Main technical features


The manufacturer provides a complete list of ATN devices that you can attach this illuminator to; make sure that you check this list before making a purchasing decision.

You will be able to scout the area around you and examine things in the dark, increasing the visible distance up to three times.

Even in complete darkness, you will be able to use night vision devices, as this illuminator will help you improve visibility.

Created by a company specialized in designing and producing products that are used by the US military, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and law enforcement, it offers excellent performance.

You will receive a 2-year warranty on this product against defects in workmanship, as well as materials.


Buy from for ($89.84)




In-depth information


This illuminator is a great add-on for any night vision device you might have. It increases the usability of the respective devices, and it can turn around your abilities as an airsoft enthusiast, or as a hunter, by granting you the possibility to see in the dark. Complete darkness conditions are always an issue for those who need to find their way around when hunting, hiking, or engaging in various activities that require decent vision, given the circumstances. You will be pleased to learn that this night illuminator is capable of increasing the visible distance for your ATN device up to three times, improving performance for any night vision device you’re using.

You will notice right away how easy it is to attach this night illuminator to your device. Be aware, however, that the model is compatible with certain ATN devices, and that the manufacturer offers a comprehensive list of such products. If yours is not on the list, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to attach the night illuminator to it. On the other hand, the ability to connect it so quickly to a compatible device makes it a great deal for many users who don’t want to be bothered with a complicated attachment that needs special instructions to work.

Made by a company with an excellent reputation in creating precision optics that are used by high-profile customers, such as the US military, the FBI, the Department for Homeland Security, as well as law enforcement, you can expect excellent performance from this night illuminator. It comes with a 2-year warranty for defects in workmanship and materials, so, in the case that you are not pleased with your purchase due to the fault in the craftsmanship used or the overall construction, you can always ask for a refund or a replacement.


Known issues

You must bear in mind that this product can only be purchased in the state of California, as well as outside the United States, so, if you are located someplace else, you will not be able to acquire it.

Remember that the night illuminator is created to attach only to specific devices; as the manufacturer provides the complete list, this should not be a particularly big issue.


Buy from for ($89.84)



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