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Are you looking for the best 10×42 monocular, but you’re too busy to read our entire buying guide? This is the only place you need to look. According to our product comparisons, based on popularity, sales numbers, and customer feedback, the model you should spend your money on is the Bushnell Legend. The number one aspect that recommends this model is the superior optics performance offered, facilitated by the fully multi-coated optics. Because it is completely waterproof and fog proof, this model can be taken along in any trip, as weather conditions will not affect its performance or damage it in any way. Included extras, such as a Picatinny rail, allow you to expand the uses of this monocular. Should this model be out of stock, we want to recommend just as warmly, the Wingspan Optics ProSpotter, as it offers almost the same excellent performance.



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Is it possible to find a good 10×42 monocular that comes with a decent price tag? The answer is ‘yes’, but you will need to research the various models available on the market to identify the best one of them all. We want to come to your aid and provide you with all the needed information for an educated decision. Save time and effort by using the advice we give below.



Optics quality matters

Seeing that you’re going for a 10×42 model, that means that you want a compact monocular that can still deliver optimal quality. That being said, the quality offered by the optics installed on the monocular of your choice must be outstanding, and we recommend you to settle for nothing less. As the magnification power and lens size don’t stand in the way of obtaining a clear, steady image, we should focus on optics construction and other aspects.

The use of extra-low dispersion glass for the lenses is, for instance, a good indication that the model you’re picking from the many offered, will offer outstanding quality. The prism construction also matters and has an impact on the way the monocular you choose will perform. While you’re not going after a high-caliber spotting scope, you should still be able to get image quality that can serve for bird watching and nature viewing without a glitch.

Fully multi-coated optics are ideal because they manage to offer extraordinary light transmission, which is mandatory for image clarity and sharpness. As long as your monocular meets such requirements, you are sure to get a good deal for your money. Do not settle for some cheap 10×42 monoculars just so that you can save up some money. If the image quality is not up to par, you’ve just spent money for nothing.


A monocular you can use in the wild

There are very few applications that require the use of a monocular indoors, at least compared to what you can do with such a device when you go hiking, camping, or hunting in the wild. Even a budget monocular can help you spot your prey, or bring closer an unusual bird that is seeing about its business, perched on a branch at a sizeable distance from you.

However, anyone knows that when you are in a mountainous area, the weather can change fast, and rain can come pouring down. Under such circumstances, it is a good idea to have a monocular that can withstand such weather conditions. Look for models that have waterproof capabilities. Even better, if the model has nitrogen purged construction to ensure that it is also fog proof, that is even better.


Comfort features and other considerations

When you’re using a monocular of this size, just like you would a handheld telescope, comfort is one aspect to bear in mind. The chances are, at this size, that the monocular is lightweight and easy to hold, so that is something that you don’t have to worry about. However, there are other things you need to pay attention to.

For instance, the placement and design of the focus mechanism are essential because they will allow the user to follow the target he or she chooses with ease. A dial ring is preferable to a knob design that can be more challenging to use.

A proper eye relief may not be a fixture for a monocular of this size, but it serves to take a look at the specs, as some models will offer you a pleasant surprise. Don’t forget to throw an eye over the extras provided, such as a carrying case, or a lens cover.



Our 2019 list: Find the right 10×42 monocular for your needs


By looking at the 10×42 monocular reviews offered by users and experts, we noticed that a few models gather most of the attention due to their outstanding features and performance. We brought them all together here so that you can easily take your pick.



Bushnell Legend


The Bushnell Legend is one of the consumers’ favorites, due to its excellent image quality and other advantages that you might not normally see in a model priced as decently as this one. If you find it for sale, a good idea would be to opt for it, as you’ll suffer no disappointments with your decision. The HD clarity of the optics is just the tip of the iceberg.

You will be able to use the Bushnell Legend as a monocular for hunting because it comes equipped with all the features needed to fill in this position. Besides the optics clarity already mentioned, it is durable, it can face inclement weather with no issues, and you also get some nice extras.

Made from top-notch ED glass, it is a monocular that leaves nothing to be desired. The 100% waterproof construction, as well as its ability to combat fog from condensing on its lenses, make it a top of the line option for anyone who goes hunting or hiking or bird watching.



Excellent optics quality recommends this monocular that offers HD clarity, due to the use of top-notch materials and technologies in its construction.

Because it is waterproof, and also fog proof, the model is an excellent fit for all your trips to the great outdoors, and it can face all weather conditions without a problem.

Durability is another great plus of this model, and the fact that it is so easy to carry around due to its pocket size contributes to its popularity.

Some extras are included, such as a Picatinny rail and a carry clip, to expand the usefulness of this model.

Another thing that must be noted is that this model can be mounted on a tripod.



The Bushnell Legend is built with portability in mind, yet, there are still some voices saying that it tends to be a bit heavy. This might happen because of the top-notch materials used to ensure its durable construction.


Buy from for ($173.99)




Wingspan Optics ProSpotter


The Wingspan Optics ProSpotter is a high-quality monocular for hiking that can be conveniently used outdoors, on your hunting trips, when camping, and so on. The image quality, as you might well expect by now, is superior and you won’t have an issue spotting your prey if you are a hunter, or a bird hidden in tree foliage if you are a passionate bird watcher.

