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If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best microscope for iPad, this short paragraph should help you get exactly the model you need. According to our findings, the Plugable USB 2.0 is the best because it works with a variety of other mobile devices, including iPads, and it comes with software that can ensure that it is compatible with the operating systems on such units. The 2-megapixel camera that it has been outfitted with can allow you to create decent images of your specimens and increase the area of interest by up to two hundred and fifty times. Plus, the product has been equipped with a LED halo light that can make sure you get a clear picture of your sample every time. If the Plugable USB 2.0 is unavailable, your second option should be the Potensic USB Digital.


Getting the best microscope for iPad mini or some other model you might be the owner can be a nuisance nowadays as there are many alternatives to choose from and it might be challenging to select the perfect one. Your decision-making process doesn’t have to be that complicated, especially if you take the time to look at our buyer’s guide and the crucial info we have showcased below.


Compatibility matters the most

iOS devices are the remarkably unique children of technological advances of our days, in that not all accessories, programs, and other extras might be a good fit for them. Apple is widely known for updating their software on a regular basis, and this practice can lead to all sorts of problems encountered by users as some modifications might affect the compatibility between your iPad and the devices you regularly use with it.

The first thing you have to be aware of is that not all microscopes are made to be compatible with your iOS devices. Some are actually destined for Windows operating systems alone, which is why owners may strictly utilize them with computers, laptops, or smartphones with this particular OS.

As such, you need to make sure that the software provided by the manufacturing brand is a good fit for your iPad model. While we cannot, unfortunately, give you a specific pointer in this sense as you might own one iPad version or the next, we can at least recommend you to take the time to read as many reviews as possible.


Consider portability

While sifting through the best USB microscope reviews, you might see that there are two types of microscopes you can take into account. Some are considerably larger than others and have been outfitted with real optics. That’s why they often provide higher quality images compared to their portable counterparts.

The next option would be to choose a small handheld unit that can connect to your iPad either via USB or wireless. On the one hand, you won’t have any restrictions in terms of the places where you could go and look at insects and other small beings like these. You’ll also be able to store those images on your iPad, show them to your friends or even showcase them in a school project.

However, you need to be somewhat realistic and understand that a USB microscope that costs under 30 dollars often has optics made out of plastic which may inadvertently be damaged at some point or the other. They can’t put up with the abuse of high temperatures, either.


Camera resolution and quality

Digital microscopes that are incredibly compact aren’t particularly gifted in terms of camera resolution. We couldn’t help noticing that most of the portable USB units available for sale these days have cameras with resolutions ranging from 1 to 5 megapixels, at most. Therefore, you need to keep your expectations as sensible as possible when trying to decide for one iPad microscope over the next.

Only full-size options such as those destined for medical and forensic purposes are truly gifted in this sense. Amscope, Vanguard, and several other brands are known for making some of these high-quality compound and stereo microscopes that are used in areas such as biology, medicine, education, and other fields that require a bit more finesse and performance.

Magnification is still relevant

The magnification ratio allowed by your chosen still matters. In fact, some say that it is the primary factor that you should look at. While that of some compact models goes up to 500x, that of the lower-budget options will allow you to increase the image by only up to 200 times.



Top microscopes for iPad reviews in 2017


To help you make up your mind, we have showcased some of the best microscopes for iPad 2 and other models below. We’ve taken the time to check out some consumer reports, surveys, as well as reliability and efficiency studies and have come up with a selection of the top recommended choices out there. Give them a look if you have the time.



Plugable USB 2.0


If your budget is one of the primary factors that you need to consider, perhaps the Plugable model might be a good choice for you. Equipped with a 2-megapixel camera, this unit can be utilized with great results for increasing the image of your samples by up to two hundred and fifty times.

What this means is that you’ll have a lot of freedom in relation to the applications and areas you’ll be able to utilize the microscope. It can work for anything from looking at plants to electrical components. Plus, it comes with its own observation stand and has been outfitted with a LED halo light that can make sure that you won’t constantly be on the lookout for another external light source, be it natural or artificial.

The optional software made available by the manufacturing brand makes it possible for this device to be a good fit for both Windows and OS X units.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($34.95)





Potensic USB Digital 


The Potensic unit is another choice to bear in mind, especially if you’re in the market for a rather versatile and convenient microscope that works with a variety of devices. The 1-megapixel camera that it has been equipped with does a reasonably good job so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to visualize your samples efficiently.

The magnification ratio allowed by this alternative ranges from 10x to 200x, which makes it a good option for those interested in studying the intricate structure of plants, skin cells, insects, and such other specimens. While the model boasts a waterproof head and is marketed as an endoscope, it might be a good idea to refrain from using it internally.

Nonetheless, since it comes with eight LEDs of which the brightness can be customized, it can even provide useful images of corners and crevices you couldn’t look in. The Potensic option is backed by a 1-year warranty.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($41.99)





Potensic 2 in 1 


In some respects, this decide doesn’t even resemble the typical construction of a portable microscope. Some argue that it is a borescope or endoscope, but we’ve seen that it can be used for multiple purposes, and the best thing about it is that it is entirely compatible with iOS devices.

While the product description clearly states that it works with Windows and Android devices, some of the reviews that the model has received over time have specified that it does a great job with iOS devices, as well, and iPads included.

The unit boasts a waterproof camera with a diameter of 7mm, which is why it might be a great choice if you’re looking to penetrate narrow places that you couldn’t otherwise examine with your own eyes. Besides, since it comes with a built-in 6-LED adjustable light, you’ll have complete control over the brightness. Plus, the cable is somewhat rigid, so you won’t have to use clips and all sorts of extras to have it stand up on its own.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($19.99)





Barska WiFi 


This Barska model is one of the few wireless choices that we were able to find online. It goes without saying that, since it only requires a wireless connectivity, you won’t even have to take your iPad or laptop with you in order to utilize it. As with other products in the same line, this one has been equipped with as many as six LED lights that can ensure that illumination is up to par every time.

The neat thing about this option is that it works with virtually any Android and iOS device ever to have been invented. Besides, it boasts a higher magnification ratio compared to the choices we’ve showcased above as it can increase the image by 75 to 300 times.

A USB charging cable is provided in the box, so you needn’t worry about purchasing it separately. Also, Barska has made available a free mobile app that you can use for transferring and modifying the images on your iPad.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($89.94)





TOOGOO 053495 


A rather budget-friendly option compared to others we have seen, this TOOGOO wireless microscope makes a good alternative for people who want to have the chance to use it with all sorts of devices. The app that it comes with works both with Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets, which brings us to the conclusion that the product is a great fit for iPads.

While the image resolution allowed by the camera with which the TOOGOO has been equipped with is a decent 640 by 480 pixels, it’s worth noting that the magnification range is a whopping 5x to 1000x. What this means is that, in this respect, its performance is superior to that of many of its competitors.

Something that needs to be mentioned, however, is that this particular model needs to be charged for as many as three hours before you can utilize it for just one.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($70.45)




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