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Astromania Portable SKU_AM_NV – Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

Astromania Portable SKU_AM_NV – Review

Last Updated: 14.11.19



Main technical features


Notable for the low-light sensitivity that makes it an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking for a genuine night vision monocular, this model will offer excellent performance in dim light conditions.

Media capabilities are outstanding, as the model will allow you to shoot videos and take pictures so that you can document your explorations with great ease.

To see how your videos and pictures look like, you can use the good quality LCD screen that offers a bright, clear image.

Transferring your files for easy viewing on a TV or a PC is easy since the model has both AV and USB capabilities.

Providing the possibility of adjusting the illumination level, as well as the zoom, this night vision monocular lets you control image quality and clarity.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($125.99)




In-depth information


The optics quality can be a sore point for night vision monoculars, but this unit performs well, given the price tag that comes attached to it. We should mention that the model comes with multi-coated optics, which offer good light transmission. The high sensitivity sensors serve when you need to examine targets in low light conditions. On the topic of performance, we should also talk about the fact that you can increase the image size by up to 2x. The same customization benefit comes from the fact that you can also adjust the IR illumination using the seven available settings.

Besides being able to get the desired level of brightness, you will also enjoy the excellent distance viewing capabilities, that go as far as 328 feet. While you can’t expect top of the line performance, you still get a lot for the price, and that’s the bottom line.

One of the things that have managed to convince plenty of buyers that this model is a good value for the money is the fact that you get video and image function with this model. Snapping pictures of targets in the dark, or recording videos is extremely easy. That, in itself, is a plus. So it’s a great thing to learn that you will get even more from this model, by hooking it quickly with a TV or a PC. This way, you can view the media files you recorded on a big screen, and examine details or observe various aspects that might not be so easy to spot on the incorporated LCD screen.

You will love that this model is easy to carry around. Should you consider mounting it on a tripod, that is doable. You can attach a binocular strap to it, too, for easy transportation. Seeing that it is pretty lightweight, you won’t have to worry about not being able to take it everywhere you want with you.


Known issues

Seeing through the fog and heavy rain is not possible with the illuminator on, which is seen as a downside by users.

The image quality could be better, according to some users, but, overall, the same buyers say that they would not give up on it, based on this alone.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($125.99)



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