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Armasight Prometheus TAT163MN4PROM21 – Review | Optics and Lab Equipment

Armasight Prometheus TAT163MN4PROM21 – Review

Last Updated: 17.11.19



Main technical features


The 640×512 VOx Microbolometer sensor installed on this model has hardly any competition on the market at the moment.

Similarly, the 800×600 SVGA OLED display is superior to most other thermal monoculars available, and it guarantees that you will be able to examine the tiniest details that are easy to identify with this unit.

You will be impressed with the wide range of image palettes available, including, but not limited to, white hot, black hot, sepia, rain, and many others that enhance the usability of this unit.

If you need extra reach, this highly capable monocular will serve you without fail since it comes equipped with 8x digital zoom.

Users are especially enthralled with the unique imaging tools that provide the person in charge with the possibility to adjust various settings for maximum detail and precision.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($4586.99)




In-depth information


Thermal imaging is something that the company making this unit excels at, and that is easy to see from a simple look thrown at the capabilities and features of the Prometheus. Working with a thermal core based on the FLIR Tau 2 VOx microbolometer, it offers heat detection that is tricky to surpass or even equal. No matter what weather conditions you have to face, such as fog, smoke, haze or any other circumstances that would naturally block your view, the high power thermal sensor will cut through anything. That is why you should not be surprised to learn that you can use this monocular for a wide variety of applications, such as surveillance, hunting, and rescue missions. Due to the outstanding thermal imaging capabilities, the unit can be used by professionals, too.

The solid state construction guarantees excellent durability, which is why the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty of the FLIR detector alone, as well as a 3-year warranty for the entire unit. To make the product even more competitive on the market, the manufacturer ensures that the unit can be used in both daytime and nighttime operations. Due to its compact and lightweight construction, it can be used for prolonged periods of time without straining your hands. The housing is built to last, and that means that the monocular can withstand some wear and tear.

Using long-wave infrared, the Prometheus cannot be detected with the help of other surveillance equipment, which is a plus when you want to remain undetected. This also explains why the product can be used during law enforcement and military operations. You never have to use extra illumination, therefore not giving away your position. The on-screen navigation menu and the three easy to access buttons make this unit very comfortable to use.


Known issues

While it is built to withstand some wear and tear, the monocular is not waterproof, and that is seen as a drawback by some users who would have liked such performance to be offered on a product this expensive.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($4586.99)



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