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5 Best Maven Binoculars – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 24.02.20


Top Maven Binoculars – Guide & Comparison


If you’ve been searching for the best Maven binoculars for a while now, you’ve reached your destination. Here, you will find out everything you need about the model you should be spending your money on. According to the results of our extensive research, the Maven B2 9X45mm ED Binoculars offers the amazing image performance and the overall quality you are after. The unique Abbe-Koenig prisms create the perfect environment for transmitting light for superior image performance. Also, the binoculars are encased in armored magnesium frames that make them durable, resistant to shocks, and lightweight, at the same time. A focus wheel allows you to adjust the image, and it’s extra smooth while remaining firm so that you can fine-tune the image to perfection. If you can’t find this model anymore, the second in line to consider is the Maven C1 10X42mm ED Binoculars, a pair that offers excellent performance, too.



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5 Best Maven Binoculars (Updated Reviews) in 2020



If you hunt, or even if you don’t, the chances are that you have heard of Maven binoculars and how great they are. But, since the company offers many various models, you might feel at a loss regarding which one to choose. Here is an excellent selection of products you can pick your favorite from.



1. Maven B2 9X45mm ED Binoculars


The first thing you will hear about Maven is that this company makes outstanding optics. To start with that, you should know that this pair has its lenses made from ED glass and comes equipped with Abbe-Koenig prisms that deliver superior light transmission. This feature also helps with the close focus functionality, so you will find these binoculars ideal for bird watching.

Maven is also known for making fantastic binoculars that can last a lifetime. Both the inside and the outside of this pair is built to last. The frames are made from armored magnesium, so they are lightweight, but without sacrificing sturdiness.

Let’s talk a little about ergonomics, too. Since you might want to take these binoculars with you on hunting trips, hiking adventures, or you may want to watch a concert, you will be pleased with how easy and light they feel in your hands. The slim barrels are a great design detail as they prevent the usual fatigue that comes with holding such an item for a long time.

You will also like how smooth the focus wheel feels and how easy it is to keep a close focus on the object you want to examine through your binoculars.



The optics on this model is simply fantastic, as it uses the best materials around, and critically-acclaimed technologies that contribute to the delivery of image performance that’s unrivaled.

You won’t get enough of this pair as it feels so light in your hands that you won’t experience the usual fatigue that comes with such activities.

Ideal for hunting, bird watching, hunting, or watching concerts, it comes with perfect close focus functionalities that are not easy to find on other binoculars.

Feel how smooth the focus wheel is when you need to bring an image into focus, and you won’t want other binoculars.

An unconditional lifetime warranty is provided with your purchase, so you will know that you make a sound investment if you go with them.



While the optics quality, the overall ergonomics, and the lightweight construction are all worthy of the price tag on this model, it should be kept in mind that it’s pretty expensive.

Buy from for ($1050)




2. Maven C1 10X42mm ED Binoculars


You might have heard people talking about the fact that there are no cheap Maven binoculars, but you should also know that some models are more affordable than others. It is the case of this particular pair, part of the C series that was created by the manufacturer to allow more budget-minded users to take into consideration their selection.

With a frame made from polymer to keep the weight of the binoculars to a minimum, the Maven C1 10X42mm ED Binoculars is a model that will impress you from the first second you hold it in your hand. Like other models made by Maven, this one has its lenses made from extra low-dispersion glass. They are also fully multi-coated for amazing light transmission and image clarity.

You will be able to take these binoculars with you everywhere you might have to go, as they are waterproof, fog-proof, and resistant to scratches. They will remain as beautiful as the day you bought them, and that’s something to bear in mind when you compare various models.

Just like other Maven products, this one comes with a lifetime warranty. Unlike other companies, Maven offers unconditional terms for this type of warranty, so you can rest assured that you’re making an excellent choice.



The binoculars feel great in your hand, as their polymer frame is well-balanced and contributes to the overall ergonomics of the pair.

You will be amazed by the superior contrast and clarity of the image, granted by the fully multi-coated lenses created with the help of cutting edge technologies.

