Best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner


Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners – Buying Guide & Comparison


If you don’t have any time to check out our guide and pieces of advice, this paragraph should let you know what you should be aware of in regards to the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. Based on our findings, it looks like the model you ought to give some thought to is the Preup Professional as it can be used for a wide variety of accessories, silverware, and a good deal of other items, including valves, nozzles, as well as dentures. The model is easy to utilize and does not cost a fortune, unlike many of its competitors. Also, you’ll get your items cleaned in just three minutes, which means that this unit can even help you save a bit of time. If the Preup Professional is out of stock, we suggest you consider the next best alternative, the iSonic 4820WPB.


Even if you have taken the time go through the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner reviews, you might not have made up your mind about the model you ought to get. If that’s the situation you’ve found yourself in, we believe we can help you. We’re entirely aware of the fact that the broad array of products available for sale these days can leave you feeling confused as to which one you should pick.

If you can spare several minutes, it would be a great idea to read the following guide as it’s packed with all the info you need to bear in mind if you’re in the market for a table top ultrasonic cleaner or even a benchtop ultrasonic cleaner.


Decide on a tank size

The capacity of the model matters most when you’re starting out your buying journey. Since you are going to use the machine for jewelry, you need to ask yourself just how many accessories you own and if you plan on utilizing the unit for something else, as well.

The fact is that most of the models you’ll come across nowadays aren’t strictly designed for jewelry pieces, but that’s an advantage you need to take into account. You can use such an ultrasonic cleaner to get rid of the dirt, grime, and various deposits that might have accumulated on the surface of your tableware. Therefore, if you don’t just want to clean your rings, necklaces, watch bracelets, and earrings

Because of this reason, the size of the tank matters quite a bit. In the end, not all models are made for the same type of users, so you really need to take a step back and understand your own needs.


Do you need heat?

While most ultrasonic cleaners don’t come with a heating function, there are several benchtop units that can feature one. It stands to reason that a temperature of 140 to 170 F is excellent if you are looking to use the product for cleaning dentures and lab equipment. However, if you’re strictly looking to clean your jewelry, this feature might not be necessary.


Don’t forget to get the appropriate accessories

Sometimes, it doesn’t come down to the actual product. An ultrasonic cleaner can either come with a basket, or you may have to purchase one separately. In most cases, the basket is an important accessory as the bottom of the tank vibrates and can, therefore, get damaged over time.

Of course, if you aren’t willing to invest in a basket, although there are many budget-friendly ones out there, you can improvise and build a stand or spacer. With the help of such an extra, you’ll be able to keep your item off the bottom of the tank.


Look for user-friendly features

The vast majority of the units you are likely to stumble upon come with a timer that enables the machine to do its job for three minutes and then stop automatically. As previously discussed, not all models are created equal, which is why you will notice that some can let you customize the time and choose from up to five available settings in this sense.

If you want to use the product for silverware cleaning, you may want to take its efficiency to a whole new level by adding dish soap or some other kind of detergent. In this case, you need to make sure that you’re allowed to do so with the machine you own. While this particular detail does not come up very often in product descriptions, you may need to look for it.  



Top ultrasonic jewelry cleaners reviews in 2017


Having garnered some of the most remarkable reviews out there, the following products make good choices if you haven’t decided on a unit in particular. It’s very likely that they will not disappoint you with their performance.



Preup Professional


Most consumers are interested in purchasing a device that’s a winner when it comes to versatility. This is the exact case of this Preup model as it can be utilized for a broad array of applications. Whether you want to clean dentures, toothbrushes, combs, shaver heads, or just silverware and jewelry pieces, there’s a high chance that this unit will impress you.

Another benefit of choosing this alternative is that it isn’t particularly hard to work with. It appears that all one has to do in order to get it up and running is fill the tank with tap water and start the cleaning process. The cycle lasts for three minutes, so if the items you want to clean are dirtier than the usual, you’ll have to use several cycles.

The capacity of the tank is 20z. It’s also worth noting that it is made out of stainless steel, which renders it reasonably durable.