It must be mentioned that this model comes with a lifetime warranty, and it is built to resist wear and tear. Its resistance to shocks, as well as the fact that it is waterproof, fog proof, and dustproof, contribute to its overall excellent value.

The monocular comes equipped with adjustable eyecups so that even people with glasses can use it without a glitch. One thing that must be added is that the manufacturer offers four ebooks on expert bird watching, free of charge.



The image quality is superior, and that makes this monocular a good option for bird watchers, and hunters, as well as for people who are interested in nature viewing, in general.

You can use this monocular in all climate conditions because it is resistant to a wide variety of weather conditions; it is dustproof, as well as waterproof and fog proof, and it has a construction resilient to shocks.

Its convenience expands beyond the standard capabilities of a monocular, as its adjustable eyecups allow even people with eyeglasses to use it in optimal comfort.

In case you intend to become a bird watching aficionado, the manufacturer includes four ebooks on this fascinating activity.



One reviewer notices that despite the overall excellent optics quality, the image tends to get a little softer around the edges; still, the reviewer considers this monocular a good deal.


Buy from for ($59.99)




Wingspan Optics NatureScope


A handheld monocular for bird watching makes perfect sense for anyone who wants to admire nature in all its splendor while sitting at a comfortable distance from easy to scare birds and animals. This monocular offers excellent optics quality, and its durable exterior ensures that slips and drops won’t cause a small tragedy. At the same time, the monocular offers a non-slip grip to ensure that you won’t drop it in the first place.

You can use it with your glasses, or without them, as you see fit because the monocular is designed to accommodate all users. Waterproof and fog proof, it is a good option for anyone who likes to spend a lot of time in the wild, watching nature, or hunting.

One could say that this model is a must have for a bird watcher, seeing that the manufacturer offers four ebooks on the topic, to make the user’s endeavor easier while learning the secrets of spotting rare birds in their natural habitat.



The monocular offers optimal optics performance for observing wildlife, as well as for nature viewing, and hunting.

Its compact size makes it very portable, something that is much appreciated by people who need to haul a lot of equipment with them, such as hunters.

An added plus is the fact that the monocular is just as comfortable for people who don’t wear glasses and those who do, due to the adjustable eyecups.

The O-ring construction keeps away dust, moisture, and other debris; that means that you get excellent waterproof performance, among other advantages.

With the help of the four free ebooks on bird watching, offered by the manufacturer, you can hone your observation skills on your next trips.



While the combination of 10x magnification and 42mm lens is ideal for portability and image stability, there are some reports from users that the image can be a bit shaky at times.


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Orion 10×42 Waterproof


This model from Orion offers some excellent advantages for bird watchers and people who enjoy wildlife and nature viewing, in general. Its armored construction ensures that it won’t get damaged easily, and the fact that it is also waterproof helps in expanding its usefulness.

You will find this model an excellent pick for portability, as at its 6.1-inch length, and the total weight of 11 ounces, it can be said that it is lightweight and easy to carry around. The close focus is one of its most important features because it lets you view birds and other objects from up close without a glitch.

When talking about optics quality, we must say that the fully multi-coated lenses ensure proper light transmission for a bright clear image, while the anti-reflection coatings also add value. Using this monocular on your trips to the great outdoors will offer you an excellent means of observing nature without disturbing it in any way.



The monocular is compact and lightweight, two aspects that contribute to its excellent portability when you go hunting, bird watching, or nature viewing.

Due to the waterproof construction, you can use it in any weather, and nothing will stop you from following your prey or observing a rare species of birds.

It must be said that the excellent optics contribute to the overall superior value for the price offered by this monocular, as the lens is multi-coated, and also has anti-reflection coatings applied.

The close focus feature enhances the capabilities of this model and lets you observe birds and animals on the move without losing image quality.

Durability makes this monocular an option for outdoor enthusiasts, and its rubber armor prevents accidents by providing a perfect non-slip grip.



A neck strap can be attached, but it does so by using the tripod socket, which is considered annoying by some consumers who noticed this particular design aspect.


Buy from for ($59.99)




Opticron BGA WP


A monocular must come equipped with a few features that can be considered basic. First of all, the optics construction must ensure that the image you will see is clear and bright. The Opticron BGA WP manages to do that, due to its roof prism design, and it is not the only thing that it does well. The monocular is also compact and lightweight.

Another thing that we must mention is the nitrogen purged construction that ensures proper waterproof capabilities for the model. Using fully multi-coated optics, the monocular has no troubles offering you performance at a decent price.

Even if you are wearing glasses, you will find the Opticron BGA WP easy to use. You will get the same full field of view as someone who doesn’t wear glasses, and that speaks directly of the convenience offered by this model. Its pocket size is another aspect that might convince you this is the right monocular for you.



The roof prism design ensures that this monocular offers proper image performance, and contributes to its overall value.

You will get a waterproof monocular that will behave well in any weather, due to its nitrogen purged construction that does not allow droplets of water to condense inside.

People who wear glasses will find this model an excellent option for nature viewing, as the particular construction will allow them to use the monocular without a glitch.

Its close focus is another excellent trait that should be listed on a list of advantages; looking at objects on the move does not suffer from the usual loss of focus, as a result.

You will love the portability of this pocket-sized monocular that is not only compact but also lightweight.



It can be said that this monocular is a bit more expensive than similar models on the market, and some may argue that its overall performance doesn’t necessarily justify the difference in price.


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