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Thanks to its fully coated optics you can enjoy crisp clear viewing in almost any lighting. This also makes this handheld telescope a good choice for use in a variety of viewing applications.

This handheld telescope comes with a durable construction that ensures you are purchasing a high quality product.

You will appreciate how easy and convenient this handheld telescope is to use, and this is also why it is a good choice for birders and hunters.

Its lightweight design ensures that it is easily portable, and this also makes the telescope comfortable to use.


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One of the reasons this handheld telescope is a popular choice with consumers is that it comes with fully coated optics. This ensures that objects appear bright and clear, even at a distance. Since it comes with a 66m and 8000m field of view it is ideal for birding or for locating a potential target, and with 16 times magnification capabilities you can easily use this handheld telescope for a variety of viewing applications. With dual focusing, a scalable field of view and superior light transmission there is very little you won’t be able to watch with this handheld telescope.

Even though this is a budget friendly model, it still comes with a durable construction. The main part of the body is constructed from a metal material that is sturdy and lightweight, but it is the rubber Armored coating that really sets this handheld telescope apart. Not only does this provide a layer of protection against accidental drops, it also provides a secure and comfortable grip.

Since this handheld telescope is designed to be easy and convenient to use, it is a good choice for hunters and birders who need to keep their eyes on the area they are targeting. It is designed for one handed operation, which is always helpful when you need to keep the other on a firearm or camera. The focusing mechanism is simple to use, and it also comes with the specs printed clearly on the front. This way you know instantly which way to adjust the knob for clear day and nighttime viewing. This also makes the telescope perfect for beginners to use.

Its lightweight build ensures that you can comfortably hold it with one hand, without worrying about arm or wrist fatigue. Its compact size also makes it easy to pack and store with the rest of your gear. For added storage convenience the telescope comes with a small carrying bag, which also helps to protect it from damage when it is not being used. To ensure you can always see clearly through the lens, it even comes with a soft cleaning cloth. Best of all the included neck strap lets you carry the telescope while leaving your hands free.


Known issues

Some consumers have mentioned that the optics are not always clear past 60 yards, even though it is advertised as having 16x magnification. It this problem occurs it is advisable that you speak with customer service to ensure that you received the right model.


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