The 20oz capacity of this model is more than enough if you’re in need of a compact alternative that doesn’t make a lot of noise.

A cleaning cycle lasts for three minutes, which means that you will get sparkly clean jewelry pieces in a timely fashion.

Unlike many of its competitors, this option does not cost a fortune.

The versatility of this choice cannot be denied as it can be used to get rid of the dirt on various types of items ranging from dentures to nozzles and even machine parts.



With this alternative, you won’t be able to benefit from several cycles as you’ll have to use the 3-minute one time and again. You’d have to do this if the items you want to get cleaned are particularly dirty.


Buy from for ($59.99)





iSonic 4820WPB


Even though it costs a bit more compared to other units out there, this model appears to be worth investing in. It comes with an ultrasonic frequency of 42,000 Hz and boasts several cleaning cycles. What this means for you is that you won’t have to set it over and over again in case you want to clean your items for more than ninety seconds at a time.

The 2.6qt tank capacity is more than reasonable, but what seems to set this device apart from others is that it has a heating function. Also, it really stands out from the crowd due to the fact that it has been equipped with a plastic basket that you can utilize repeatedly.

Whether you are looking to give some shine to your rings, earrings, or bracelets or utilize the device for cleaning ammo brass, for instance, it seems to do a good job under all of these circumstances. At least that’s what actual buyers have had to say about it.



The iSonic 4820WPB comes with a larger capacity compared to other choices that are available these days.

It includes a basket made out of plastic that can withstand the heat and vibrations of the machine.

The model can be utilized for a variety of applications. You can clean ammo brass and even lab equipment using the 4820WPB.

There are five timing cycles you can choose from. This way, you will be able to select a shorter or a longer one, depending on how dirty your items actually are.

The difference between the iSonic choice and several others we’ve seen consists of the fact that this model comes with a heater.



It might not be as affordable as several others models destined for cleaning and caring for your jewelry, so you’ll have to see whether such an expense makes sense for you.


Buy from for ($87.99)





Kealive Jewelry


Even if you are not in the market for a budget-friendly alternative, you might come to the conclusion that this one does the trick in most situations. On the one hand, you may have to check it out as it usually costs under forty dollars, regardless of the online marketplace that you’ll choose for your purchase.

Second, it’s worth noting that the Kealive unit comes with a 600ml tank, so it’s just the right size for home use. What’s more, this option boasts an LCD display that can enable you to visualize just how long you still have to wait before you can wear your rings, earrings, or bracelets.

Despite its compact dimensions, the Kealive choice comes with eighteen timer settings. Believe it or not, this feature is quite rare among ultrasonic cleaners such as this one, so it can allow you to customize the process per your needs.



You won’t have to spend a fortune if you want to purchase the Kealive model as it doesn’t remotely cost as much as many of its competitors.

The device comes with an LCD display that allows you to see just how many seconds you have to wait for your items to come out looking shiny and clean.

The eighteen digital timing settings make this unit worth considering as they enable you to adjust the machine depending on your requirements.

This product is compact and portable, which is why it can be used in many places other than your home.



As is the case with other alternatives, you may have to refrain from cleaning your eyeglasses with this one as it tends to remove the coating on the lenses.

The capacity of the tank isn’t as big as that of other models.


Buy from for ($43.99)





Ivation IVUC96S 


Ivation is one of the best-known companies in the industry of manufacturing home appliances, whether they are destined for personal use or cleaning and care, such as this one. This particular model boasts a 17-ounce tank made out of stainless steel. So, in a way, it’s quite smaller compared to some of the others choices we have showcased above.

Nevertheless, the unit is, after all, designed to be tailored to the needs of people looking to clean their jewelry piece. That’s why it isn’t extremely large. The model comes with three individual energy levels that you can utilize to clean both delicate items and those that are less so.

The IVUC96S can be used with regular tap water, so you don’t have to add any soap or detergent as it can do a good job of cleaning eyeglasses, contacts, lenses, as well as jewelry pieces both conveniently and efficiently.



The 17oz cleaning tank is wide enough for you to utilize the device even for items that are bigger than delicate jewelry pieces.

