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Whether you need to take your temperature to check for fever, want to ensure optimal temperatures when cooking, or wish to see if your fridge is cold enough, getting a good thermometer is a great idea. This device can provide you with accurate readings every time you need it. You’d be surprised to learn just in how many ways you can use it.

Check for fever

If you or one of your beloved family members falls ill, then taking the temperature is a good way to know whether you need to see a doctor or not. While even a mild case of the common cold can cause a fever, in some cases you want to know exactly how bad it is, especially if the sick person is a child, so that you can administer the proper treatment or call for help.

There are many thermometers you can choose from, starting from the old glass types to digital models to infrared thermometers. No matter which type you go for, you should make sure that it can give accurate readings and that it is easy and comfortable to use.


Measure temperatures outdoors

You could get a thermometer and hang it outside on your porch so that you can check it before getting out of the house. While the internet is filled with weather forecasting channels, many make erroneous predictions, and it’s never a bad idea to see how hot or cold the weather is in your area.

Getting precise temperature readings will enable you to know which clothes to wear, or if you should postpone the morning jog because of the heat. If you live in a humid environment, you can also choose a waterproof model.


Use a food thermometer to grill the perfect turkey

You can look for one of the specialized thermometers that can offer you accurate readings when cooking or roasting your favorite meat cuts. Some units are highly resistant to heat and can take the temperature of both the grill and the food. You could roast the perfect turkey without having to repeatedly open the oven, as the thermometer should tell you when the meat is ready.

Some models come with metal probes which allow you to poke the meat to get a temperature reading, while others can be placed inside the meat. You could opt for a wireless model that sets off an alarm when the temperature of the food reaches the desired target.

With one of these thermometers, you can ensure that the meat is perfectly done without overcooking it or undercooking it and risking a variety of health problems.


Take your dog’s temperature

If you have pets around the house, then you surely want a thermometer to check their temperatures when they’re looking unwell. Using a thermometer can tell you when your dog is ill and is a must-have tool to take with you when going with your canine friend on walks during hot summer days.

Some dogs tend to overheat easily, and since they can’t sweat, it’s always a good idea to check your companion’s temperature from time to time to ensure that you know when to give it a break and some water to keep it feeling great.

You can opt for one of the rectal thermometers on the market, or could choose a non-touch model that can get temperature readings through infrared technology. You can check some dog thermometers reviews to make sure you pick the right model for your dog and preferences


Ensure that the fridge is cool enough

While many refrigerators come with built-in thermometers, these aren’t usually reliable. If you often find spoiled food when you know it should have lasted longer, then you definitely need to get a thermometer to check how cold your fridge really is so that you can ensure that you keep temperatures cool enough to prevent food contamination

With a thermometer, you can make sure that you can keep food safe from spoiling while also saving money on energy bills since you could adjust the temperature controller to an optimal value without having to err on the safe side and set the fridge on a higher setting than needed.

You could also spot if your appliance is getting old and unable to maintain safe temperatures without having to risk eating food that’s unsafe for you until you figure it out.

Ensure accurate temperatures for safe cooking

You don’t have to be a famous chef to benefit from a cooking thermometer. Many types of foods and especially various meat cuts need to be cooked at precise temperatures for a particular period of time to ensure that all harmful bacteria are killed.

Not only do you get to eat food that’s safe for you, but you can also cook according to precise recipes and make sure that you obtain meats, vegetables, or pastries that have the right textures, aromas, and looks. You can also prevent ruining great food by eliminating the risk of overcooking it so that food will stay tender and juicy.


Measure from a distance and spot heat leaks in your home

There are also quite a few inexpensive infrared thermometers on the market that you could go for. These are ideal when you need to measure the temperature of surfaces that are too hot to touch. You can also prevent surface contamination or even take the temperatures of moving parts.

These models are easy to use, and many come with advanced functions so you might want to check some infrared thermometer comparison reviews. For example, you can use one to measure the temperature inside your home and find drafts that are sucking heat away. You could then fix insulation problems and ensure that you don’t pay high heating bills in winter.


Brew the perfect beer

Every good brewer knows that a thermometer is one of the most important tools in the process of brewing beers and other alcoholic beverages. You need a reliable thermometer to make sure that the mash has the right temperature at various stages of fermentation in order to get quality beer consistently.

You could purchase a floating thermometer, a digital model, or even a dial unit that can instantly give you accurate readings.


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