone, you can keep track of your previous readings in your account. If you have an emergency and need to show your doctor the information you can do it straight from your smartphone.

There’s no need to purchase additional covers for the probes because the tip can be cleaned easily after each usage.  

Also, the thermometer is suitable for babies, children, and adults. You can use the app every time you want to learn information regarding illnesses, symptoms, and medication.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($35.99)





Clever Choice Clinical Ear and Forehead


If versatility is what you’re looking for, then you’ll be more than pleased with this dual mode thermometer. You can use it for checking the temperature inside the ear or placed on your forehead.

This clinically approved unit is calibrated for medical use in order to deliver accurate and consistent readings.

Moreover, the device is outfitted with a fever warning function that enables the warning backlights to change their color according to the level of temperature. The lights range from green, yellow, and red.

Quite easy to use, the thermometer has only two buttons, one for the forehead and another for the ear. Plus, there’s no need to wait for the result because in just 1 second the device will tell if you have a fever or not. Once the reading is over, you’ll be notified by a long and loud beeping sound.

The display numbers can be shown in both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales and the thermometer is able to store up to 20 results.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($18.99)





PrettyMakeUp Ear Thermometer


It’s important to have a reliable and multifunctional thermometer in your household in case of emergency. Since you never know when fever becomes a real problem, you need a tool that can tell you your body temperature as well as the ambient one.

This thermometer benefits from top-notch improved software technology that enables the tool to deliver results exceptional fast and accurate.

Furthermore, the device is a dual model which means that you can use for the forehead area for in-ear measurements, as well. If you have small babies, you can use it for checking the milk’s temperature before the feeding time.

In just one second you’ll be notified with a loud beep that your result is ready. Compared to glass thermometers, this one is safe to use even for checking the body’s temperature of toddlers.

If you need to use the thermometer at night, you can do it even without the lights on due to the backlit display.



Buy from Amazon.com





Beurer Digital 3 in 1 Ear FT58


This digital thermometer has been designed to measure the body’s temperature using a non-invasive infrared technology that captures the heat located in the auditory canal. The product is suitable for all ages.

The best part is that the unit is easy to use. All you have to do is to carefully insert the tip of the device inside the ear canal. If you want to check the temperature of the room or a certain object, simply hold the device from a distance of 0.4-0.8 inches in front of the desired point and press the power button.

You can use the thermometer for more than one family member thanks to the interchangeable protective caps that come with the package. This way, you can rest assured no bacteria is spread.

When fever is detected, a face symbol will indicate that the measured body temperature is equal or higher than 100.4 Fahrenheit degrees. Also, the product is outfitted with a fever alarm that uses certain beeping sounds to alert you.



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Apex Ear Thermometer 


When you or your loved one is feeling sick, the first thing that comes to our mind is to check for fever symptoms. Therefore, having a thermometer that doesn’t take long to offer results is more than handy.

This is the reason why you shouldn’t overlook this ear thermometer model. The product is quite simple to use and lightweight. Nevertheless, it features a strong build and a large LCD display screen that allows you to change the Celsius degree scale to the Fahrenheit one.

Moreover, it can keep in its memory a track of your previous 20 temperature results. Thanks to its modern technology, the unit delivers fast results after only 1 second.

The product doesn’t require the purchase of extra covers because the probes are easy to clean and disinfect.

If the temperature of your body goes above the normal level, the fever alarm will notify you using a color-coded system.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($13.24)




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