The neat thing about the Ivation alternative is that it comes with several accessories, as well, such as a basket and a watch and earring holder.

There are five different cleaning cycles you can rely on according to the type of item you want to clean and the time you have available.

The product comes with a digital display that can let you know the amount of time that every cycle is going to take.

This unit is available both as a single machine or accompanied by a cleaning solution and a cloth.



It costs a bit more compared to several other options, and the size of the tank is smaller.

If you’re going to be a regular user, you’re going to have to choose a different model as this one can be operated several times a day instead of continuously.


Buy from for ($49.95)





Charminer Household


Although it might come from a less known brand compared to some of the other items we have mentioned above, the Charminer option should undoubtedly be given some thought to. It’s affordable, convenient, and easy to utilize, which pretty much makes for all the expectations of prospective buyers.

The unit comes with a 600ml tank, and one of the most notable advantages of choosing this choice over others is that the package includes a cleaning basket, as well as a watch stand. Therefore, you won’t have to bother with selecting a basket separately, and one that goes perfectly with the main unit.

The model has been outfitted with just one cleaning cycle that lasts for five minutes which should be enough in most cases. However, if you fail to be impressed with the results, we urge you to program the device for an extra cycle as this will make your razor blades, rings, or dentures come out sparkly clean.



The Charminer cleaner comes with its own basket, which is why you won’t have to spend any extra money on a separate one.

The 40,000Hz frequency that the unit is capable of producing appears to be more than satisfactory under a variety of circumstances.

Above all, this particular unit is easy to utilize, which is why it won’t advance any difficulties to users who might be less tech-savvy compared to others.

It’s also worth mentioning that a watch stand is provided in the box, which is why you’ll be able to clean and protect your bracelets at the same time.

This model is one of those that allows you to add detergent if you really need it to clean your items.



The tank capacity might be smaller compared to that of other choices.

There’s just one cleaning cycle available with this device; you need to make sure that you have nothing against waiting for five minutes for your jewelry pieces to come out looking like they are brand new.


Buy from for ($46.88)




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Best ultrasonic denture cleaner


Ultrasonic denture cleaners – Buying Guide & Comparison


If you’re short on time but you still want to find the best ultrasonic cleaner for dentures, this paragraph might be able to help you. We’ve gone through hundreds of consumer reports and have checked the sales figures, the social media activity, as well as the value offered by a myriad of popular products these days. In the end, we reached the conclusion that the TruSonik USCTSASD3 is the one you should consider purchasing. This 2.5-liter cleaner can be used for a variety of items from dentures to tattoo equipment, as well as jewelry and guns. Unlike many of its competitors, it comes with a heater. Plus, it can be controlled digitally, and you can set the exact automatic cleaning frequency you need. If the TruSonik USCTSASD3 is unavailable, feel free to have a look at the specs of the second best choice, the iSonic P4820-WSB.


Cleaning dentures can be a headache if you’re concerned about the microbiological risks involved in the practice. Sometimes, brushing just isn’t enough, and that’s what many studies have found. In fact, rumor has it that people who only brush their dentures without utilizing an ultrasonic cleaner have a higher chance of developing gingivitis and other oral-related pathologies.

Even if you have already decided to purchase such a cleaner, you might have some issues with selecting the right model. And that’s because the market is simply overflowing with them. As there are so many choices available for sale, we thought we might give you a helping hand. Check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide to find out more.


What kind of product are you looking for?

There are roughly two types of devices you’re likely to come across while doing your research. Some are consumer-oriented whereas others can be considered professional. The first are more budget-friendly, but they might pose some risks that you wouldn’t have to deal with if you were to go for the second.

They’re smaller and can be carried and stored with ease, but they might have various moisture or corrosion-related problems over time. Also, they aren’t winners when it comes to longevity, at least judging by what many customers say about them.

Semi-professional and professional models are more expensive compared to their counterparts, but they offer great value for the money. They tend to be somewhat bigger compared to consumer-oriented units. They are made of better materials, can last for a decent amount of time, and usually come with a variety of useful features.


