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The “fast generation” that we are all part of refers to the way most people decide to do things nowadays. Everything is on fast-forward, from eating to enjoying time with your family or working. Everyone rushes towards someone or something, in the attempt to gain as much time as possible to be able to do everything they planned.

However, the fast-forward generation also comes with significant breakthrough technologies and innovations that are willing to challenge and change the way we see things. One of these technologies that seem to become more popular over the day is augmented reality or virtual reality.

There are now certain devices that can offer you a full virtual experience or guide you through your real journey using elements of virtual reality. For instance, drone goggles act like small cameras that can fit anywhere and gather relevant information without a human being there.

Google Goggles is another similar product launched by Google that we think is extremely helpful. Here is everything you need to know about it and how to use it.

It had a slow start

Most of the Android smart devices come with some preinstalled apps from Google, including Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Maps or Google Play. However, Google Goggles didn’t make it in the short list of these pre-installed apps so you’ll have to download it yourself.

Although it was first launched in 2010, it was not until 2014 that Goggles received a steady version and people started using it. Unfortunately, the app only managed to capture the interest of the audience back when it was released and nowadays not many Android users choose it, even though it comes with some cool features.


It offers excellent visual recognition

Google Goggles is an outstanding visual recognition application that allows you to scan photos from your Android device and recognize them, depending on the filters of the search you use. You can use an app from your gallery or an instant photo that you take via the app’s camera.

This application is great for tourists traveling to different countries without a guide as they can learn everything about a building’s history or a certain place by simply uploading a picture of it on the app.


It can find books or translate from foreign languages

If you stumbled across a capture from a book over the Internet that you’re eager to read yourself, Google Goggles is ready to save you. All you have to do is upload the capture into the app and it will search through millions of books online so you’ll find the word and the author of the book in a matter of seconds.

The app is also amazing for foreign tourists that don’t always speak the local language of the country they are traveling to. From restaurant menus to directions or information about a building that is mainly provided in the native language, Google Goggles is a great tool that can help you out.

You could just open your regular Google translate app and start writing down everything you see, or you could just take a picture with your phone, run it through the app, and find out everything you want in a few moments. This will enhance the communication with the locals and will make all your travels more pleasant.

It can extract info from business cards and save them in your phone

Plenty of people still use cards to promote their businesses or to offer people an easy way to contact them. However, keeping a pile of business cards in your wallet is a bad choice, especially since you won’t need most of them on a regular basis. This app from Google uses a special technology called OCR technology that allows reading the information from business cards and saving it as phone contacts right away.

You won’t have to carry any business cards with you or search for them in endless piles when looking for the phone number of a certain contractor or vendor.


It can even help you solve Sudoku

Yes, this may not be considered a primordial use of the app, but why not benefit from it if you can? If you are a fan of Sudoku games but got stuck at a level or your mind doesn’t simply seem to cope with you today, Google Goggles can help you out.

Again, everything you have to do is simply take a picture of the Sudoku game of your choice and upload it in the app. You will receive the solution in a few seconds. This is great for those who want to check out if their answers are correct or for parents who want to stimulate their children without struggling too much on their own either.

And we bet the entire process would be even more fun if you decided to buy a new pair of child goggles to make your kid look more intelligent.



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