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7 reasons why you want to get a pair of night vision goggles

Last Updated: 28.03.20


If you want to be able to see better in low-lit environments, then there’s no better option other than getting a quality pair of night vision goggles. These are modern devices that can allow you to see during the night and can be extremely helpful in a wide range of scenarios, from night explorations to observing wildlife, hunting, surveillance, and more.

These devices use the latest image-intensifying technology which can amplify the light several thousand times, which means that you can use them even when the environment is lit only by faint light sources such as the stars.

You can go on night explorations

One of the best things about these devices is that you can use them to explore both natural and urban environments at night. These are easy to wear and you can also mount them on a helmet.

Not only will you be able to see where you’re walking in near complete darkness, which can be quite a boon when you’re stuck somewhere, several miles from a mountain refuge or a cabin, but you’ll also be able to observe landmarks and other features which could make orientation a lot easier.

You can also use NV goggles to explore old buildings or unlit neighborhoods and get a surreal view of spaces and objects that you couldn’t replicate with anything else.


You can observe nocturnal wildlife

While humans aren’t capable of seeing much in the dark, there are many animal species that have great night vision. Many of these hide in burrows or other shelters during the day and only come out at night to forage or hunt.

With NV equipment you get to see nocturnal animals that aren’t active during the day. Not only can you observe them in their normal routines, but you also prevent scaring them away with flashlights or other illumination devices.

If you’re studying animals, then a pair of these goggles can definitely help you observe and record social, mating, or territorial behavior of species that you couldn’t otherwise.


Hunting is easier at night with NV

You can also opt to get a pair of NV goggles to use for hunting. While challenging, many veteran hunters consider this form of hunting to be very exciting. This device can limit your effective range down to 150 or 200 yards and that requires a lot of planning and stealth, but it can be rewarding.

You get to see the wildlife quite easily, especially if you have a moonlit night. This form of hunting might also be one of the safest since you should be able to see your target quite clearly. However, you should be absolutely certain that you have identified the correct target as well as what’s behind it before you consider taking any further actions.

You should also be aware that there are some states where it is illegal to hunt certain game such as deer or elk with night vision equipment or laser sights, while states such as California ban the use of light-enhancing devices altogether when hunting; you should perform a thorough research of the laws of each state you plan to hunt in to ensure that you aren’t breaking any.


NVD goggles are great for civilian and military training

NV goggles have been used in the military for decades, providing soldiers with an edge in nocturnal combat. These devices have been deployed and used successfully in major wars, from Vietnam to Afghanistan and Iraq.

While chances are slim that you’re going to end up in a combat situation anytime soon, there are other applications where knowing how to use military night vision goggles properly is an advantage. You can either sign up for a training course taught by professionals or even practice in your backyard so you can overcome the limitations of these devices.

By practicing with NVDs, you can both recognize as well as compensate for certain limitations, such as the narrower field of view which is only 40 degrees compared to the 220 degrees of normal binocular human vision. That’s one of the reasons why soldiers get taught to swivel their heads from side to side often so that they can spot any dangers coming their way.

There are other things you can get used to with proper training, which could help you become better while operating during the night, such as the two-dimensional images, the decreased perception of the depth of field and distance, as well as the monochromatic view.


You can help during nighttime rescue operations

With NV goggles and some training, you could also help find a missing person or some hikers lost on top of a mountain. While this might not represent a responsibility you can expect to fulfill anytime soon, you never know when you’ll need to get out in the middle of the night to help someone.

Night vision devices increase security

With a pair of night vision goggles, you can also increase security around your house’s perimeter. While this is probably the scenario you are least fond of, you would definitely be glad to have good night vision and know how to use it in case you need to deal with a security breach, and the best part is that you won’t have to expose yourself with a flashlight or any other illuminating device.


NVDs are great for astronomy

Despite the fact that night vision equipment wasn’t designed for stargazing, you can still use your goggles for night time observations. Doing so can provide you with some benefits, such as the ability to see more stars even if you are observing from an urban environment where the light pollution could affect a telescope.

Shooting stars, as well as satellites, are also more visible with night vision, and you also get to benefit from a pretty impressive and unique effect when looking at various celestial objects. If you were to use an infrared filter, you could actually enhance your night vision and get to look at the stars even if you’re sitting next to a well-lit street.

You can also use other types of filters to block certain types of light while amplifying others so you can better see various objects, and you won’t even have to go to the outskirts of the city to do it.


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