Consider the tank capacity

Even the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner can be used for dentures if the manufacturing brand says so. Most compact cleaners are designed for regular-sized dentures, so you need to understand whether you will be able to utilize the model for both of them at the same time or just for one denture.

If a part of the false teeth comes out of the water or goes beyond the tub’s fluid fill line, it will not be cleaned. If you have little to no experience when it comes to choosing a model as you haven’t used such a cleaner before, we suggest measuring out your dentures and then looking at the dimensions of the tank (on the inside).


User-friendly features

In the end, just like not all such devices are made the same, the needs of users differ largely from one person to the next. Would you benefit from a model that comes with a digital display that lets you know just how long you have to wait before you can take out your dentures, or does this detail mean nothing to you?

What’s more, some alternatives are far more versatile compared to others. For example, some products can be used for cleaning gun parts, glasses, watch bracelets, jewelry pieces, and a variety of other items. On the other hand, others are more restrictive in that they will not allow you to utilize the cleaner for types of things other than dentures. The frequency they use might not be appropriate for other products.



Top ultrasonic denture cleaners reviews in 2017


Because we know that sifting through the thousands of units available out there can be a daunting task, we’ve made a selection of some of the critically acclaimed choices. All of these options have gathered some of the best ultrasonic denture cleaner reviews, so they might be worth investing in.





Even though the TruSonik might not be the most reasonably priced alternative in this line, it does prove its worth under a variety of circumstances and for a wide array of items. It can be utilized for jewelry pieces, gun parts, car parts, carbs, all sorts of gear and equipment and, of course, dentures.

What seems to set the TruSonik unit aside from some of its competitors is that both the tank it comes with and the basket it has been equipped with are made out of steel. This detail can give you a reassuring feeling as to whether or not this model will withstand the test of time. It’s doubtful for it to become the victim of corrosion.

The people who were kind enough to provide feedback about this model say that they have indeed utilized it for cleaning coins, watches, and a variety of other things and that it has worked great every time.



This model is quite versatile as it can be utilized for a broad array of items other than dentures.

The device has been outfitted with a digital display and a digital timer, and you can use the second to choose the right cleaning cycle for what you’re going to clean.

Another reason to consider this unit is that it comes with a heater, which takes its cleaning efficiency to a whole new level.

It can clean your denture, jewelry, gun parts, and carbs for as many as fifty-five minutes per session.

Most of the reviews it has garnered praise its capabilities and durability.



It is not the most affordable alternative out there, so you may have to assess your needs and determine whether you’re prepared to invest in a higher priced option such as this one.


Buy from for ($194.95)





iSonic P4820-WSB


If getting an almost industrial ultrasonic denture cleaner doesn’t seem all that good of an idea, perhaps you should take the time to look at the specs of the iSonic choice. It’s compact, convenient, and easy to utilize, and it comes with a variety of helpful features that you’re likely to enjoy.

This consumer-oriented device comes with a stainless steel tank and a wire mesh basket made out of the same material. The 2.5-liter capacity appears to be more than enough under most circumstances, which is to say that the unit is more than capable of holding and cleaning two standard-sized dentures at the same time.

The timer settings that the iSonic P4820-WSB comes with will allow you to set the device for 90 to 480 seconds, depending on how dirty you think your dentures really are. Plus, the frequency at which this model operates allows you to utilize it for other items such as jewelry pieces and brass music instruments.



The unit comes with a heater, and you can set its cleaning cycle for 8 to 25 minutes at 145F.

Both the tank and the wire mesh basket are made out of stainless steel, which can give you a pointer with regard to the durability of this choice.

The product can be utilized for cleaning other items, as well as dentures. So, if you have carburetors, brass parts or brass music instruments, don’t hesitate to clean them with this unit.

It doesn’t make all that much noise, especially when compared to some of its competitors.



Both the device and the cleaning solution can get very hot, so it is recommended that you stop using the machine and let it cool for some time before touching it.


Click to see the price on Amazon!





