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If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best handheld telescope, this short paragraph should help you get exactly the model you need. According to our research, the Archeer 313 is the best because it features a durable and lightweight construction and raises up to par under a variety of circumstances. Having been built with high-quality optics, this telescope can help you get a good look at your target, whether you’re interested in hunting or studying wildlife and birds, in general. Besides, the objective lens of this model is large enough for it to allow more light to penetrate the monocular, which is why the images you’ll look at will always be bright. What’s more, this handheld telescope comes with a series of accessories such as a lens cloth, a carrying bag, and a neckstrap. If the Archeer 313 is not available, your second option should be the Ueasy Waterproof.



There are several reasons why you might want a hand held telescope, even if you are not a private detective trying to get evidence for a case. These small models are great for getting a closer look at distant objects on the ground and in the sky. They are also incredibly easy to carry so you can take a handheld telescope with you almost anywhere. To help you find a small handheld telescope that meets your needs we have included some useful tips in the paragraphs below.



Even though some handheld telescopes are small enough to fit in your pocket, they can still vary significantly in price. Magnification, materials used in construction, along with included accessories will all affect the price of the mini telescope. Since you will probably be using the telescope outside and taking it with you on your travels it is usually worth it to pay a little extra for a model that comes with a rugged construction.

The telescope’s magnification or power will also affect its price, and some higher priced models are strong enough to use for everything from bird watching to tracking a shooting star across the night sky. If you are only planning on using the mini telescope for terrestrial viewing you will probably be okay paying less for a model with a lower magnification. If you are interested in astronomy and want to be able to clearly see the night sky you will probably want to spend a little more on a telescope that comes with a higher magnification.


Size and weight

According to the best handheld telescope reviews it is still important to check the size and weight before making your final decision. Simply because the telescope is classified as a “handheld” model doesn’t necessarily mean that it will fit your needs. For example, a brass nautical telescope is also designed to be used without a tripod, but you probably wouldn’t want to try and carry it on a hiking trip. If you do want a longer telescope that is also portable, you might want to consider one that collapses down to a more manageable size.

The materials used in construction will affect the weight of the telescope, along with where it can be used. Handheld brass telescopes might look authentic and are great to display when they are not being used, but it won’t be the best choice if you want to use it for birdwatching in the rain. Brass is also heavier and not as convenient to pack and carry. If you want a lightweight and durable mini telescope for use almost anywhere you might want to choose one constructed from lightweight metal that also comes with a protective rubber coating.



Regardless of the size of the telescope you want it to be able to provide you with a clear view of distant objects on the ground and in the sky. The magnification can and does vary, but in most cases a handheld telescope with 10x magnification is strong enough for you to clearly view wildlife and some of the recognizable features on the moon.

You also want to pay attention to the focal length and included eyepieces. The eyepieces are responsible for giving you a wide view, and most handheld telescopes come with a 22mm one. If you don’t wear glasses or are only planning on using the mini telescope during the day the focal length might not matter. As a general rule the longer the focal length the easier it is to adjust, and it gathers more light into your field of vision so objects are bright and clear at night or in the rain. A longer focal length is also more comfortable for glasses wearers.



If you aren’t sure how to use a handheld telescope you will probably want to choose one designed for kids and beginners. This will also almost guarantee that it comes with a helpful manual that will walk you through all of the setup steps. Pocket size models that come with wrist cords are easy and convenient to carry, and this has the added advantage of helping you keep track of the small telescope.

Textured rubber coatings not only ensure complete waterproof protection, it can also prevent the telescope from slipping out of wet hands. Interchangeable eyepieces allow you to clearly see mid and long distance objects, though most models come with at least one. Display boxes are always nice depending on the style and carrying cases not only make travel easy, they can also help protect the telescope from damage.



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Even if you are not a detective trying to gather evidence for a case, there are still several reasons why a handheld telescope might be perfect for you. Their small size ensures convenient portability, and also makes them easy to use. While we can’t choose the right model for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best handheld telescopes in 2017 showcased below.



Archeer 313


The ARCHEER 313 is one of the most versatile models in this line, and that’s not only because it’s budget-friendly and convenient, but also because it has been constructed using top-notch materials. It’s one of the most powerful handheld telescopes we have come across during our research.

In addition to this, since it features a large enough lens, it allows plenty of light to go inside its construction, which is why you’ll be able to look at bright pictures of your target even when dusk has settled in.

Furthermore, the ARCHER 313 is one of the few units we have found that have been equipped with night vision. If what you have on your mind is getting an option that works for multiple applications, this model should be one of the top choices you ought to bear in mind.

