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As a passionate photographer or astronomer, we are sure you stumbled across a wide array of technical terms that seemed impossible to learn at the beginning. And if you weren’t good at math or physics in high sc..

Top binoculars under 600 Reviewed & Buying Guide

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The magical world of optical gadgets allows you to peek into the daily lives of birds, wild animals, and even microorganisms and learn everything you want about them. Whether we talk about a high-performance and p..

Thermal imaging – Technology basics

December 4, 2018


Infrared radiation is emitted by all objects with a higher temperature than absolute zero, so thermography or thermal imaging allows you to see an environment, location, or person with or without visible light. Th..


The love for birds gathers millions of enthusiasts around the world annually, willing to share their tricks and latest tips and freely talk about their passion. For decades, there have been hundreds of dedicated c..

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Top Light Gathering Binoculars Reviewed & Buying Guide

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