One of the latest gadgets released that the tech elite praises is the augmented reality goggles. As their name suggests, these goggles use augmented reality in order to deliver to its utilizers a thrilling immersion into a new facet of what we call the reality. In other words, once you put them on, this device makes you believe that between you and the world there is a layer that adds images and graphics on top of what you would typically see.

The first rudimental device of this type hit the market in the 1960’s. However, once technology progressed, these products became better and better, and they can now allow the user’s brain to process computer-generated elements as being authentic. As a plus, our minds are now capable of accepting this kind of goggles for an extended period of time without feeling tired.

Augmented reality vs. virtual reality

One common mistake that most make is confusing augmented reality with virtual reality. Still, these two concepts are entirely different. While virtual reality makes you believe that you have entered a different world that is completely different from what you know, augmented reality devices only add elements to the reality. Hence, AR is much closer to what you consider familiar.

So, differently from quality prescription goggles, these devices can feed you live info while you are doing your day to day activities and they can allow you to manipulate 3D objects.

To function, AR gadgets make use of a camera that captures images of the world and then reinterprets them. Moreover, they also use motion sensors so that, when you move, the device can understand your location in relation to the world around you. On top of that, AR models utilize software that puts all the elements together and a processor and a powerful battery that keeps you powered while out exploring the new and improved version of the world.


What is new about it?

Well, essentially, AR is one of the first steps that we can take in relation to how we relate to our computers. Thanks to AR models, we will no longer have to look at computers as stationary objects. For instance, if you are taking a walk and you start feeling peckish, you can tap on your goggles, ask for directions to the nearest restaurant, and the model will direct you to its location, show its ratings and even its menu.

Also, AR can help you get around in a new town by showing you exactly where to go and approximating how long you have to walk to get from point A to point B. All this info will be displayed on the lenses of the goggles. Therefore, you won’t have to take your phone out of your pocket in order to do so.

AR and interacting with others

It has been announced that Stanford is working on a project called its BodyNet system. The technology that it is currently developing aims to help a user tell whether or not the person that he/she is talking to is lying to them. Also, this device could help you determine if that person is comfortable around you or if he/she is genuinely happy to see you.

What is more, devices of this kind will be able to allow you the option of watching TV without having to turn your TV on. Also, this technology will most likely be used in the gaming industry. With little to no effort, you will have all the means to turn your living room into a game room!


How it works from a technical point of view

If all regular goggles for open water swimming are created much or less the same, not the same can be said about AR devices as there are two main methods manufacturers utilize when creating such gadgets.

First of all, some developers use projection-based AR. The same system was utilized when creating Google Glasses. In this case, AG is projected on a piece of glass. Still, in this case, the AR is fixed in a single position, and it cannot adjust itself in accordance with the shifting needs of the user. Still, this might change as technology evolves.

Secondly, there are those units that use light field technology. In other words, the AR images are directly projected into the eyes of the user. Consequently, these images blend completely with how one sees reality as his/her eyes focus on AR images as if they were part of reality.

In conclusion, AR is something we will undoubtedly hear more about in the future. So, if you are a tech aficionado that likes to keep in touch with the newest trends, it might be a good idea to go online and search for the new device produced by Magic Leap as it might stir your interest even more!



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