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10 Great Tech Products for DIYers | Optics and Lab Equipment

10 Great Tech Products for DIYers

Last Updated: 22.10.19


If you’re a DIY-er, you surely know how important it is to be up to date with the latest advancement in technology that can help you perform tasks around the home and not only faster and better. We put together ten excellent tech products that you will surely want to check out.

Outlet cover plate with USB charger

It is not difficult to imagine the following scenario in this day and age. You want to charge your phone or tablet, and there seem to be no extra free slots for your charger in the room or in or even around the house. Surrounded as we are by electronics, it should come as no surprise that sometimes the available electrical outlets are overcrowded.

So the solution may be easier than you think. A cover plate for an electrical outlet with a USB charger built inside is just what you need. While it lets you use the outlet for other devices, you can use the extra USB connection for your phone or any other device that has this kind of connectivity.


Get a borescope for easy repair tasks

Some repairs do not require a lot of skill, but they do require something else. For instance, that you can see through walls. However, if you are not one of the X-Men with special powers and all that jazz, that can’t be possible. Unless, of course, you get yourself an android endoscope that you can use to see through walls.

To be fair, that’s not how such a tool works. It is equipped with a camera installed on one end of a long cable that you can basically push through any hole in a wall so that you can investigate broken wires, bad plumbing and so on.


Thermal imaging cameras for detecting heat loss

No matter how much time you seem to invest in insulating your home, it appears that there is still heat loss occurring somehow. If you’re familiar with this scenario, this means that you need a thermal imaging camera to see what happens.

While it is true that most such cameras today cost a lot of money, there are some cheaper versions recently launched that can help you make such an addition to your DIY kit without a glitch. Discovering where the heat loss occurs will help you insulate your home better during winter.

Robotic mower as an extra helping hand

Some people like using a mower and walking around their gardens while performing this task. Others have their kids, or their neighbors’ kids enlisted to do the job in exchange for a small fee. But if none of these situations apply to you, and you don’t want to spend your afternoons pushing your lawn mower to and fro, here’s a solution suitable for a DIY-er with too many projects on his or her hands.

A robotic mower is the perfect solution for the homeowner pressed for time. Your own little robot will take care of your lawn and your garden while you get busy with other things.


Wireless doorbell kit for gardening enthusiasts

Hearing your doorbell from the backyard is hardly possible if you like spending time in the garden more than inside the house. However, while that should not be an issue most times, the thing is that you need to make sure that you do hear the doorbell when you’re waiting for a guest.

Instead of getting bored inside the house when you would rather be tending to your flower beds while waiting for your guest, the best solution is to get a wireless doorbell kit. This simple device will let you know when someone’s at the door, without a problem, as you will have a receiver with you that will let you know when the doorbell is ringing.


Batteries that can make your cordless tools go on and on and on

It is no wonder manufacturers want to invest more in making long-lasting batteries. The market for cordless tools is on the rise and is too convenient to have the freedom of not being pressed by the necessity of a power outlet in the nearby vicinity. So get one of the batteries with an incredibly long run that are now available on the market.


Soil condition meter for the garden of your dreams

Planting your flowers, bushes, and another greenery in the right type of soil is paramount, yet quite a challenge. Unless you have a degree and the necessary equipment to examine the soil in your garden at a molecular level, you can’t be sure that you’re not making a mistake. The solution is to get a soil condition meter, a device that is easy to use since all you have to do is to stick it into the soil and have it draw the readings you need for proper examination.


Universal tablet holders for headache-free car rides

Having peace inside a vehicle when you travel long distances with your family, and especially with kids in tow, is a requirement for many. So, a simple and elegant solution, worthy of a DIY-er is a tablet holder that you can strap over a car seat so that the passengers in the back can have fun with cartoons and whatnot while you see to driving the car safely.

Don’t forget to invest in surge protection

Don’t let power surges destroy the electrical devices in your home. The circuit boards can be quite delicate and susceptible to power surges, which is why you need to invest in proper protection. There are many surge protectors available, so make sure to buy a few, with enough slots for all the appliances in your home.


Bluetooth headphones for the busy DIY-er

Nothing can motivate you to work harder and better than listening to your favorite songs. But you can’t be bothered with extra wires and uncomfortable headphones, so what you should do is to search for a pair that is Bluetooth enabled. This way, you don’t have to worry about cables, and you can enjoy your favorite music without a problem.



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