Whether you’re tired of washing all sorts of vials and pipettes by hand or you want to make the entire lab work more efficient, then you should definitely think about getting one of the quality lab glassware washing machines available on the market. Here are a few reasons you might benefit from such a purchase that you might not have known about.

Save money in the long run

While a lab washer is surely a lot more expensive than a regular household appliance, investing in one is a smart idea. You might think that a washer is expensive and that you’re better off washing glassware by hand, but in reality, you’re actually losing money. This is because hand washing implies using water and energy inefficiently.

Hand washing also translates into a high labor cost, especially when you consider the kind of education it takes to work in most labs. In the long run, you get to save a lot of money by automating washing inside the lab. There are many modern models that use only a fraction of the water used by a person during a washing cycle.


Get more lab work done and save time

While this should be fairly obvious, you could manage to get a lot more work done in the lab by letting a washing machine do all the cleaning. You and your colleagues could focus on doing experiments and following protocols rather than spending precious time washing glass equipment by hand.

You also get to save a lot more time since no one will need to wait for too long until used flasks and cylinders are clean again. This becomes especially handy if you work in a small lab that has a lot of simultaneous projects in progress, but not so much glassware available.


Avoid contamination

By getting an automatic glassware washer, you also get to prevent any possible contamination that could ruin test results, in addition to wasting a lot of time and resources. Inconsistent washing techniques and improperly washed items can lead to cross-contamination, which is one of the last things you want to deal with in a lab.

Improper washing poses the risk of having chemical residue, bacteria spores, and other contaminants left on or inside various glassware objects. Improper rinsing can also leave detergent residue which can sometimes react to a specific chemical compound and still have a negative impact on results.


A lab washer is better than a regular dishwasher

If you’re thinking that you might be able to save money by buying a regular dishwasher, then think again. Residential dishwasher machines might not have the capacity to wash a large amount of glassware in a big laboratory. There’s also the problem of pump contamination, which could occur with many conventional models.

This is because regular dishwashers usually have just one pump to fill the machine and then to drain the water out. This can cause contaminants to take residence inside the pump which can then end up in or on your glass equipment.

If a microscopic amount of food on a plate in your own home wouldn’t be a huge problem, chemicals or biologic material inside an Erlenmeyer flask could affect results or even pose potential hazards. With a specialized laboratory washer, you get two pumps that have separate functions so that contamination from the pump is eliminated.

Avoid injury

Should you decide to get a lab washer, you’ll see that it would decrease the number of accidents involving glass items. This is because a washer limits the contact between people and glassware. Many glass items are more often broken during hand washing operations, where hurry or inattention and a slippery surface full of soapy detergent can cause an incident.

Accidents can and do happen, and they can destroy equipment or hurt personnel, which is always bad. It’s not like a lab washer will eliminate these kinds of accidents altogether, but it could definitely decrease handling time by eliminating the need to handwash stuff, thus resulting in fewer accidents, at least in this department.


Make sure that all your glass equipment is squeaky clean

By getting a specialized laboratory washer, you also make sure that all glass items get the best possible treatment. This is because such a machine is designed specifically to clean all sorts of equipment at high pressures and temperatures and ensure that surfaces are free of residue.

All that could be achieved in much less time than with hand washing, not to mention in a much higher volume, as is the case with many large laboratories.


A professional washer will offer long-term performance

By investing in a laboratory washer, you’ll also enjoy high-performance cleaning for a very long time. Many of these appliances come with extended warranties and you can expect them to work flawlessly for countless years without a problem.

You can choose a model you can afford

While you might already be thinking of vast sums of money going into a lab dishwasher, the truth is that the market is filled with countless models both large and small so there’s definitely a washer that you can afford.

You won’t necessarily have to spend dozens of thousands of dollars on one unless the lab you are working in really is huge, in which case finding a sponsor shouldn’t be that hard. The idea is that there’s definitely a lab washer out there that you or the institution can afford, especially when many models don’t cost an arm and a leg.


You benefit from multiple functions

One of the best things about modern lab dishwashers is that they’re not only intended for glassware, but also for equipment made of other materials such as steel or plastics. What this means is that you actually get a lot more than you initially thought by investing in such an appliance.

In addition to being able to get a variety of items cleaned automatically, you can also use specific programs and detergents for a proper cleaning job. A reliable washer can offer standard cleaning, thermal disinfection, thermo-dynamic drying, countless preset programs, as well as a wide range of accessories that will greatly help in keeping the lab equipment clean.



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