Based on what we found about it, it appears that it’s perfectly capable of doing what it is supposed to whether you want to hunt, fish, camp, do some bird-watching, or see the performing artists at a concert from up close. Since it’s backed by an 18-month hassle-free warranty, we say that this unit is worth taking into account, especially as it’s priced under forty dollars.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($12.99)





Ueasy 10×25


2-ueasy-waterproof-10x25-high-powered-lightweightIf you hate trying to see the field at sporting events when you stuck sitting in the stands or simply want to take up birdwatching, this small monocular by Ueasy might be the perfect choice for you. Since it is designed for use outdoors it comes with a lightweight and rugged construction.

Its compact size allows it to fit easily in your purse or pocket, and since it weighs less than one ounce it is convenient to carry. You never have to worry about the lens fogging and causing you to miss a game changing play thanks to the nitrogen gas filled barrels, that also ensure complete waterproof protection.

This 10x handheld telescope has the power you need to see distant objects clearly, especially since the lens is fully multi-coated. This ensures every detail is crisp and clear, without any distracting distortion. To ensure a wide view of your surroundings it also comes with a 25mm eyepiece.

Eyeglass wearers will also appreciate its long focal length that ensures that the telescope is comfortable for them to use. Along with a protective cover for the eyepiece, it also comes with a convenient carrying bag. There is even a neck strap included so you can keep the monocular close at hand.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($49.98)





AGPtEK 16×52


3-agptek-outdoor-super-clearHunters, birdwatchers and even amateur stargazers might all find that this handheld telescope is the best choice for them. Its compact size makes it easy to pack with the rest of your gear, and it won’t add any noticeable weight.

Since it is designed for use outdoors it is durable and waterproof thanks to the protective rubber coating. This also prevents the telescope from slipping out of wet hands.

With 16x magnification you can easily see birds at a distance or pick a stag out of the herd without having to move close enough to startle the animals. The lens is fully multi-coated so you don’t have to worry about glare and distortion. Not only can you enjoy a wide field of view with this mini telescope, it also comes with a 52mm objective lens.

This allows plenty of light to enter the lens so objects are bright and clear, even at night. Zooming in on an object is also never a problem thanks to its dual focusing abilities. This ensures that distant objects appear crisp and clear as they would if there were right next to you.


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Ohuhu 8×40


4-ohuhu-8x40-dual-focus-monocularEven though the product description states that this handheld telescope is perfect for surveillance, this is not a good idea unless you are a licensed professional.

This does mean that it is a great choice for hunters, anglers, golfers and anyone else that needs to see things clearly at a distance. It’s affordable price already makes it a popular choice with consumers, along with its surprisingly high quality construction. The rubber coating prevents water from leaking in so you can use the telescope in almost any type of weather, it also has the added advantage of keeping the tube from slipping out of wet hands.

When you are concentrating on an object the last thing you want to do is take your eyes off of it just to focus the telescope.

This model allows you to do this with one hand, and thanks to its dual focus capabilities it is easy to bring every detail into view. With 8x magnification and a 40mm objective diameter distant objects are bright and clear, even on rainy evenings. You will also appreciate the crisp clarity you get with the fully multi-coated lens.


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Brass Nautical Dollond London


5-brass-nautical-telescope-brass-spy-glassThis handheld telescope is not only functional, it is also designed to be displayed. It is constructed from brass and wood to give it an authentic Naval look.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a captain and scanning the horizon for distant shores, this handheld model might be the perfect choice for you. It also makes a great gift since it comes in an attractive matching box. The box not only protects the telescope when it is not being used, its glass top ensures that everyone can see its attractive design.

Measuring 14 inches long this telescope is still easy to handle, even for first time users. The fully coated lens ensures that distant objects appear crisp and clear, and you will appreciate the wide view that lets you easily scan your surroundings.

Since the telescope can be collapsed it is relatively easy to take with you when you travel, but it should be noted that it is not waterproof and is not intended for use in the rain. Perfect for viewing the city at night or for some backyard stargazing this authentic nautical telescope might be just what you need to add to your collection.


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Unavailable products:


BTOOP 10×42


1-10x42-monocular-telescope-outdoor-handheld-waterproofWhile keeping an eye on your neighbors is probably not a good idea, this handheld telescope can be used for a variety of applications. Weighing less than an ounce and small enough to fit in your pocket, you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

The telescope is coated in a non slip rubber coating that is also waterproof. This allows you to use it outdoors in almost any type of weather so you can use it for hunting, fishing and even golfing. With 10x magnification you will be able to clearly see the next hole, even when it is all the down the green.

Along with the powerful magnification, this mini telescope also comes with a 22mm eyepiece. This allows you to enjoy a wider view, which is perfect when you are scanning your surroundings. Beginners will also appreciate how easy this handheld telescope is to focus, simply turn the knob until objects appear crisp and clear.

Designed for function and to be easy to use, this affordable handheld telescope from BTOOP might be exactly what you need.



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