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Best 12×50 binoculars

Last Updated: 25.02.20

12×50 Binoculars – Buying guide & Comparison


If you are in the market for the best 12×50 binoculars money can get you, but you don’t have the needed time to do the research on the topic, this short paragraph should help you out. Because we are well aware of the difficulties of choosing a reliable device, we have done the legwork on your behalf and we have concluded that the Celestron 71376 12×50 is the unit that you should have your eyes on. This product has fully multicoated optics and phase coated BaK-4 Prisms that are highly proficient. Moreover, the model comes fitted with twist-up eyecups so that enough eye relief is provided to glass wearers. If the Celestron 71376 12×50 is out of stock, give the Nikon 7573 PROSTAFF 5 a good look as it is an alternative that you might equally enjoy using while out exploring nature.



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As all those that are trying to find good 12×50 binoculars know, one of the most difficult tasks is knowing what are the particular features that one should pay attention to. Because we are well aware of this situation, we have decided to make this job easier for you by putting together a list of features that you should not settle without in an item of this type. So, read ahead and pick the unit that best fits your needs.

Roof prism vs. Porro prism

One of the first aspects that one should pay attention to when looking for quality binoculars is the type of prism used in the making of the product. In fact, at a close comparison, you might realize that two nearly identical units that make use of two distinct types of prisms have varying prices.

The reason for this has to do with the fact that models that use the roof prism system are significantly smaller, more compact than their counterpart and, consequently, pricier. However, we feel like it is crucial that we point out that the prism only determines the device’s design and, some might argue its portability. Still, the prism has nothing to do with the unit’s power or reliability.

Therefore, if you don’t want to invest in an expensive model, we recommend that you purchase a wider model that has been constructed using the Porro prism system. This way you can rest assured knowing that you’ll end up with a dependable unit that is budget friendly.


Magnification and objective

Before you settle for the first pair of 12×50 binoculars for sale, we suggest that you pay attention to a product’s magnification ratio and its objective. According to the specialists, a device that features a powerful magnification ratio (meaning, anything that is more than 10x) should also come provided with a significantly wide objective, that is wider than 42mm

Therefore, in the case of 12×50 binoculars, you should not worry about the image’s stability. Nevertheless, as you already know, the units that have large objectives are also a bit heavier than their smaller counterparts.

However, before you make your purchase, we recommend that you stay clear from cheap 12×50 binoculars as they might not be as sturdy and steady as you might expect them to be. Even more so, chances are that these models don’t have sufficient coatings and, as a result, are prone not to last you a long period of time.


Additional features

Last but not least, all 12×50 binoculars reviews advise in favor of settling for a device that comes provided with eye relief. This feature is particularly important to have if you are a glasses wearer. Usually, the eyecups installed by the manufacturer require that a certain distance is placed between the user’s eyes and the eyepieces.

Because of these eyecups, those that wear glasses might experience difficulties when it comes to seeing the image correctly and clearly; hence, most of them opt to remove them. Nevertheless, the situation is a bit tricky if a glass wearer has to share the glasses with a person that does not.

In order to avoid such unexpected situations, it is best that you purchase a pair of binoculars that have twist-up eyecups. This way you can effortlessly adjust the unit in order to fit your needs.

What is more, before ordering a product, we suggest that you select the device that has a wide field of view so that you won’t feel hindered by the lack of perspective. Likewise, your binoculars should be waterproof and fog resistant so that weather won’t stand in your way of having a great time.



5 Best 12×50 Binoculars (Reviews) in 2020


To make this task easier for you, we have composed a list of top products that you should take a good look at before ordering anything.



1. Celestron 71376 12 x 50 Granite Series Roof Prism ED Binocular


With a great price to value ratio and overall positive reviews, the Celestron 71376 is a product that you should definitely consider. The unit was constructed using ED Glass so that its objective lenses are reliable and capable of rendering life-like colors.

Moreover, the device has lenses that are fully multi-coated, the reason why it is safe to assume that they are long lasting and of high-quality. Additionally, the lenses’ ability to transmit light has been greatly improved.

As a plus, this device uses BaK-4 Prisms that have been coated with what the manufacturer calls dielectric high reflectivity coatings. Consequently, this pair of binoculars is compact, portable and resistant.

Likewise, the model has an ergonomic design that features an open bridge body, non-slipping finger ridges as well as practical thumb indentation. Additional features include a focus knob that is made out of metal, twist-up eyecups and a diopter ring.


Buy from for ($317.63)





2. Nikon Prostaff 5 12×50 Binocular


Another model that you should take a good look at is the Nikon 7573. This device is capable of offering you the possibility of seeing an object clearly and in true-to-life colors. This is possible thanks to the unit’s top-notch prism system as well as its fully multi-coated lenses.

The model was fitted with large, 50mm objective lenses that can make it possible for you to see well in low light situations, something that other units cannot do. Also, the unit was developed using Eco-glass that does not contain lead and arsenic.

If you wear glasses, it might be helpful to know that this device has both eye relief and turn-and-slide eyecups. Therefore, the product is particularly convenient to use and gentle on your eyes. Moreover, you can now share the unit with your loved ones without having to worry about not being able to easily adjust it.


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3. Pentax SP 12 x 50 WP Porro Prism Binocular


Another product that previous buyers recommend is the one developed by Pentax. This model is cost effective and comes outfitted with large objective lenses that recommend it as a go-to device in case you need to use it in low lighting conditions.

These binoculars have been multi-coated in order to ensure sufficient light transmission. Still, the protective coating that the device was covered in is said to repel water, dust, and grease in order to keep your optics spotless.

However, one of the most appreciated features that the model has is its rigid, sturdy body construction. Thanks to it, the product is said to keep its optical alignment at all times and deliver you the capacity of effortlessly maneuvering the model.

As a plus, the device is water resistant and it is filled with nitrogen so that it can do its job well no matter the harsh weather conditions that you might face.


Buy from for ($199)





4. Celestron 71363 LandScout 12X50 Porro Binocular


If you are looking for a unit that has a durable and strong housing that guarantees that your product is stable at all times, check out this model constructed by Celestron. According to its manufacturer, this product comes equipped with fully multi-coated optics and BaK-4 prisms that cater to your needs of great contrast and good light transmission.

The device has sizeable objective lenses and a powerful magnification that makes it possible for you to see objects clearly and in great detail. In order to make the model even easier to use, its manufacturer has outfitted it with eye relief so that those that wear glasses won’t feel hindered in any way while using the device

When shipped, the buyer will also receive the following accessories a carrying case, a neck strap, objective lens caps, a lens cloth and a rain guard.


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5. Coleman Silhouette 12×50 Multi-Purpose Wide Angle Binoculars


Last but not least, we feel like it is important that we mention the Coleman Silhouette. This model is suitable for those that are not looking to make a costly investment. Similarly to the already discussed products, this unit comes provided with a high magnification ratio and a sizeable field of view of no less than 1000 yards

The lenses that the product includes are considered to be of high quality and the fact that they are multi-coated is a good argument in favor of this assertion. This pair of binoculars is impact resistant because it is covered in rubber armor.

If you settle for the model, you will also receive a neck strap, a soft case, lens caps, and a 25-year warranty that you’ll be able to use in case of unfortunate accidents.

Current users of the product are happy with their purchase and point out that these binoculars are lightweight and fit to deliver a clear, sharp picture


Buy from for ($44.16)




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