Main technical features


Unlike other models we have seen, the Archeer alternative offers all the benefits of a waterproof construction.

Furthermore, the model has been outfitted with fully coated optics, which means that you will be able to enjoy superior brightness and light transmission.

The 52mm objective lens is more than enough to look at a variety of targets, and the 16x magnification capabilities will allow you to see birds, game, and any other points of interest with ease and convenience.

The package includes a variety of accessories along with the main unit.


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In-depth information


One of the core features to be on the lookout when you are in the market for a new handheld telescope is whether it is waterproof or not. It goes without saying that you won’t be using the product only when you’re in your home, and so it is important to know that it will withstand the test of time even if the weather is rainy or foggy. Besides, such a telescope can assist you on your hunting or bird-sighting expedition as it can put up with the abuse of the elements.

Another advantage offered by this alternative is that it comes with fully coated optics. On the one hand, this detail is important to take into account as it means that you’ll be able to have all the perks of superior light transmission and brightness. If there isn’t enough light going through the optical components of a telescope, you won’t be able to see anything clearly.

The larger the objective lens, the better. This is a golden rule to choosing the right piece of equipment if you’re prospecting the market for a handheld telescope. As such, we believe that you won’t have too much trouble working with the Archeer option as it has been outfitted with a 52mm objective lens. What this means is that more light will be able to go inside the unit.

Last but not least, it should be noted that the value offered by such packages is considerably increased by the addition of accessories and extras. Luckily for you, the manufacturing brand has decided to provide a carrying bag, a lens cloth, as well as a neck strap along with the main product.

The monocular is primarily designed for nighttime use, which means that it has the ability to gather the light and focus it on its internal components. However, it’s important to note that it is not intended for use in complete darkness as some level of brightness, albeit low, is needed for it to do its job properly.


Known issues

One of the concerns expressed by the people who have bought this affordable monocular consists of the fact that it does not come with an adjustable zoom. Unfortunately, this implies that you will have to zoom in by walking toward your point of interest. Otherwise said, this Archeer device might be less suited for hunting situations where your stealth is paramount, at least if you don’t want to scare off your game.


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