Superior color reproduction is another thing that these binoculars do well, and that’s why they are an excellent pick for nature viewing of any kind.

No weather conditions will be able to stand in your way, as these binoculars are both waterproof and fog proof, so you won’t be bothered by moisture and water condensation.

The lenses are resistant to scratches, so there’s no wonder that Maven has no trouble offering clients unconditional lifetime warranty for the optics on this model.



While the manufacturer offers rubber cups to protect the eyepieces, they don’t come attached, so you need to be careful not to lose them.

Buy from for ($350)




3. Maven B1 8X42mm ED Binoculars


Another critically-acclaimed model that makes it to our list is the Maven B1 8X42mm ED Binoculars. Part of the B series, which represents the pride and joy of the company, these binoculars offer image performance and overall quality that not many products on the market can. The flawless picture quality provided will convince you right from the start.

You will also love the fact that these binoculars are highly versatile and are a multi-purpose pair that you can use in various situations. It doesn’t matter if you want to go hunting or watch a concert; the overall performance will show you that these binoculars live up to the hype.

Color fidelity, light transmission, and image brightness are the result of the highly-engineered optics available on this pair. You can hardly find other binoculars on the market that can do as much as these do, outside the Maven flagship line, so you can rest assured that your investment is sound should you decide to get this pair.

Take them with you in bad weather, and they won’t disappoint you. They are created to resist adverse weather without a glitch, as the waterproof and fog proof construction can vouch for.



Elite optics is present on this model that is outstanding from all points of view, as the image rendition is out of this world, with amazing colors, excellent brightness, and high contrast.

A compact model, it will pose no troubles when you want to take it for a ride in rainy weather or any humid environment.

Plenty of detail was invested in the creation of these binoculars that are waterproof, fog-proof, and also have the coatings on the lenses resist to any scratches.

You will love the fact that these are all-purpose binoculars, so you won’t have to invest in a separate pair for all the activities that may require the use of such equipment.

All the buyers benefit from the renowned Maven unconditional lifetime warranty for the optics, which says plenty about how much trust the manufacturer has in its products.



There’s hardly anything bad that can be said about these binoculars from Maven, except for the fact that they come with a hefty price tag.

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4. Maven B2 11X45mm ED Binoculars


There are plenty of things to like about these binoculars. First of all, they have armored magnesium frames, which is enough to make you realize that you’re dealing with a top-notch product. Such materials keep the weight of the binoculars to a minimum, while providing robustness, so you will find this pair to last for years, if not a lifetime.

What’s outside matters, regarding ergonomics and resistance to wear and tear, but it is only natural that you should focus on the quality of the optics used if you want an excellent pair of binoculars. Let’s start with the fact that the lenses are made from ED glass. This material is responsible for the excellent optics quality.

Also, the Abbe-Koenig prisms are ultra-bright, and they ensure light transmission that can hardly be equaled by any other binoculars on the market. This feature provides the user with crisp picture quality that can make him or her fall instantly in love with this pair.

If you want to go hunting with these binoculars, you’ll find them exceptional. Bird watching is another activity you will find that works like a charm if you have the right pair of binoculars. For a wide array of outdoor activities, these binoculars are hard to beat.



Sporting high performance in low light conditions, these binoculars are a hunter’s best friend since they will present the same image quality regardless of the moment of the day picked for hunting.

You won’t experience the usual chromatic aberrations present in low or medium-range binoculars, as the optics on this model is simply outstanding.

Another thing that you can’t overlook is the excellent depth of field, one reason hunters love these binoculars as they are perfect to follow prey on the run.

The focus mechanism is extra smooth and easy to use, which will make it easy for a bird-watching enthusiast.

An unconditional lifetime warranty for the optics comes to seal the deal on a product you will surely love.



The price is not for everyone, but it is well known that the B series from Maven is expensive and the flagship of the company.

Buy from for ($1100)




5. Maven C1 8X42mm ED Binoculars


Some people look for affordable Maven binoculars, as the quality the manufacturer is known for guarantees that any product you will get with this name on it will be an excellent choice. Maven created the C series for users who shop on a budget but still want to spend their money on something well-made and capable of delivering high performance and quality.