CHEE MONG UCF11702281512


If you are in the market for something that does not break the bank, this model might speak to your needs. From what we have gathered by sifting through the websites of several online marketplaces, this model can usually be purchased for less than seventy dollars. What this means is that it is more budget-friendly than the two others we’ve showcased above, for example.

As is the case with other options out there, this one can be utilized for a broad array of other items. You can clean dentures, valuables, vacuum parts, coins, and eyeglasses. The only inconvenience of ordering and using this product is that its tank capacity is just 0.6 liters. So, if your dentures are particularly big, you might have to use two separate cleaning cycles for both.

Also, it is worth noting that the CHEE MONG unit comes with two types of extras. One of them consists of the typical cleaning basket you might find in the package of any other such device, and the second is a watch holder that can ensure that all the parts in your watch bracelets are properly cleaned.



The CHEE MONG doesn’t cost a lot of money, which is why it will enable you to avoid breaking the bank.

It’s convenient and easy to utilize and can be used for anything ranging from dentures and eyeglasses to jewelry pieces and inkjet cartridges.

The cleaner can remove limescale, yeast, bacteria, dirt, rust, as well as any other type of residue from your items.

It can be used with tap water, but you can also add cleaning solution provided that it’s compatible with the device.



The tank capacity might be a deal breaker for some people as this unit can hold just 0.6 liters.


Buy from for ($44.99)





iSonic F3900


If you want something a bit more specific and wouldn’t want to use the same machine for cleaning your rings and other valuables and dentures, perhaps the iSonic F3900 could be right up your alley. This tabletop ultrasonic cleaner proves its worth for most consumers. It is specifically designed to be tailored to people who use dentures, mouth guards, and retainers.

You can utilize the cleaner with tap water, but you should know that excellent results are achieved if you add some white denture cleaning powder manufactured by the same brand. The tank of this product is not removable, but that doesn’t seem to bother any of the users who’ve reviewed the model.

The power button that the F3900 has been outfitted with initiates an automatic 5-minute cleaning process. So, in a way, this feature is quite convenient as you won’t have to bother and set up the device time and again every time you need to clean your dentures.



The F3900 is remarkably easy to utilize and can be stored conveniently as it is a tabletop ultrasonic cleaner that doesn’t take up too much space.

The sound waves that this unit is capable of creating can penetrate the cavities and crevices of retainers, mouth guards, and dentures so as to remove any particulates.

Something neat about this model is that it has been outfitted with a power button that initiates an automatic five-minute cleaning cycle. This allows you to save time.

After five minutes, the device shuts itself off which prevents any mishaps related to the safety of use.



This model cannot be used for very large dentures, so you have two ways of going about things. You can either clean them one by one or opt for the next size, the D2830 also by iSonic.


Click to see the price on Amazon!





Generic Sonic Wave CD-2800


The CD-2800 is a consumer-oriented unit that’s also on the affordable side. It’s both portable and compact, so you will even be able to take it with you if you are a frequent traveler. Also, it can be used both with tap water and with various cleaning solutions and concentrates.

The difference between this model and some of the others we’ve talked about is that the CD-2800 comes with a cleaning cycle that lasts for just three minutes. Some people might be under the impression that 3 minutes aren’t enough for properly cleaning their dentures, in which case they might have to use two such working cycles one after the other.

Nonetheless, the CD-2800 can remove anything from residue and fungus to limescale and dirt from your valuables, dentures, eyeglasses, and watch bracelets. It’s easy to see that this product speaks to the needs of people who want a cleaner they can employ for other types of items, as well as their dentures and retainers.



If you’re on a tight budget, you should definitely check out this option as it will allow you to save some precious pennies.

The product can be used for cleaning diamond rings and earrings just as it can be employed for cleaning mouth guards, dentures, and retainers.

This is a compact alternative, so you can take it with you on the road.

Some owners have reported that they have managed to clean screwdrivers and other tools with the help of this unit as it is capable of removing rust, dirt, and grime from such gear.



It’s not made for dentures that are unusually large.

The cleaning cycle lasts for just three minutes. So, if you need more cleaning time, you’ll have to push the button twice so that the machine continues to do its job.


