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BARSKA Lucid View Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

BARSKA Lucid View Review

Last Updated: 11.12.19

Main technical features


A magnification of 8x makes this pair of binoculars ideal for handheld use, as anything above this might make the image shake, or require image stabilization features that can increase the final price.

You will get an excellent field of view on a product that is decently priced; the FOV is 382 feet at 1,000 yards, which means that you can use the binoculars for hunting and bird watching with excellent results.

With an eye relief of 10.5mm, these are ideal for people who want their binoculars to be comfortable to use even with glasses.

The quality of the prism construction and overall optics performance recommend these binoculars for various applications.

Another thing you will like about this model is the rubber armor that encases the construction of the binoculars to protect the lenses and the prism.


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In-depth information


Functionality and versatility are what define this pair of binoculars most and foremost. Besides being decently priced, the binoculars come equipped with a plethora of features that make them a must-have for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. Starting with the most critical aspect, the 8x magnification ensures that you will not have to worry about image stabilization problems, as the binoculars will behave exemplarily in any conditions.

The roof prism construction ensures that this model offers superior performance. The overall quality of optics is again something to write home about. Typically, binoculars that are priced this conveniently do not provide a lot of extras, and the performance may suffer. That is not the case with the BARSKA Lucid View that comes with fully coated lenses that provide excellent performance regarding light transmission. Due to this aspect, the image you will see through your binoculars will be sharp and clear.

You can take these binoculars with you when you want to watch your favorite team playing in a stadium or when you go camping or hiking. Due to the broad field of view offered, covering large areas of your surroundings is not an issue. Plus, following moving targets, such as a ball on a sports field is easy, and you will feel proud not having paid a premium price for a pair of binoculars that might not behave as well as this one.

One of the most significant advantages offered by this model is their incredible portability. They are small enough to be carried around with ease, and you don’t have to worry that they will break, as the rubber armor protects them in case you drop them by accident.


Known Issues


According to some people who have reviewed this product, there is some chromatic aberration to worry about. However, it is not as bad as to make them choose a different pair. Given the price, they say they are still satisfied.

You cannot use them for detailed observations, so they might not be a good idea for bird watching, for instance. As a general purpose pair of binoculars, they seem to do the job.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($12.3)




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