These binoculars feel nice in your hands due to the polymer frame that is made from lightweight materials. Since ergonomics can be a pretty important consideration for many users, it is commendable that Maven thought of everything when making this particular model.

To get to the most important point, the optics on this pair is simply outstanding. The lenses are made from extra low-dispersion glass, and they are fully multi-coated for superior image clarity. The colors will pop and appear realistic, and the high contrast will convince you that these binoculars are truly amazing.

You can take these binoculars with you everywhere you go, as they are made to withstand any weather. They are waterproof, and fog won’t be an issue, either. The lenses are coated with a special layer that makes them resistant to scratches, so your binoculars from Maven will remain the same excellent quality as the first day.



This dynamic pair of binoculars is ideal for people on the go who want a model that is sturdy and impervious to any weather conditions.

You will appreciate the attention invested in the creation of a well-balanced frame made from polymer to keep the binoculars lightweight, without sacrificing durability.

Superior color reproduction is one of the things this pair does well due to the top-notch optics employed by the manufacturer.

Furthermore, the optics is made from ED glass and is fully multi-coated; all these aspects contribute to the absolutely amazing image quality and performance.

Feel free to take the binoculars with you in bad weather because they are waterproof and fog proof, and nothing will stand in your way.



As expected from a pair of binoculars that is not top of the line, there can be some minor issues, such as the fact that the focus mechanism is not butter-smooth.

Buy from for ($325)




Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you have searched for an ideal pair of binoculars, it is impossible not to have heard of the name Maven. This company has a long-standing reputation for making binoculars that are outstanding from all points of view. It has created multiple models over the years, and that’s something that might complicate your choice.

To make things simpler for you, we looked at the various products available, compared them, and also researched the Maven binoculars reviews written by experts to see what makes some models stand out from the rest of them.



B-series or C-series?

While there are more than two series of binoculars made and sold by Maven, we will focus on two of the most popular: the B-series, and the C-series. The first thing you should know is that each of these series contains several products that are designed to cater to various users.

For instance, the B-series allows you to choose from the full-frame B1, the enhanced B2, the compact B3, and the B4 that comes with large objective lenses. As you can easily see, what you need most has an important role. You can’t expect the B4 models to be as easy to carry around as a B3. The reason why Maven splits its products into such categories is to help the customer pick a frame and then complete the rest with the Maven optics of his or her choice.

The company made the C series as a companion to the B series, and you will find some subdivisions here, as well. The full-frame construction belongs to the C1 line, the medium-range models are included in the C2 line, and the large objective lenses can be found on the C3 line.

There is another aspect that must be mentioned here. B-series models tend to be more expensive, and they are not intended for budget-minded customers. However, if you want to enjoy the same Maven quality for optics and otherwise, the C-series models may be just the alternative for you.


Size and magnification

To make sure that you pick the right pair for your needs, you must take a close look at the models available, and in particular, at the objective lens size and magnification. Again, the B-series and the C-series offer various combinations, so that’s the first place you should look.

Don’t feel tempted to go for high magnification values, as you will experience image shakiness even on a top-notch product like one made by Maven. Instead, focus on what you truly need, as an 8x magnification is good enough if you care about mobility and not having to use a tripod to stabilize the image.

As for the lens size, that’s something that you should also bear in mind. An objective lens that is too large will need a larger frame to accommodate it, and that translates in binoculars that are bulky and difficult to work with. Depending on your purpose, pick a more compact model or one that is larger but needs extra accessories like a tripod and a carrying case.


All-purpose or a specialized pair?

You will often hear hunters praising binoculars carrying the name of this brand, and it is true that Maven makes products that are ideal for this type of activity. The depth of field, and other aspects, like the waterproof construction, come into play.

However, you should not worry that Maven only makes specialized binoculars. The brand sells plenty of all-purpose models that can be used with the same success in various situations, whether you want to go bird watching or you want to attend a concert.



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