Buy from for ($26.99)




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Best magnasonic jewelry cleaner


Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaners – Buying Guide & Comparison


If time is of the essence, but you want to find the best Magnasonic jewelry cleaner, this short paragraph might assist you in doing just that. Based on our findings, it appears that the model you should consider is the Magnasonic UC71 as it is convenient, budget-friendly, and rather easy to utilize. Besides, this particular model has a tank with a capacity of 850 milliliters, thus allowing you to use it for a variety of parts and jewelry pieces. Unlike other units in the same line, the UC71 can employ its dual-wave ultrasonic technology for cleaning various items, whether you intend to make your eyeglasses or medical instruments look like brand new. The tank has been made out of stainless steel which is an indication of the quality of the product and the way it will last over time. If the UC71 is no longer available, you should consider the second best ultrasonic case cleaner, the Magnasonic CD2800.


If you’ve been meaning to purchase the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner from Magnasonic but you’re finding it hard to tell what model best suits your needs, we’re here to help. We’ve created a buyer’s guide that can take you through all the factors you should consider before finally deciding to invest your cents in a particular model. If you have the time, don’t hesitate to keep on reading.


Your purpose

If you’ve ended up here, you’re probably looking for a cleaner that can be used for jewelry. Or are you? The fact is that these devices can be quite versatile and can be utilized for a broad variety of applications. For example, dentists and people interested in cleaning lab samples can use such a product because they might not require a too large model.

Something other that you need to look at is whether or not you may want to clean anything that has been dipped or smeared with grease or oil. In this case, it would be a better idea to choose a unit that has been equipped with a heater as it will do its job more efficiently. If you plan to clean samples or parts that have been contaminated with blood, you do not require this heating feature.


Consider the size of the device

Not all options are constructed the same, which is to say that they can be made out of various materials, but they can also vary in terms of dimensions. It goes without saying that one of the first things you must do is analyze the size of the equipment or jewelry you intend to clean with the product.

Look at the largest samples or parts and purchase your cleaner in accordance with their size. Math their specific dimensions to those of the basket and not with those of the tank. In order to prolong the life of your cleaner, you will have to use a basket as the bottom of the tank vibrates and can get damaged far more quickly when jewelry pieces and other samples are placed right on its surface.


Consider the ultrasonic frequency

The majority of the units we have come across while performing our research operate at frequencies ranging from 35 kHz to 45 kHz. Choosing the right frequency matters because a lower one can be used for different things compared to a higher one.

For example, 25 kHz might do wonders if you are looking to remove polishing paste or abrasives from carbon steel or stainless steel parts; however, the same rule does not apply in the case of soft metals that boast polished surfaces.

So, if you want to clean fine jewelry and electronics pieces, you’d need a frequency of over 100 kHz. This way, the machine would be able to create smaller cavitation bubbles that would do the trick exactly.


Crucial features you ought to look for

While some functions you could do without, other features make the difference if you are planning to get a good-quality alternative. We suggest purchasing a model that has been outfitted with a tank made out of stainless steel.

Also, it would be a good idea to select a unit that can be plugged directly into the wall as it is said that batteries do not produce enough electrical current for such machines to work properly.

Both the basket and the cover should be provided in the deal, and that’s not only because they will save you some extra pennies. You have a better chance of getting a basket that’s entirely compatible with the tank if it comes in the box from the manufacturer. This choice will save you precious time that you’d otherwise spend testing and measuring baskets so as to make sure that they work for your tank.



Top Magnasonic jewelry cleaners reviews in 2017


Should you be willing to save some time, you might want to have a look at the following products. They have been selected following an analysis of the best Magnasonic jewelry cleaner reviews. Based on the feedback we’ve come across, they seem to be perfectly capable of doing what they’re supposed to.



Magnasonic UC71


In spite of the fact that it is one of the most reasonably priced choices we have come across, the Magnasonic UC71 manages to offer plenty of bang for the buck. It’s a professional grade cleaning system that can be used to get rid of grime and oil that your tools and jewelry pieces might have been covered in over time.

