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If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best electronic pipettors, this paragraph should help you get just the model you may need. According to our findings, the A&D Weighing MPA-1200 is the best option because it is accurate, cost-efficient, and user-friendly due to a set of features it comes with. The MPA-1200 is an electronic repeat pipettor that can assist you in getting rid of any thumb strain injury. What’s more, it should be noted that this product has a capacity ranging from 100 to 1200 microliters, therefore allowing you to utilize its services for a plethora of applications. In addition, the model ensures self-calibration which means that you won’t have to ask yourself whether the samples you’re processing might be affected by any lack of accuracy. Besides, this single-channel pipettor is covered by a three-year warranty which can give you plenty of time to get in touch with the brand’s customer support just in case something bad happens with the unit. If the A&D Weighing MPA-1200 is unavailable, your second option should be the BrandTech Transferpette 705340.


If you’ve been trying to purchase one of the best electronic pipettes available for sale out there but find it hard to sift through the many models that can be discovered in today’s market, you’re in the right place. Since reading a bit more information about the product you ought to spend your money on and on how to choose it wisely never hurt anyone, we’ve created a simple buying guide that can hopefully assist you in making the right decision. Just make sure that you always consider your needs before anything else as this consideration can be key to becoming a happy user.



Only you are aware of the application you will be using the pipettor for. That’s why you need to decide the capacity you might benefit from utilizing. In some respects, bigger is better as this way, you’ll be able to process either fewer samples or more, depending on the occasion that arises. If the lab you work in processes many samples every day, you may have to look for a pipettor with a higher capacity. Typically, we’ve noticed that most of these high-capacity alternatives can cost a pretty penny, so be prepared to make an investment if that’s what you are looking for.


Self calibration

Depending on the field you work in, you may need to calibrate the pipettor every six months or every three months. For example, most of the brands that are manufacturing drugs or food items have to calibrate their pipettes and micropipettes on a quarterly basis. Labs in schools may need to do the same thing only on a yearly basis because there is no danger to humans whatsoever when the substances are not utilized in products that may end up consumed by customers.

Students and professionals in areas such as forensics and research have to calibrate their pipettors every month because otherwise, the quality of the results may suffer from the lack of accuracy of the device. Official calibration is a subject that needs looking into, but self-calibration is one of the features that might come in handy for lab professionals who work with a lot of samples every day. This makes it possible for them to be absolutely sure that the amount of substance that they will drop using the electronic pipette will be correct every time.


Single-channel or multi-channel

This is yet another factor that you have to give some thought to because it is strictly related to the area you work in and the application you may have to perform with the help of the device. Some multi-channel models can distribute substances into up to twelve containers at the same time and that is due to the fact that their design allows them to do exactly this. On the other hand, single-channel alternatives are good choices for less busy labs or for professionals on a budget, who simply work with fewer samples.


Ease of use

In the end, it all boils down to how convenient and easy to use the device you’re opting for really is. Some automatic alternatives are more user-friendly than others, particularly if they are equipped with features that allow them to prevent repetitive stress injuries. Do you have to press a button each time you need to place an amount of liquid into the sample or is the device smart enough to do so on its own? On a side note, it wouldn’t hurt if you looked for the best electronic pipettor reviews to see what other users had to say about the product you’re considering.



Top electronic pipettor reviews in 2017


The best electronic pipettors are showcased below. We have taken the time to look at the features and advantages offered by these suggestions and we have come up with a limited selection composed of the models that are both cost-efficient and capable of excellent performance.



A&D Weighing MPA-1200


1-ad-weighing-mpa-1200If getting a high-quality single-channel electronic pipettor is what you’re trying to do, perhaps it is high time you checked out the MPA-1200.

It seems to have all the features that might be required in order to improve your workflow and increase the accuracy of your processed samples. On the one hand, considering this unit is advantageous because it comes with its own charger.

On the other hand, the model has a multiple dispensing mode which significantly adds to the repeatability and efficiency you are likely to benefit from. Besides, it should be noted that the MPA-1200 has a self-calibration function that can correct errors regarding the handling, liquid temperature, and the tip variations.

What’s more, this model offers the convenience of four individual operation modes, nine program memories, as well as eighteen hundred pipette cycles. The accuracy of this unit is ±5% and the capacity ranges from 100 to 1,200 microliters.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($495)





BrandTech Transferpette 705340 


2-brandtech-705340Some prospective buyers may have to consider finer and more delicate alternatives compared to the one we’ve showcased earlier on.

This is the exact case with the BrandTech Transferpette 705340 as it can be used for volumes ranging from 2 microliters to 20 microliters.

While the model doesn’t come with the same user-friendly features belonging to the previously discussed A&D Weighing alternative, it has been granted an independent Ergonomic Approved certification and as such, it may be reasonably easy to use. Additionally, you’re probably going to enjoy using the large LCD screen as it can display all of the settings being used and being modified by the user.

As is the case with other products in the same line, the BrandTech Transferpette 705340 comes with a rechargeable battery which is more than capable of offering up to 4,000 pipetting cycles for every charge. The charging stand needs to be bought separately.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($597.46)





Eppendorf 4861000171


3-eppendorf-4861000171Electronic pipettes by Eppendorf can sometimes take a toll on a prospective buyer’s budget, but one thing’s for sure – multi-channel options don’t get better than this.

After all, Eppendorf is one of the most reputable brands in the industry of manufacturing lab equipment including pipettes and pipettors, which is why it is only natural that this product is in complete accordance with the company’s quality standards.

Having been designed for professional standards, the model offers optimal support as well as an intuitive concept which is based on the traditional features of most pipettors constructed by Eppendorf. You’ll find that this multi-channel model has precise adjustable parameters, user-friendly characteristics, and manages to offer complete control over the entire process.

The 4861000171 is a 12-channel pipettor with a capacity ranging from 50 to 1,200 microliters and an accuracy of ±6% at 120 microliters. Even though it might be less reasonably priced than other options out there, the 4861000171 is undoubtedly worth considering.


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VistaLab Ovation 1060-0850


4-ovation-1060-0850VistaLab is another well-known manufacturer of excellent pipettors, and most of the products designed by the company are ergonomically correct and easy to use.

In fact, this one has been manufactured uniquely, in that it can minimize the tension and exertion, as well as the contact pressure required on the part of the user. Handling the item is efficient and less time-consuming compared to employing other multi-channel pipettors.

While the volume range of this model is significantly lower compared to the Eppendorf multi-channel pipette as the VistaLab one is only capable of handling between 25 and 850 microliters, it is also true that this product is more affordable than the Eppendorf alternative.

Besides, both the tip ejector and the universal AC power adapter are part of the deal, and they also increase the value of the device. Prospective buyers are advised that this product is intended for right-handed individuals. In case left-handed ones also want to buy the model, they have to get in touch with customer support first.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($1694.53)





VistaLab Ovation 1065-1250


5-ovation-1065-1250The 1065-1250 is yet another interesting suggestion particularly if you have been trying to get a fully functional single-channel electronic pipettor that’s worth its weight in gold.

This product can handle liquid volumes ranging from 25 to 1,250 microliters. The accuracy of the device is ±0.8% at 625 microliters, which is more than decent based on the information that we have gathered about the correct sample processing needs of most professionals.

As is the case with the multi-channel variant we detailed the features of earlier on, this one has been designed with the user in mind, because it manages to reduce the causes of fatigue and pain, as well as the stress caused by constant pipetting. In addition, the model has a large LCD display that allows owners to check on the data they may need to see in order to be reassured that the process is going as it should.


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