Besides, the dual wave ultrasonic technology employed by this device makes it possible for the parts to avoid getting damaged, which, of course, is something any prospective buyer should be after. The unit boasts a digital display that can be used to select just the right settings with ease.

It’s also worth noting that the model has been outfitted with an auto shutoff feature that makes operation safe. You have the freedom to choose from any of the five available cleaning cycles that range from 90 to 600 seconds.

The tank that the UC71 has been outfitted with is made out of stainless steel, and its capacity is estimated at 28 oz (850ml).



The UC71 comes with a tank that’s been made out of stainless steel.

The digital display that this model has been equipped with makes it easy to utilize, especially as prospective buyers can select any of the five available cleaning cycles that the device is preset with.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the items you can clean with the UC71 as it can be utilized for anything from dentures to watches and necklaces, as well as glasses.

The 28-oz tank capacity appears to be more than enough in most cases.



There have been owners who have reported that cleaning eyeglasses should be done with care as the frame can be damaged if it is painted.

It appears that adding some dish soap to the water used in the ultrasonic cleaner helps if you want to get rid of dirt and grime from any rings.


Click to see the price on Amazon!





Magnasonic CD2800


If you’re in the market for a somewhat more affordable cleaner, perhaps you should take the time to look at the specs of the CD2800. It’s compact, easy to utilize, and has been found to do its job both efficiently and conveniently. Over four thousand owners have taken to the internet to express their favorable views on how this device helps them on a regular basis.

As for versatility, the CD2800 can be utilized to clean a wide array of items, whether you wish to make your combs, instruments, or rings look like they are brand new. Granted, the capacity of the tank that the CD2800 has been equipped with is somewhat lower when compared to that of some of its competitors, but this detail doesn’t seem to be a dealbreaker.

The 20 oz (600ml) stainless steel tank will give you the opportunity to clean both large and small jewelry pieces at the same time. You can use tap water with this model as it doesn’t require anything else; however, if you’d like to take the cleaning process to a whole new level, you can add a small amount of detergent.  



This model doesn’t cost a fortune, which is something you ought to keep in mind if you want to make sure you’re getting a budget-friendly jewelry cleaner.

A cleaning cycle takes as little as three minutes, thus allowing you to save some time and get back to enjoying your items once again.

The capacity of the tank seems to be more than satisfactory as there have been users saying that they’ve managed to clean four rings, two necklaces, a watch band, as well as two bracelets on a single session.

The unit has acquired the appreciation of more than four thousand customers, which practically speaks for itself if you were to estimate its quality.



There aren’t many options in terms of cleaning cycles as you can either use the 3-minute one or repeat the process time and again, in case the jewelry pieces are particularly dirty.


Click to see the price on Amazon!





Magnasonic MGUC500


In case you have bigger plans for your ultrasonic cleaner and don’t intend to utilize it for home applications, the MGUC500 bonus pack might interest you quite a bit. It’s composed of not one, but two professional cleaners that can be used for commercial applications. It stands to reason that this shouldn’t stop you if you are resolute on getting a high-quality jewelry cleaner.

The MGUC500 comes with five preset cleaning cycles as well as an auto shutoff feature. On the one hand, the latter makes it safe to use, and on the other, the five cycles will assist you in your activities as you won’t have to set the device time and again.

The digital display is fairly easy to operate, and the neat thing about this model is that it comes with a basket. With other alternatives, you would have been forced to purchase it separately. As is the case with some of the other units we’ve described, this one can be utilized with simple tap water.



The bundle is composed of two easy-to-use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners that can generate 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound to get rid of the dirt and grime your valuables might have been hiding under.

The product can be used for a broad variety of parts, instruments, and jewelry, thus letting you make the most of it.

The five preset cleaning cycles help you get rid of some of the hassle associated with the process itself as you won’t have to reset the device over and over again.

The 20 oz capacity is usually enough for most purposes.

A basket is included in the deal, which is an advantage in itself.



If you were to buy just one model, you’d pay less than you would for the 2-piece bundle.


Buy from for ($74.99)




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